Wednesday, November 15, 2006

China's Absurd Dog Slaughter

Days after the Chinese government announced a crackdown on dogs in the capital, dog lovers here are quietly walking their pets after midnight and avoiding nosy neighbors. They're also fighting back. A campaign to protect people from a sharp rise in rabies cases led officials to announce last week that they would limit each household to one dog and ban dogs taller than 14 inches. Since then, pet owners have expressed resentment, as well as fear about what might happen to their animals.

Now, let's just think on this a minute. China says they have a rabies problem. So, they are banning the ownership a.) of more than one dog per household; and b.) of dogs taller than 14 inches.

So, explain to me:

1.) How does limiting the number of dogs in a household limit the spread of rabies?

2.) Why are big dogs more likely to spread rabies than small dogs?

This thing is absolutely absurd. There is more going on here than rabies. Rabies is the excuse, but not the reason. This is about control of the population through terror. This is a reminder to everyone that the leadership isn't to be messed with. Just like that mass murdering butcher, Mao. This is all a lie to preserve a brutal authoritarian government.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Are You Prepared For The Holidays?

Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, New Year’s eve, and New Year’s Day are almost upon us. Are you ready?

Think on this. How well behaved is your dog around family and guests? Will your dog run out the front door? Is your dog dangerous with other animals or with strangers? Will your dog listen to you and your family? And what if you are leaving town… have you made plans for your dog?

It is almost too late to make preparations, unless you really start putting in some effort today. You should be making plans NOW for your dog for this holiday season!


First, I know many of you now need a Tune Up for your dog, or you have postponed training altogether. This time of year is one of the worst for animal accidents… dog biting incidents, poisoning on holiday foods, run away dogs, etc. If you have postponed training, you can do private lessons and get most of the training in before everything comes falling down on you. Further, many of you have time off during this season, and now have time to work with your dog. It is much better to be prepared, in advance of guests arriving, than having to deal with a dog emergency.


If you have a friendly dog, are leaving town, or having guests, I recommend that you enroll your dog at a doggie daycare for the day, or board your dog overnight. For an example of a good doggie daycare, check out Paws To Play (located at 7312 E Thomas Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85251; (480) 966-9267; ). At a full service doogie daycare, you can expect to be able to purchase all of the following services: doggie daycare, boarding, board and train, private lessons, group lessons, grooming, and dog related products for sale.

Doggie daycare is only for dogs that are friendly with strangers and other dogs. A good doggie daycare offers specialized training for dogs that aren’t sociable, but that has to be resolved before boarding. Holidays can be dangerous times for dogs, and having your dog professionally managed and supervised could actually save your dog’s life. In addition, your dog will come back calmer and more obedient.

Be sure to get what you pay for! At a true"doggie daycare", your dog ISN'T isolated in a kennel most of the day. Your dog will be in supervised play groups, and rotated through a variety of indoor and outdoor play areas, featuring wading pools and playground equipment, throughout the day. The staff will also spend some individual time with each dog, and even address minor behavioral issues for you (the big stuff requires working with a professional trainer). Your dog will come home calmer, happier, and easier to manage. Plus, you can have the peace of mind knowing your dog is being well cared for, and you can sign up to have your dog trained by professionals.


I have a customer who has been out of the country for three weeks. We completed Basic Obedience I a couple of months ago with her two dogs. She then proceeded to do Basic Obedience II, which refines the dog’s skills, especially off leash. After all that effort, she didn’t want to let her dogs get rusty on their obedience work. One dog started out having a biting problem. The other would only listen if you have a piece of food to offer. Today, those dogs are both friendly and obedient. My customer signed up for a Board and Train Program while she has been out of town. So, every day, I have personally trained her two dogs at Paws To Play doggie daycare. I am extremely excited about her coming home this Thursday, because I want to show her how much progress her dogs have made.

