Friday, April 27, 2007

Animal Rights Wackos Update

This afternoon, PETA dispatched a letter to Norm Goldstein, editor of The Associated Press Stylebook, suggesting that it is time to revise the book’s language guidelines—which currently characterize animals as inanimate objects—and bring the references in line with 21st century attitudes. Specifically, PETA points out that using "it" and "which" instead of the personal pronouns "he," "she," and "who" in reference to animals is inaccurate and outdated—particularly in a society that is recognizing that animals have inherent rights, legal standing, and individuality.

Hat Tip Michelle Malkin


ardeth01 said...

A great idea and long overdue. After all, we animal lovers don't refer to our pets as "its", and nonhuman animals are certainly not inanimate objects. Otherwise they'd be called vegetables. They're sentient, sapient creatures just like humans. Thumbs up to PETA and thanks for running that little story.

Sam Basso said...

These folks are nuts, and they advocate for the extinction of dogs because they are domesticated. This is all a campaign designed for that ultimate purpose.

It would be a better idea to recognize animals as animals, and not try to put them on a pedestal. There is nothing wrong with a dog being a dog. They are not people.

This is also a way of giving animals legal rights equivalent of humans. Thus, animal rights wackos want the ability of an animal to bring lawsuits in court. That is the basis for why governments are being asked to change the "owner" to "guardian". Pets then are not governed under property laws, they will be governed under the same laws that are used to manage children. A dog is not a child, and should not have equal rights as a child.

Now, do I love my dog? Call him or her by a human name? Sure! It is fun to own a dog and have a good relationship towards it. But, I never confuse a dog with a human, because I am rational and know, from personal experience as a dog trainer, that dogs are not humans and can't learn or understand like a human.