Friday, September 28, 2012

What Are The Best Breeds Off Leash?

I'm sometimes asked, "what are the best breeds off leash?" That's a good question when deciding what is the right breed for you. But, it isn't the only consideration. Just because a dog is more obedient as some other breed doesn't mean that is the right dog for your home...

My Dog Has Food Aggression

What do you do about a dog that has food aggression? Some dogs will attack you if you come near them when they are eating or chewing on a toy. There are stories in the news every year about children that are mauled, and even killed, by dogs that guard food.

This kind of thing can be created by stupid dog owners. This can also usually, but not always, be fixed by a good dog behaviorist.

My Dog Doesn’t Like His New Home

What do you do with a dog that doesn't like his new home? What do you do when your dog gets so ill, so sick, that you have to rush to the doctor to save their life?

Not all dogs make the transition to a new home. And if you don't see it as an emergency, then your dog can be forever changed, or even die.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

My Wife Has Problems Handling And Training Our Dog

Do dogs obey men differently than women? What should you do if your wife has problems handling and training your dog?

My Dog Gets Aggressive With My Other Dog When He Sees A Strange Dog

What should you do if your dog attacks your other dog when it sees a strange dog? Should you punish your dog? Should you yell at or scold your dog? Should you do a dog whisperer thing and pin your dog on the side, or "shh" your dog, or maybe poke your dog with your fingers?

No. You shouldn't do any of these things. You or your dog could be seriously injured if a dog fight breaks out, with you in the middle. You need to hire a professional.

My Dog Can’t Express Normal Body Language Due To A Medical Condition

Dogs with medical conditions oftentimes behave abnormally, not expressing normal body language. As a dog owner, you need additional professional support to make this kind of situation work out. There will be changes in how you, and other humans, interact with this dog. That can work out well, or result in a dangerous situation. There will be changes in how your dog behaves around other dogs, and how other dogs react to your dog. That can be a setup for a dog fight. And lastly, medical conditions can change over time, but if they worsen, then you may need to consider euthanasia.

My Dog’s Head Jerks When My Hand Gets Near

What should you do if your dog flinches or jerks when you try to pet or touch your dog? I have encountered a number of dogs this way, especially rescue dogs that have been abused.