Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Puppy?

So... you got a new puppy for Christmas?

Having some problems, eh? House training? Biting? Chewing? Jumping?

Are these problems becoming a nuisance for you? Getting aggravated? Maybe even a bit worried?

Time to hire a dog trainer!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!!!

If you got a Christmas puppy, search this blog for a lot of free dog training tips. Also, go to my web page, SamTheDogTrainer.com for more specific advice. Just remember:

* The pup doesn't know anything. YOU have to teach them everything, step by step. They don't know their names, any commands, the word "No", leave it, drop it, don't know where to pee and poop, won't come when called, can't walk on a leash... they don't know anything. All of that has to be taught.
* No rough stuff! No spanking, swatting with a newspaper, yelling, shoving the pup's face in it's poop... none of that stuff! It doesn't work, and it wrecks the dog... and it is cruel.
* Get help! Don't be a cheapskate! Hire a trainer!
* Study the breed(s) in your dog.
* Go buy a dog first aid book, read it from cover to cover, and make up a first aid kit for your dog.
* First objectives: House training, puppy manners and early socialization.
* With a good trainer... start obedience no later than 4 months old.
* Supervise, supervise, supervise... kids, strangers, and the pup!
Shoot To Kill?

A directive that allows Ferris police officers to shoot dangerous feral dogs is drawing criticism from animal welfare advocates. The policy handed down by City Manager David Chavez last week allows officers to use shotguns to kill the potentially violent dogs. As more owners dump their dogs or let them loose in the Ellis County town, the population increases and the threat becomes greater, said Mr. Chavez. "A lot of people come here in the country and let them go because for some reason they don't want to keep them any longer," he said. "They think they're doing something humane, but they forget these dogs don't have any food." Instead, they breed and form packs that roam the town for food.

Three cruelties for the price of one. First cruelty: shooting dogs with a shotgun. You kill birds with shotguns. You kill larger animals with a rifle, otherwise they might just be wounded and run off and die a slow miserable death. Second cruelty: letting a dog go to let it fend for itself in the wild. Third cruelty: letting feral dogs run loose. Feral dog packs are dangerous to other animals and people, and dogs can pass on rabies to people. There's got to be a better way, eh?

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Hmmmm... Guilty or Not Guilty, That Is The Question

An assistant Los Angeles County fire chief who allegedly beat a neighbor's 6-month-old dog so severely it had to be euthanized said Monday he was acting in self-defense. Glynn D. Johnson and his attorney, John E. Sweeney, said the incident was being unfairly characterized by the media and protesters as an unprovoked attack on a timid puppy. "The dog had my thumb in a viselike grip in his jaws when it became necessary to defend myself," Johnson said in the lawyer's office, where enlarged photos of his stitched-up thumb were displayed for reporters. Johnson, 54, of Riverside, is accused of beating the shepherd mix with his fist and a 12-pound rock Nov. 3. The injured dog was taken by its owner to a veterinarian, where it was euthanized. Johnson was charged last week by Riverside County prosecutors with felony animal cruelty and other counts and freed on $10,000 bail. He faces up to four years in prison if convicted.

Two sides to this story, from my experience.

I encountered a vicious 12 week old Australian Shepherd pup many years ago. The dog was a born fear biter. The dog was dangerous even at that age. Breeders will tell you, if they've been breeding dogs long enough, that sometimes a pup will be born that isn't right in the head. And the breeder will cull the pup (meaning put the pup to death). The article says the pup was "timid", usually meaning fearful. A true fear biter can't be fixed. The dog is mentally ill, and no amount of training, love, or behavior modification will change that. A dog that bites will often not let go, and dogs have incredibly strong jaws, even as puppies.

Then again, I have met wackos that would provoke dogs. They would tease, or even harm a puppy, to the point that even a very mild mannered pup will eventually become a biter. Saw this once with an Italian Greyhound. Mild mannered dog that was treated way too roughly, and the dog eventually became a serious biter. The dog needed some serious work, a lot of patience and love, and we could have gotten the dog over it. The owners refused to spend the money and let us get the dog out of this predicament. Ham handed, home brewed training is just as bad as outright abuse.

So, what happened here? You can't tell from the article, so we really don't know. There are more clues, however... A second article states: "A Woodcrest man accused of savagely beating a dog that strayed onto his property is a dedicated firefighter and animal lover who simply tried to defend himself when the dog attacked, his lawyer said Monday."

Again, from experience...

Some people get manic when dogs enter their yards. They get aggressive to the dog to run it off, or to punish it for pooping in their yard, or such like.

