Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Getting A Dog That Doesn't Bark Much

Subject: dogs that don't bark

Hi Sam

I'm living on my own and would really love to have a little dog as a pet. Since my place is not very big I'm looking for a small dog. The only problem is that I know small dogs can be real barkers!! And I know my neighbors will complain if the dog is yapping all the time. I was wondering if you know of any breeds of dogs that don't bark. I heard of a dog called a basenji that doesn't bark but it seems to be a very active dog requiring a lot of space, so I wonder if you know of any others? Thank you.

Sincerely, XXXXX


There are a variety of dog breeds that bark more and less than others.

The causes of most barking are territoriality, fear, loneliness, and excitement. Your dog will bark a lot if it can see or hear people moving around outside your unit when you are gone. Your dog will bark more if the dog is timid. Your dog will bark if the dog has a tendency to feel very lonely when you are away. And your dog will tend to bark if your dog is excitable.

So... I suggest, first, not getting a puppy. You can't know how the dog is going to turn out. I'd rescue a 2+ year old adult dog, of whatever breed you like. By 2 years of age, you can pretty much be assured that what you see is what you get. So, for you , get a dog that is very friendly with everyone and isn't very territorial. Get a dog that is confident and friendly and not bothered by noises, people, traffic, being alone, etc. And get a dog that is a couch potato. I'd also get a dog that was already house trained. Tell this to the rescue group. If you go my way, you can make sure you have a quiet dog. And these days, you can figure a small dog will live at least 15, or maybe even 20 years, so you get lots of great time with the dog over the years.

But first, find a dog you like. Don't make barking the only criteria. A basenji will yodel... very loudly... if it wants to make noise. This should be a dog you want to live with. Make a list of the things you like in a dog, and then compare a variety of breeds... coat, good with kids, good with dogs, trainable, etc. Whatever traits you like in a dog. Then go to rescue groups and find a dog of that breed with the other things I mentioned to get one that isn't much of a barker or whiner.

Sam Basso

Hi Sam!

Thank you so much for the great reply.

Wow, those are a lot of clever tips!

Much appreciated, XXXXX

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