For example, we have been working on Tandem Heeling. “Heel” is an obedience command which means for the dog to walk at your left side, and to sit at your left side when you stop, on or off leash. Tandem Heeling is where you teach TWO dogs to walk at your left side, to sit simultaneously at your left side when you stop walking, on or off leash. One of this customer’s original problems was that she found it impossible to take her dogs for a walk. One dog wasn’t good with strangers or other dogs. The other was just so big, strong, friendly, and disrespectful that he’d drag her down the street. That has now been solved, and she’s going to be amazed at how easy these dogs can now be walked together. And we worked on other skills, too.

Board and Train is a good option for people who just don’t have the time to work with their dogs, or for people who are boarding their dogs and want their dogs to come back more obedient, and to ensure their dogs had more activities to do. That’s not to say that doggie daycare isn’t a great thing. But, an untrained dog isn’t any fun to live with. And we can brush up on your dog’s obedience while you are away. Just be sure to check out the place before letting someone train your dog. I have heard of some seriously abusive training programs. You must make sure it is with someone you can trust.


So, please think on this. Set up lessons NOW. And call professionals in your area to set up grooming, doggie daycare, and/or boarding. Get your dog trained, and make sure your dog is in a safe and fun environment while you are enjoying the holidays. Besides, if you do need to leave town, you had better book your reservations now, because if you wait to the last minute, you will probably be out of luck.

Sam Basso

Monday, November 13, 2006

Safety Precautions

A man trying to save a dog being pulled into a stump grinder was caught in the machine and killed, authorities said. Robert J. Wagner, 25, and his friend, John Santilli, of Port St. Lucie, were using the grinder while at a hunting camp in the River Ranch area about 9:40 a.m. Sunday, said Polk County sheriff's spokeswoman Donna Wood. Santilli's dog got entangled when the animal's leash got caught in the machine, Wood said.

It should be common sense that you keep dogs away from dangerous equipment when in use: fireplaces, lawn mowers, ovens, drills, saws, hammers, hatchets and axes, stump grinders, heavy equipment, etc. You have to use the same kinds of precautions you would with a small child.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Fighting Back, Even In China

IN an echo of the days when Chairman Mao denounced his foes as “running dogs”, hundreds of angry pet owners confronted the police in Beijing yesterday in a protest against the regime’s new “one-dog policy”. Eighteen people were arrested in noisy scuffles as about 500 dog owners gathered in a rare unauthorised demonstration near Beijing Zoo. Several of the middle-class protesters wore badges that read “stop the killing” and waved furry stuffed toys in the hope of softening the hearts of the riot police and plain-clothes security men who surrounded them.

Yesterday’s protest was sparked by police raids on an area of luxury villas. According to the state news agency, Xinhua, the security forces discovered six “large unlicensed dogs” in the dragnet. It did not disclose their fate. Elsewhere, residents have reported seeing policemen beating dogs to death in the street. Only dogs shorter than 14 inches are allowed. “Mastiffs, dobermans, saint bernards and great danes are banned,” Xinhua said, along with any dog considered “dangerous”.

People love their dogs. Start killing them, and you'll get a backlash. The Dog Haters have caused the banning and killing of many innocent dogs in this country, such as in Denver, CO. I'm not advocating civil disobedience. I'm not for breaking the law. I'm for changing the hearts and minds of the people, making them aware of the tragedy around them, and changing these inhumane laws and practices. Breed specific laws are cruel and unnecessary.

Monday, November 06, 2006


Are you aware that a number of candidates, in local, state and national elections, are pro-animal rights? Do you want your right to own a dog taken away? Then make sure the people in office support your right to own a dog.

When you live in a free country, the only way to preserve those freedoms is to elect good people.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Random Thoughts

Are you going to vote? If so, then you should consider voting for candidates that are "pro-dog". I have linked to a number of dog advocacy groups (look at the sidebar). Some will have recommendations and analysis of the candidates, initiatives and issues involved. You should vote PRO DOG.

OH, by the way, is your dog trained and well behaved? If not, then you should find a good trainer and hire them.

Have a fun weekend!