Or, some dogs, when loose from their homes, feel very afraid when a stranger corners them and tries to catch them. The second article states: "Karley turned on Johnson as he tried to return her to her yard, biting him on the right thumb so severely that she nearly severed it, Sweeney said. He said Johnson, who is right-handed, defended himself as best he could with his free hand." Did he grab the dog? And how did he do it? Regardless, the type of bite and the location of the bite leads me to believe it was a fear bite... but was it provoked or not?

Again, we can't tell from these stories if the man is guilty or not. So, unless there is more evidence showing abuse leading up to the bite, I'd acquit the guy.

What do you do in these circumstances? First, try to get the owners to get their own dog. Second, if that fails, and you are going to try and get the dog yourself, use a leash or rope to lasso the dog. Don't grab the dog. Third, once a dog locks its jaw on your body, it is probably not going to let go... and then you have to defend yourself. That's the cruel truth.

Here is a clearer example of the kind of detail that would lead me to convict someone of animal abuse: "A Sandy man will serve jail time for strangling and beating two dogs, killing one of them. William McKnight, 29, was sentenced Monday in 3rd District Court to 90 days in jail and a $1,000 fine for two misdemeanor counts of aggravated cruelty to an animal. According to the charges, McKnight told a separate witness "that he had tortured (the woman's) dogs by grabbing their necks and throwing them against the walls and floor."

Monday, December 22, 2008

Financial Crisis Is Causing People To Abandon Their Dogs

The increase in requests for re-homing is attributed to the financial crisis. Owners either have to move to dog-unfriendly accommodation or can no longer afford to care for the animal after losing their job. "Moving as a result of the credit crunch is the number one factor for giving up a dog," explains Moore. "People also ring up to say they can't afford to look after their dog anymore, because they've been made redundant." On top of overcrowding, animal rescue charities face another problem; they rely on charity donations and are likely to suffer in those terms. "The expected increase in unemployment and decrease of disposable income is going to affect the donations," says Moore. Another concern for dog charities is that animals are given as Christmas presents. Unfortunately some of these dogs turn up at the re-homing center in the New Year as unwanted gifts.

The current worldwide financial crisis is the fault of government meddling with the free markets. This would have never happened if we hadn't created these ridiculous incentives to create no-money-down, no income verification, sub-prime loans. Whose brilliant idea was that? Banking is banking. We messed with the system, and gave lenders incentives and mandates to toss out good banking practices, and now look where that has gotten us. A mess. This is why you see articles here condemning government over-regulation, because it always ends up destroying things in the end.

Even on the simplest levels, these past wrongs are affecting everyone: It is trickling down to even to our dogs.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Puppy Mills vs Hobby Breeders

Liz Walker was among hundreds of people who showed up at the East Valley Animal Shelter to bid for one of 10 purebred puppies seized last month at Los Angeles International Airport from a puppy mill operating out of South Korea. The puppies - five Maltese and five Yorkshire terriers - are the only survivors among 30 puppies seized after the long flight. Accompanied by falsified health certificates, the 30 puppies were found dehydrated and suffering from illnesses, officials said. Most had to be euthanized.

It is interesting that the worst breeding offenders are puppy mill operators... but the laws that are then passed to deal with them affect the best breeders... the hobbyists. Regulations are piled on to prevent the good breeders from staying in the business, and the worst breeders just keep pumping out dogs. You don't see the committed hobbyists pumping out 3o dogs, shipping them to who knows where, falsifying records, and causing the deaths of numerous puppies, do you? Nope.

Animal Shelter Disaster...

Columbus Ohio:

Zealously determined that fewer dogs should die, the Franklin County animal shelter harbors sick and vicious dogs and then offers them as pets to unsuspecting families. These conclusions, outlined in a report by the Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine, portray a shelter riddled with mismanagement, rife with disease, and crippled by overcrowding.

Seattle Washington:

Animal control has come under fire in the past year for running understaffed, overcapacity shelters in Bellevue and Kent, with high euthanasia rates. Two reports, one from a citizens committee in 2007 and a follow-up from a group of veterinarians at the University of California, Davis, called conditions at the Kent shelter deplorable. The reports pointed to poor sanitation, outbreaks of canine parvovirus and feline upper-respiratory infections, failure to vaccinate some animals and no place to isolate sick dogs.


