Monday, July 11, 2011

Summer Dog Training

For many dogs, summer is the time they will spend the most time of the year outdoors and around other people and animals. For dogs that have been kept inside for months because of bad weather, that means a time of adjustment. What might not have been scary last summer now is a bit scary, so it takes a period of a few weeks to get them acclimated. I saw a man the other day walking his mixed bred dog on a harness. As he walked by, his dog started staring at the dog I was with, so the man did an Alpha Roll Over on his dog, scolding his dog in the process. Probably something he learned watching a particular dog show on TV. Corporal punishment such as this is ineffective, and all it did was worry the dog. It didn't do a thing for making his dog more sociable for its next encounter with another dog. What that dog needed was a tune up on its obedience training, plus more socialization in public.