Friday, November 04, 2005

Riots In France

Have you ever wondered why Germany started banning certain breeds of dog a few years ago?

You are seeing the answer as you hear about the riots in France this week.

Germany, like France, has enclaves of Muslim immigrants who have not been integrated into these secular (and nominally Christian) societies. These immigrants have been forced to live in slums. With slum living comes crime and anger.

One way they tried to control crime was to severely restrict gun ownership (which hasn’t prevented the rioters from firing upon firefighters and police in France).

Germany banned certain breed of dog, most notably, the “pit bull” breeds, to get at the crime problems they were, and still are, having.

The problem isn’t the pit bull dogs, it is the failure of socialism.

Socialists figure if they just pass one more regulation, they can fix the problems in society.

We can see how well that is working for France and Germany: record unemployment, economic stagnation, and social decay. Maybe both nations are on the verge of civil war. You have to wonder if Los Angeles, with similar conditions, is next.

So, when you see the snooty Euro-socialists, or American leftist wackos, look down on our capitalist, “cowboy” culture… look what they are reaping for themselves.

Whatever they advocate, figure the right answer is to do the opposite. You’ll come to the correct solution.

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Natalie said...

Not socialising dogs, not intregrating dogs in society does create aggression.

The fenced-in dogs is how I see 'domesticated dogs'. The more you keep your dog in-the-yard, behind a 6 foot fence, and the more you walk your dog on a leash (without giving him room to roam freely).. the more aggressive the dog becomes.

The dog is a reflection on society. Sadly!

We brought our dog, Holmes, to see the fireworks last night. He sat there and watched them. He was with us. He is always with us. He is part of our family. I joke and say that we live in a dog house, sleep on the dog bed, and ride in a dog-mobile. He didn't freak at the fireworks because as a puppy we brought him to see fireworks. Like I said, he's with us 24/7. It's great to have at least someone at the house during the day. Holmes is a lucky dog. And I'm sure he knows that... somewhere in his doggie brain, doggie soul.

Holmes is an intergrated part of our family. He CHOSES to stay home. He can leave anytime he wants as we don't have a 6 foot fence in our front yard. (Yes, our backyard is fenced in... but he can jump over that!!).

Alas, our dog is a reflection of ourselves. Picture on bottom right hand column. This website is dedicated to him and to all the dog owners out there.