Animal control enforces the dog laws in your community... and they oftentimes are doing the very things that they'd put you in jail for. I believe in the animal control function. It is necessary, for the welfare of the animals and for public safety. However... look at these situations and realize that these aren't just isolated incidents. So, who are they to judge you when they don't have their own houses in order? This is the result of a lack of accountability, poor management, too much influence from the animal rights nuts, lack of due process, bureaucracy, etc. This is also the problem when you give an agency police powers and then not check up on them until it is too late.

Monday, December 01, 2008

Hi Everybody

The year 2008 is almost over... and 2009 approaches...


Another Thanksgiving is past and the end of the year celebrations are still going. How did your dog do this past weekend? Was your dog good with your guests? How did the potty training go? Was your dog obedient? Did your dog get into any trouble? Did you have to keep your dog away from everyone, or was your dog able to participate in all the activities?

Holidays and pets can either be a fun thing or a not so fun thing. I have always been one to emphasize preparation for holidays. I start brushing up on my dog’s training weeks prior to these events. Training and manners can get rusty as the months go by, and then the training you thought you had isn’t there when you need it. So, right now is a good time to do a tune up on your dog! You can either do lessons at home, or we can arrange for a board and train program. Either way, you can be better prepared, and your dog will be happier. It isn’t any fun for the dog to be in trouble the entire time, or banished from the family, when guests arrive and everyone is hustling to and fro from the stores and in and out of the home.

Or maybe you are planning on getting another dog over the holidays. If you haven’t had a puppy in a while, it is best to start the planning now. I highly recommend doing a house training lesson BEFORE the puppy comes home, so you are prepared. And for some breeds, it is also good to do a Puppy Manners lesson before the pup comes home so everyone is prepared for what to do when the pup starts to bite, and tear up things, and gets everyone aggravated. It doesn’t have to be a hassle… do the preparation work in advance.

Or maybe you are trying to think of a good gift for someone who is planning on getting a dog over the holidays. I have had numerous people purchase Gift Certificates for dog training over the years. Gifts can be pretty difficult to find, right? Most people have the things they need: TV’s, sweaters, pants, jewelry, DVD players, cameras, and so forth. It is hard to get something personal and unique. A gift of dog training can be just the thing! (And sometimes, you get them the dog training gift because it is such a hassle going over to their place, because their dogs are totally out of control… and here’s a way to help them with that problem).

Or maybe your dog just needs a tune up, or you never did complete the training of your dog, and you want a bit more control and a few less hassles.

Need some holiday training? Call me! And if you are out of the area... find a good local trainer!


Here is a recent customer… who hired me to introduce a new bull terrier to the family, when the main dog, another bull terrier, wasn’t typically good with other dogs…

Thank you, Sam. Things have gone so well that it is like a dream for us. We have put off getting another dog because we always thought that it just could not be done. Unfortunately, we blamed or male dog for it and didn’t realize that it took getting just the right dog at the right time along with some good advice. It has taken a lot of work (especially on my part) but we are so happy. It just seems like she was meant to become part of our family.


From: Sam The Dog Trainer

Super! I can’t tell you how happy this makes me. Usually when things are going well, I don’t get any feedback… and you wonder how things went.

From: A

To: Sam The Dog Trainer
Hi, Sam. I have been so swamped that I have not had a chance to get back with you. Things are going really well at our home between our dogs. Our third dog, has also accepted her.


I have owned dogs for many years. However, 2 years ago I inherited a cat after I got married. Because the cat was “someone else’s” (meaning it was a family member’s cat), and I was busy working, I didn’t much pay attention to what was going on. I figured that cats were pretty self sufficient. How wrong I was! The cat stopped eating, and $600 in vet bills later, I have learned a very important lesson.

I have saved numerous customers’ dogs. Because I have read a lot about dog health, I can oftentimes spot medical problems early on. I have come into customers houses and seen dogs that had a medical issue. I have immediately stopped the lesson, and urged the customer to get their pet to the veterinarian immediately. And some of these dogs would have died or had other serious medical issues if they hadn’t gotten their dog to the vet immediately. Years ago, I started recommending that my customers get a pet first aid book for their dogs, read it from cover to cover, and make up a first aid kit for their dogs. I have said over and over again, that this one step could save you thousands of dollars at some point in veterinary bills.

I should have done that with the cat. Once I got married, that cat was mine, too, right? Why it didn’t occur to me… I don’t know. I think if I had known more about cat medicine, maybe I would have seen early on that something wrong was going on, and would have been able to head off the problem. Maybe that is wishful thinking, and maybe none of that would have helped. Now it is past that point: we are having to force feed the cat, and inject it with fluids. Maybe the cat lives, maybe the cat dies. It is heartbreaking to have to deal with this every day.

