Sunday, August 13, 2006

Bestiality Is Animal Abuse

"The impression is that many continue to think of bestiality as a farmyard activity involving animals sufficiently large enough not to be injured, and therefore not much to worry about," she writes. "It seems that even in these modern times, the sexual abuse of animals is almost a last taboo, even to the veterinary profession."

Far from being a harmless, or even humorous activity, sexual abuse is a serious issue in animal welfare. Munro highlights a case report in the same journal of a man who used a bottle to cause horrendous, and fatal, vaginal and anal injuries to five calves. The perpetrator is undergoing psychiatric and psychological tests to decide whether he is punishable by law, researchers report.

I have reported on this topic several times. There are many people who think this type of thing is no big deal. Well, it is. Bestiality is animal abuse. There are good reasons why this should be illegal everywhere. Unfortunately, it is legal in many places in the world, and even in this country.


Steve said...

Not to forget that's it's also dangerous to humans too. There's that famous case of the man who tried to accommodate a horse's penis, and got his colon ripped. He died from the bacterial infection. Imagine trying to explain that one to his widow.

Sam Basso said...

Steve, I remember reporting on that case. And a columnist from the Seattle P-I said it was no big deal, and made fun of those wanting to ban the practice.

What should be shameful behavior, some figure is OK. What kind of a world are we living in?

I think the barbarians are at the gates again.