Thursday, October 29, 2009

Owning Multiple Dogs

I believe it is better for a dog to have a companion dog than to be an only dog. Dogs are pack oriented, social animals, and it is more natural for them to have a companion. You will find it is enjoyable to handle and own multiple dogs if you do it right. I also believe your dog will be happier and more well adjusted.

The trick is selecting the proper combination of dogs. A few tips:

a. Always do opposite sex. Same sex is more likely to fight than opposite sex.
b. Don't get puppies from the same litter
c. Get dogs of the same approximate size and energy level
d. Don't get the dogs at the same time. Start with one. Socialize and train it. Once that dog is working well, then introduce the second dog. Socialize and train it, and make sure it has separate time with you every day for the first few months, otherwise the new dog is more likely to bond to the other dog than to you.
e. Don't get a second dog if the first one is not house trained. Adding a second dog will just make the situation worse. Once you get the second dog, don't assume it will "learn" from the first dog... it won't. You will have to do just as much, or more, work on the second dog to ensure it is fully house trained.
f. Hire a professional dog trainer throughout the process. Train the dogs to the point where you can get each dog to obey individually around the other dog, in public, with distractions.
g. Expect that multiple dogs will cause more commotion in your home.
h. Don't introduce a new dog into the home if your current dog isn't good with other dogs, untrained, poorly mannered, or if the new dog combination is a mismatch. Hire a professional to help you sort the issues out before you get the second dog.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Do We Really Need A Law For EVERYTHING?

San Jose to tackle issue of bicyclists with leashed dogs. They are talking about regulating or banning dogs pulling people on bikes.

This is the Age Of Obama... The One is just a sign of the times we are in. The public has stopped believing in freedom, and started believing the seductions of state control of everything. I have heard that in Soviet Russia if the law didn't specifically say something was LEGAL, it was ILLEGAL... the opposite of what we've had here in the US. Socialism isn't freedom, it's slavery.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Dog Guardian?

There is a move by animal rights wackos to define dog owner into dog guardian. So, what's the big deal? The big deal is that the change means the dog belongs to the state not to you. That is a HUGE change in the law and affects your ability to do just about anything with your dog. Imagine if your kid became a ward of the state, and you were no longer considered their parent but just a guardian. That would be huge, and a total change in the line of authority regarding your home and your relationship with everyone in your family. And if the kid is the ward of the state, then the state has the right to ultimately take that kid from you AT A MUCH LOWER THRESHOLD than exists today. Citing a couple of extreme examples, Hitler took kids from their parents, Mao took kids from their parents, and so forth. That's too much power to give to a government. And the same is true regarding your pet, and it will have far reaching consequences.

Why would animal rights wackos not want you to be the owner of your dog? Because they don't believe in animal ownership at all. They are against domestication of all animals, including dogs, cats, horses, cattle, sheep and so forth. The ultimate goal would be to let all domesticated animals go extinct, which is why they viciously attack the breeding of dogs, and why they put so much emphasis on spaying and neutering animals.... even animals that deserve to be bred. Also, have you noticed that the animal rights wackos are also usually committed Leftists? They line up this way, politically, because leftists are against private property rights of any kind, thus they tend to vote socialist / communist. Our Constitution protects private property rights. Redefining a dog as being something other than property means those provisions of the Constitution can't be used when fighting to defend yourself in court against another person, animal control, or the government. Animal "guardianship" adds a lot more angle to the slippery slope we are already on, and it is important to fight against these types of laws.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Do It Yourself Dog Euthanasia?