I see this kind of thing with pet dogs all the time.


My grandfather always taught us: Today is the first day of the rest of your life. He also taught us: When you get knocked down, get back up again. I still try to grasp the wisdom in these sayings, and keep trying to implement them in my life.

This year has been a time for a lot of changes for many of us… myself included. Yet, this year is now almost over, and even though it is useful to reflect on the past, and learn the lessons that life has for us, 2009 is about to start. You can’t re-do 2008, and 2009 is coming whether you like it or not. Some of you have had a great year, some of you haven’t. Whatever the case, it’s time to start planning for the next year, and to let this year go.

What are you going to do with your 2009? I’m trying to answer that question for myself this week. I’m making plans for growth and opportunity… how about you?

Give your dogs a hug for me…

Best Regards,

Sam Basso
Dog Trainer & Behaviorist

Friday, November 28, 2008

Barking Mad... The Continuing Saga

A former TV executive has confessed to shooting dead his neighbour's dog after becoming annoyed at its early-morning barking.

I have blogged on this topic before. Some people go absolutely insane when they hear a dog barking. Sometimes it can be just a little woof that sets them off. Might be a complaint to animal control, might be a lawsuit, might be them killing your dog, might be them purposely getting your dog to bark in order to get you in trouble... Whatever the situation: Beware of these goofy people... they are nuts and they are coming for you and your dog.

I have worked with numerous dog owners to help them with their barking dogs. Sometimes the owner's dogs are at fault... but sometimes it is the goofy old man next door, or the crazy woman down the street who have a psychological problem and the idea of a dog barking is enough to set them off... Not all dog barking is a nuisance or illegal or unwarranted, and not all dog barking is worthy of what these cretins will do if they start to target you and your dog.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Puggles - The Verdict

When Puggles (Pug / Beagle cross) first came out as a breed, I was quite skeptical. After working with a number of them, and watching them in action, I have come to the conclusion that it is a success as a breed. I wasn't quick to jump on the bandwagon, because not all new breeds are a good combination.

I like the breed. They typically play well with other dogs, are pretty happy go lucky in temperament, are friendly, seem pretty healthy, not overly yappy or troublesome, and their owners love them, too.

So, if you want a Puggle, go get one!
Rescue Gone Amuck?

UPDATE: I received a call from Dan Irish yesterday (10/28/15), saying there is more to this story... an alternative account. As I stated when I first saw and commented on this story, there is a lot of silly stuff that happens in rescue. Many times, you really can't know the inside story unless you know the people involved. And the public, folks like me, can only know what the press reports. My opinions can only be formed by what is known. Yet, even the first article left me, and I'm sure the readers of the paper, with a lot of unanswered questions. Things didn't add up, and I could see that reading between the lines.

There is a second report, by Scott Anderson in the Amador Ledger Dispatch, entitled "Haunted by 'Rescue'", on 06/20/2012. You SHOULD read this account.

"Yet, as the longtime dog behaviorist stood in the Wal-Mart parking lot in Martell and waved goodbye to Buddy, something caught his attention - the woman's car had no license plates. Suspicious, Irish quickly attempted to call the phone number she'd left him. It was fake. He looked into the address she had given. It didn't exist. Irish was overtaken by a horrible feeling. Several hours later Buddy was dead - euthanized by an active member of Northern California Golden Retriever Rescue, a nonprofit organization that claims to save dogs."

I don't know the parties involved, didn't witness the events. But in all fairness, now that I know there are two sides to this story, I feel it is important for my readers to see both and then do their own research and form their own opinions. Further, if you wish more information, please contact the parties involved, including the papers and the reporters.

My opinion is still the same: Once again, another rescue mess.


Dog rescue volunteer Jill Morgan has received death threats and angry e-mail messages, and her property has been damaged, she says in retribution to her controversial call to euthanize a golden retriever she deemed too aggressive for society. Morgan, who has rescued and placed hundreds of dogs for eight years, in October answered an ad on Craigslist.com for a dog she previously handled and knew had aggression problems toward other dogs. She gave a false name to adopt him and had him euthanized. The dog initially was rescued by Norcal Golden Retriever Rescue, where Morgan volunteers, and was adopted out to dog trainer Dan Irish after a number of failed attempts to modify the dog's behavior. Irish, of West Point, said he rehabilitated the dog and then put him online for re-adoption, violating his agreement with the rescue group to keep the dog. According to Irish, he made no such threats but did call her foul names when he learned she falsely represented another group to gain access into his facility for an investigation... officers went to his home one time more than five years ago because he exceeded the limit of dogs on his property. Irish, who last week said he has 10 dogs, is allowed only three dogs and four cats because he doesn't have a kennel license.

