Friday, September 04, 2009

Definition Of A Vicious Dog

Murfreesboro police dog gets loose, bites girl.

So, this dog got loose and bit someone. Many times, after a dog bites someone, the dog is put to death. Does this mean the dog is vicious? Is this dog vicious? No, probably not. Many times when a dog biting incident happens, we blame the dog, when in fact, the dog is perfectly normal, but put in a situation that we wished hadn't happened. This dog got loose and did what a protection dog does by nature... bites. All police dogs would do this... does that mean that all police dogs are vicious? Should the police officer go to prison for this? No. But, if it was OUR dog, in many cities... we might be facing killing our dog and going to prison. Is that just?

A vicious dog is one that is mentally unbalanced, unpredictable (this bite would be considered predictable... let the dog loose and it will bite what it sees as a trespasser... perfectly normal behavior for a protection dog), and one that can't be fixed or trusted.

Biting does not equal "vicious". We put down many dogs that don't deserve it.

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