I have read a number of stories over the years where people have attempted to kill their own dogs. I think it is a HUGE ERROR OF JUDGMENT to do this yourself. First, you must make sure that the killing of your dog is medically justified. Are you a veterinarian? If not, then you are opening yourself up to going to PRISON for killing a dog that isn't terminally ill. Also, some methods of killing a dog are extremely inhumane. So, (I have to say this because some people are dumb enough to try this on their own) it would be cruel to use the drugs or poisons to kill your dog..., or to drown , hang, suffocate, beat your dog, etc to death... your dog would die a miserable, probably prolonged and painful death. The public isn't going to look kindly on your case while you are sitting in jail for torturing your dog to death. The drugs a vet uses are painless and humane. Second, if the dog is being put to death for behavioral reasons... are you a professional dog trainer? If not, then again, you are opening yourself up to going to jail for killing your dog. Third, all the laws require you to do it quickly, painlessly and according to certain criteria and procedure. Have you consulted an attorney before putting your dog to death? If not, again... you risk incarceration. If you don't have the money, then contact your local humane society or animal control for assistance. There's no excuse for not doing this properly and humanely.

Quit being a cheapskate. Quit this idea that you can do this on your own. Do it the normal way... starting with a talk with your veterinarian. If you aren't willing to do this, then you are a nutcase.

UPDATE: Here is an article I wrote about when it is OK to humanely kill a dog for medical or behavioral reasons.

Victory! Dog Owner Successfully Challenges Denver's Pit Bull Law

Lawyers with the Animal Law Center say a ruling today could challenge the way Denver enforces its pit bull ban. Dogs that are deemed to be predominantly "pit bull" are banned in Denver, and can be seized and put down. They say as many as four thousand dogs have been euthanized under this ban, but today's ruling raises the question that many of them might have been by mistake.

4,000 dogs is a lot of "mistakes". These weren't "mistakes" at all. This was done PURPOSELY by dog haters, and publicity seeking politicians. They wanted these dogs dead. They wanted to make a public spectacle. I hope the city is successfully sued for hundreds of millions of dollars.

I keep warning about the abuse of the powers of the state. This is one more glaring example. Fight back, or you'll lose the right to own a dog.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

When Does An Affair Begin?

I have watched how people's dog hobby can develop into something destructive to their marriage. People with dogs gravitate to people with dogs. Just like people who find hobbies online will gravitate to others also online. If you are into dogs, then get your spouse involved, too. But, beyond that, it is important to keep your relationship healthy. Don't let problems fester. Be responsible. Put in effort. Learn to listen and love. Don't escape into the arms of another, but learn to focus that energy into your marriage. Practice love... don't betray your partner and cheapen yourself and your relationship by cheating.

Affairs not only kill relationships, they eat away at your soul and destroy you and your partner and your kids over time. And it affects your dogs, too.

Those fights you have over the dog aren't really about the dog.

How do you know trouble is brewing? Often it comes as people start asking, "what 'technically' is cheating?" The answer is:

The first moment you're doing something you don't want your partner to see. "In the last three years, we've seen an astronomical increase in Internet-related affairs," said Sharpe, with the Life Connection Counseling Center. "This whole affairs thing is just off the charts." Sharpe said these illicit relationships usually start slowly and innocently, develop over time, and last a year or more before they are discovered. He said that 95 percent of the time, the spouses will never admit to the affair until they are caught, usually by their partners finding e-mails or phone bills.

What to do?

1.) Stop trying to escape the real world. Put effort into your relationship, including acting like an adult and solving the problems you face, and accepting that life is a series of struggles. The struggles of life never end... that is the way the real world works. Love only ends when you allow it to end. Learn to work through the problems of life, instead of using them as an excuse for escape, or as a club of revenge against your spouse. Don't let your dog hobby become an escape from your marriage. It is all too easy to think that other people, of the opposite sex, who share your interests somehow "understand" you better... that's just self deception. If you were with them, you'd have a whole new set of life challenges, maybe even more difficult than the ones you are facing right now.
2.) Talk with your spouse about your interests and hobbies and activities, your concerns and temptations, the challenges of life and the plans you both have to work through them, what boundaries you are going to set, and be completely transparent about your time and intent. Share passwords, phone numbers, calendars, and account information. Invite your spouse to accompany you to your hobby events, and if you are the one invited be sure to show interest and attend yourself. And get involved in those things that interest your spouse, too.
3.) Recognize the signs of infidelity: "When one or both partners get involved in Internet relationships with the opposite sex, it causes tremendous damage to the relationship. It can take a long time to rebuild trust," she said. After helping people with what he calls addictive behavior related to the new media — pornography, video games, cell phone texting, affairs and other abuses of Twitter and Facebook — he is ready to see people unplug.
4.) Set consequences. Make it clear up front that if there is infidelity or hiding / secrecy, that the relationship is over. If the other person thinks they can get away with it, they will be more tempted to cross the line and cheat the first time, and treat you like a doormat, then they will do it again and again.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Be Careful With Your Dog Around People Who Are Afraid Of Dogs