What a bunch of silliness! I have worked with rescue groups for years, and sometimes the members will do some pretty stupid things. Sigh, the stories I could tell... and don't because there's no reason to get sued for libel and slander... questionable dogs adopted out; money spent foolishly on dogs that were too old and too sick and should have been put down; inter-organizational squabbles; people overstepping their authority on behalf of the organizations and costing them tens of thousands of dollars; people who shouldn't be rescuing dogs at all setting up their own private shelters, oftentimes severely underfunded and therefore inflicting more abuse upon the dogs in their care; people with mental problems adopting dogs that should be put down; and on and on.

This story doesn't surprise me at all. My opinion of what happened here? First, the adoptee apparently had an agreement with the rescue group to keep the dog and not give it to someone else. Second, the organization could have enforced this agreement. Third, dogs that are dangerous to other dogs don't need to be put down, they can be managed in a variety of ways by people. Forth, you don't go and play James Bond, put a fake name on an application and then put a dog down outside the authority of the organization you apparently represent... looks bad, puts them in a liability conundrum, its got to be some kind of fraudulent thing, and lying is just plain wrong. Fifth, this trainer, if he did what they say, and if there was an agreement to keep the dog, was wrong to not just turn the dog back to the rescue organzation if he had fixed the dog. If there was no agreement, and he had fixed the dog, then he had every right to give it to another person. And if he hadn't fixed the dog, then something is wrong with this situation... and I'd like to know his reasoning for doing what he did. Apparently a lot of assumptions were made by everyone involved, and no one apparently just talked to one another before all this happened. Sixth, wasn't there another way? Did the rescue group do a good job of evaluating and placing this dog? And seventh... death threats? Who is nutty enough to issue death threats to others? This takes things to the level of a felony, most likely, and none of this is worth that.

My suggestions? These don't seem to be the right people to be involved in rescue or adoption. Time for a top to bottom re-evaluation by this rescue group of what they are doing, their procedures, and so forth. There is no way I'd want to be contributing to any organization with these types of problems.
First World Solutions In A Third World Country?

An animal rights group is urging Iraqi authorities to better ways to eliminate stray dogs after 200 of them were killed in Baghdad this week by poisoned meat and rifles. Humane Society International wants to work with Baghdad officials because their methods to curb the stray dog population are "neither humane nor have been found to provide long-term solutions to the overpopulation program,"... Baghdad authorities killed more than 200 stray dogs on Sunday, the opening day of a campaign to cull dog packs roaming the capital that was prompted by a spate of fatal attacks on residents. In its letter, the group suggests a "holistic approach" to the problem, including surgical spaying and neutering, education on the subject, legislation, dog registration and licensing programs for owned animals, and euthanasia "using humane methods and agents."

Well, whatever works. You can't have packs of dogs roaming a city. They are dangerous, and one reason we have leash laws here in the West. On the other hand, are conditions in Baghdad such that these suggestions can be implemented? First off, you'd need to fund an animal control department. Catching dogs, licensing, and so forth is a full time business. Second, you are dealing with an Islamic country where dogs are oftentimes considered unclean... at least that is true in Iran... I don't know about Iraq. Is Iraq sufficiently "westernized" to accept the changes in law and investment of money for animal welfare? I think it is worth attempting these changes and speaking up. Third world countries don't have to operate like the trash heaps of the world, especially a country like Iraq with it's huge oil reserves and buckets of money coming in.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thanksgiving... Safety For Your Dog

Here are my tips for a safe Thanksgiving for your dogs...

1. Consider enrolling your dog in a doggie daycare for the day, or at least for the day before. A tired dog is a good dog, and by wearing your dog out a bit prior to guests arriving, your dog will be calmer and less likely to be a nuisance or be harmed. Or, if you can't manage your dog and guests simultaneously, then do the daycare during the day and board your dog overnight. Same with your guest's dogs.

2. Too late to train your dog... so SUPERVISE, SUPERVISE, SUPERVISE. It is also too late to train your kids and relatives. Put your dog in a crate or kennel when you can't supervise your dog, make sure everyone knows the rules for the dog, watch the doorways, watch the potentially poisonous foods, keep dangerous human toys away from the dog, and watch any family members that arent' good with dogs. Don't leave dogs unattended in hotel rooms, either.

3. Don't give your dog a ton of table scraps. You can kill a dog by giving it turkey bones. You can kill a dog by giving it chocolate, or the entire skin off a turkey, or feeding the dog a variety of other people foods. If you aren't sure if it is safe, then ask your vet, or better yet, don't feed it to your dog at all.

4. Lock the side gates of your back yard to prevent escapes.

5. Get your dog some extra toys to enjoy. If your dog's toys are old, or if your dog doesn't have anything to do... then no wonder your dog is getting into trouble.

6. Don't mix dogs. Guests bring their dogs to town. They might fight with your dog. And they take them to the local park and let them run loose, and these strange dogs might not have been out of the house since last year... unsocialized, wary, unruly and ready to get in a fight with your dog.

7. Kids and Dogs... can be a recipe for a disaster. Watch 'em, don't let them pester one another, don't leave kids unattended with dogs, and the rest of the usual advice.

Enjoy the holiday... and make sure it is going to be an enjoyable holiday instead of a mess.
Get Help

Two North Wales Police officers have been given community sentences after being filmed kicking and throwing their pet dogs around their back yard. Anja Mason, 29, and Craig Macleod, 34, were filmed by a neighbour who watched the abuse at a house in Prestatyn. They had admitted causing suffering to the dogs. They were also banned from keeping animals for five years.

I see a lot of "do it yourself" dog training out there. Many people have no clue whatsoever regarding dog behavior. Some harm their dogs physically, some do it psychologically, some do both. If you asked most of them if they liked dogs, they'd say yes. Weird, huh? In some of these instances, these people would be just as in trouble with the law as this couple mentioned above. Heck, these people could be your next door neighbors, or even extended family members, or even someone in your own home.

Simple solution: Hire a dog trainer!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Tough Times

With tough economic times, people get in pretty difficult situations when their pets need medical care. Do you spend $500 to save the cat, or should you not spend the money because finances are tight and you might need that money for rent?

If you are in that type of situation, call your local humane society and ask for assistance. They probably won't provide you with the medical care or money, but they can oftentimes refer you to a low cost veterinary service in your area. It's also a good idea to spend a few bucks now on a first aid book for your pets. Read it from cover to cover, and make up a first aid kit for your pets. Heading off medical problems early on can save you a lot of money.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Why Do You Have A Dog?

I have a dog because they make me happy, and I like making them happy.

What about you? Why do you have a dog?

Sunday, October 26, 2008

More Animal Rights...

Hillsborough County changed their zoning codes effective October 1,


The above link will take you to the newly adopted land use codes for Hillsborough County. To save to time, the animal related portions are:
Page 11, LDC Section 6.11.13 Animals Page 76,
LDC Section 12.01.00
Kennels, Rescues and Non Profits

B. In Residential Districts
1. No animal, other than household animals as defined in this Code, shall be kept in any residential zoning district, except that exotic animals may be kept for personal enjoyment with appropriate license/permit from the State of Florida.
12. No animals shall be raised or kept in the any residential zoning district for the purpose of sale to another party.

So, you can't be a hobby breeder, period. This sucks. This is the kind of over-regulation I keep talking about.

For a variety of reasons, our country is on the path to socialism. Clearly, something is wrong... rotten... in our country. What is it and what should we do about it? I don't want to give up my freedoms like this, and I don't want to see our country melt down like this.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Is Your Candidate Pro-Dog?

I think it is worth considering whether your choice for candidate is pro-dog. Not all are. There's something psychologically wrong with a politician who would ban dog breeds, or would enact restrictive dog breeding laws, or would enact animal rights legislation.

Some of the organizations I link to on this blog track this sort of thing. Time to check them out before you vote, eh?

Monday, October 06, 2008


As I watch all these politicians doing all these fooling things... I am listening to hear the phrase:

Who is John Galt?

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Foreclosure Pets...

A Scottsdale organization has been overwhelmed by Valley pets left behind in the foreclosure fallout. Lost Our Home Pet Foundation is made up of real estate agents who help rescue abandoned animals and find them new homes. More...

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Government Bungling

Want to know why we are experiencing a financial meltdown? Government meddling in the marketplace! They created this mess, from the Fed, to the FNMA monopoly, to encouraging people to buy homes they couldn't afford. Now they are panicking and have to rescue a ton of companies that were forced to use these government institutions.

On a much smaller scale, Seattle is gearing up to ban pit bulls. You can count on it. There have been a couple of recent pit bull attacks, and now an editorial in the Seattle Times which opens the door to politicians to regulate or outright ban breeds (and letting them know the paper will not criticize them for doing so). This will fail, too.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

9 - 11: Never Forget!