Man gets 7 years in Calcasieu Parish prison for killing dog with a samurai sword: A public defender said Simoneaux had an irrational fear of dogs and killed an acquaintance's chow last New Year's Eve because he had been attacked at age 13 by another chow. But a prosecutor said Simoneaux "carved up" the dog in an unprovoked attack.

Was this guy afraid of dogs, as his attorney claimed? Or just a dog hater? Either way, what he did was wrong, and illegal, and look where it got him. If you are that worked up about dogs, it's a heck of a lot better to get counseling than to end up in prison.
Breed Prejudice On Display?

Officer Shoots Woman, Pit Bull Playing: "The young lady started hollering and just at that time a police officer was coming down and thought the dog was attacking the lady"
More Toxic Foods For Dogs

It is always good to know what foods NOT to feed your dog

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

How Do Cities Ban Dog Breeds?

What might a new ordinance require from the owners of targeted breeds? Lamb and others talked about registering certain dogs as dangerous and making that information available to the public, even providing maps of the locations of where certain breeds of animals are kept. Officials discussed a mandate that certain breeds of dog be kept leashed at all times. Other possibilities include imposing strict rules on housing certain breeds, such as requiring enforced fencing around the dogs. City Attorney Joe Beck said he helped create breed specific vicious-dog legislation for other cities. He said in order to make such legislation stand up to court challenges, Bothell needs to provide substantial evidence that a breed deserves special treatment, as well as hold a number of public hearings, providing plenty of time for comment on the issue. But while he said the city needs to proceed carefully, he said breed specific ordinances are possible and can be enforced.

Hey, dog advocates. Read this carefully, and fight back.
Social Networking & Adultery Can Kill Your Dog

Transparency is good for your relationship, experts say. If you are in touch with an old lover online, tell your current partner, advises Karen Gail Lewis, a marriage and family therapist in Cincinnati. You should explain why you want to touch base with your ex, she says, listen to your partner's concerns, and share any correspondence. "It should be the two together talking about the one over there," says Dr. Lewis... You can look, but don't make contact. Strike an agreement with your current partner that you will each disclose any Facebook friends you have slept with. Or, like Katie Robinson, limit your online "friends" to people of the same sex. "It is hard enough to have a relationship without the intrusion of people from your past." Some couples share their passwords. "If your bank accounts are common, why not your Twitter and Facebook accounts?"

I like social networking. I do it myself: LinkedIn, Twitter, & Facebook. But, I have always been cautious regarding who I let into my circle and how I correspond with them. It's just common sense. It is especially important to do this when you are married. "Mate-poaching" (women try to lure men who are already "taken," either for a short-term sexual liaison or a longer-term relationship) is a serious threat to a marriage.

Marriage relationship break ups affect pets, too. A good number of dogs end up in shelters after a divorce. Either the couple can't agree on who gets the dogs, so they give them away, or they go broke in the divorce and are forced to give the dogs away. And in today's economy, a drop off at a shelter might likely mean a death sentence for the dog.

So, think twice about what you are doing when social networking. Not only are you risking your marriage, you are possibly going to be responsible for the death of your dogs. Go get marriage counseling. Grow up. Be responsible, even when no one is looking.