Monday, September 08, 2008

Government Meddling... Again

The financial community is talking this morning about the bailout of Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac. One article talked about how the US is giving up on capitalism, others are talking about how capitalism failed in this instance. Sorry. Wrong. These two entities were government made monsters, and they are now failing. They shouldn't have been created by the government in the first place, and now we have to bail them out. Government bailing out government created entities isn't free enterprise at work. We probably wouldn't be in this mortgage mess if the government hadn't been involved in the first place.

I am against too much government regulation and manipulation in the marketplace, whether it is about mortgages or dogs. Either way, it messes up a whole lot of people and results in unacceptable costs to everyone involved.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Democrat Convention

I tried to watch some of the Democrat Convention tonight... but after that gas bag, Edward Kennedy... and the rest of the droning speakers went on and on... it reminded me of a high school graduation where there are a bunch of meaningless speeches and horrible music and poetry, and we are all expected to sit there and pretend we are having a good time. I am now so bored... I'm bored being bored, and figured it was time to talk about something interesting instead...

A Phoenix man was sentenced to 23 1/2 years in prison for ordering his dog to attack a police officer. He was also convicted of two counts of aggravated assault, theft of means of transportation, and resisting arrest.

I'm not sure how I feel about this sentence. Is the crime worthy of jail time? Yes. You don't get to attack or kill a police officer... the guy is just doing his job. Unless there is a lot more to this story, such as a history of this guy committing other serious crimes, I am betting the sentence is overturned and reduced, however.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I Support Law Enforcement... But, This Is Something Different...

The San Marcos police chief has reprimanded an officer who drew brickbats from around the nation for delaying two college students as they tried to rush their dying dog to a veterinarian this month. Officer Paul Stephens, who said, “It's just a dog,” as he held the pair beside Interstate 35, received an oral reprimand and counseling, Police Chief Howard Williams said Tuesday. “We sustained the complaint that was filed,” Williams said. “We made him watch the tape with his supervisor and he was counseled on how to improve his performance.”

Well... isn't that special? "Counseled on how to improve his performance." We all know how wrong this is. We all know this jerk should have been fired. We all know that the cops shouldn't protect these types, because it undermines public confidence and support for the good cops. We all know that this guy could have been a hero instead of a "zero" if he'd rushed this couple to the vet to try and save this dog. What public good did this serve? What good did this do this community and police force to not toss this guy out of the force? Was this really a "reprimand", or does it instead smack of corruption in that police organization?

All I can say is... GRRRRR!!!

Friday, August 08, 2008

Wackos Abound...

Militant animal rights groups are using children to push their agenda of a meatless, petless society, a seminar on the growth of the animal rights movement was told this morning.

Want to know why I write about dog haters, enviro-wackos, animal rights nuts, breed banning collectivists, and so on? Because these people are real. They are happening. They threaten normal people with violence and a totalitarianism as bad as Communism and Nazism.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Do Your Job!

Leflore County Humane Society's president says Greenwood should adopt a tough ordinance restricting pit bulls and Rottweilers to prevent their migration into the city limits.

This is so WRONG in so many ways, where do I start?

This is not the type of person I'd want running my local humane society. They are supposed to be animal welfare advocates. If the dogs end up in shelters, they are supposed to find them homes. They are supposed to be animal advocates. They are supposed to find ways of educating the public about responsible animal care...

Not banning dogs.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Is This The Way You'd Want To Live?

Saudi Arabia's religious police have banned selling pet cats and dogs and walking them in public places in the country's capital Riyadh to preserve public morals.

That sounds pretty outrageous, doesn't it?

Then shouldn't we be just as outraged by animal rights advocates? They would also ban the selling of cats and dogs, and would outlaw the ownership of animals altogether. So, which is worse? Religious totalitarianism or some other form of totalitarianism? Totalitarians, collectivists of most sorts, will cross your personal boundaries to enforce their ways. They might even have good intentions. But, do the ends justify the means? Usually not.

Would you vote into office someone who was a such a religious fanatic that they would ban you from having a dog, or would severely restrict your ownership of a pet? Then think on this: Barack Obama supports animal rights. He said so. Are you going to vote for him?

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Can It Be Any Clearer?

A man chasing his dog across a railroad track in East Cleveland was apparently struck and killed by a train Saturday evening... The dog ran away while police investigated the accident.

THIS is why you train your dog.

So many people don't realize how important dog training is. They do a few puppy lessons at a pet store when they first get the dog. Then, the dog gets older, gets into trouble for stuff, learns to get away from Mr. or Mrs. Bad News when it is loose, and won't come back when you need the dog to come.

Does your dog come when called?

If your dog won't come when you call it, then it is not trained, and you have something seriously wrong in your relationship with your dog. It's not all about the dog. It is also about you, too.
Booze and Dogs Don't Mix

Here's some sorry idiot who was arrested for forcing his dog to run alongside his motorcycle... 30 MILES TO HOME!!!

The 50-year-old Remy was arrested Monday on a misdemeanor charge of driving while intoxicated. Police say he told them he was riding home to Queens _ about 30 miles away _ with the dog leashed to the handlebars, trying to keep up.

Drunkenness is shameful behavior and it triggers people to do terrible things. Most domestic crimes involve some form of intoxication. Think about it. Get some help if this is about you.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

So, You Think Your Dog Is Too Friendly?

An Australian woman has been saved by a pet dog which leapt to her aid after she was attacked by a large kangaroo, her son has said.

This was probably a friendly dog. Just because a dog is friendly doesn't mean that it won't protect you. One of the biggest misconceptions by novices is to think that a dog needs to be "mean" or made nasty in order for the dog to protect them. Aggression is more complex than this, and making the dog a snarling monster isn't the answer.

So, why would a dog come out and rescue you? What would make that happen? Why would your dog put its life on the line for you?

Answer that, and you'll be on the right track.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Dog Dies In Hot Car

A dog died Wednesday from massive heat trauma after being left for a half hour inside a parked car. Police found the 3-year-old female French bulldog "limp and unconscious." The owner told police he left the dog unattended in his car for a half hour while inside the mall.

I checked the weather. It was between 80 to 90 degrees that day. That is super hot in Massachusetts. It doesn't take a rocket scientest to know that will kill a dog. Especially a flat faced breed such as this.

Dogs can take heat. I've seen it here in Arizona. Even bulldogs like this. There's just a way to do it and a way to not do it. Hot cars, regardless of the location, are a death trap for dogs and kids.

My rule of thumb: If you or a kid couldn't take the same heat, then your dog probably can't take that heat.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

This Is Socialism & Your Dog

A Beijing law making it illegal to keep dogs taller than 35 centimeters (1.1 foot) means that dogs such as Deng's placid Golden Retriever are outlaws and can be locked up and put down if they are intercepted by the authorities

This is what socialists do. They try to regulate everything, thinking they know better than you do how to live your life.

What is socialism's effects?

"A socialist policy is abhorrent to the British ideas of freedom. Socialism is inseparably interwoven with totalitarianism and the object worship of the state. It will prescribe for every one where they are to work, what they are to work at, where they may go and what they may say. Socialism is an attack on the right to breathe freely. No socialist system can be established without a political police. They would have to fall back on some form of Gestapo, no doubt very humanely directed in the first instance." - Winston Churchill

Sounds like we are getting a heavy dose of it these days. It is here, it is in China, it is everywhere. It is a cancer that kills the very life out of a society.

Barack Obama is the first truly socialist major party candidate we've had running for President. He's even for animal rights, which is another socialist ideology. It is just another way of controlling human behavior for the benefit of the state. In Europe, they are now so foolish as to grant human rights to monkeys. Is this the kind of government you want? I don't.

This Presidential race isn't about race. It surely isn't for me. I don't care if the next President is white, black, male, or female. It is about the future. It is about whether this country is going to choose it's own slow suicide, just like we see happening in Europe. Socialism is a false religion, it favors the state over the individual, favors control over choice, and assumes that you are an idiot that needs to be forced to conform. Ever wonder why socialists swoon over global warming, animal rights, political correctness, destruction of faith, destruction of family, destruction of anything that makes people different or unique? Ever wonder why socialist states are in a continual state of malaise? I think the answer is pretty clear.

Ask yourself, is China better off now, even with these kinds of maddening rules, or the way it was under Mao? Of course it is better off now, because the state isn't as intrusive. Would China be better off without this kind of dog law, or is it better with this kind of dog law?

Stories like the one above are evidence to anyone with half a brain why socialism is evil and destructive.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Muslims outraged at police advert featuring cute puppy sitting in policeman's hat

The advert has upset Muslims because dogs are considered ritually unclean and has sparked such anger that some shopkeepers in Dundee have refused to display the advert.

This shows how fanatical all of this is becoming. You either fight for your rights, or the whiners and complainers will take over, regardless of the issue.

Mustafa Kemal Ataturk [Atatürk](1881-1938) the founder of the Turkish Republic and its first President had it right when he created a secular government in Turkey. I am all for religion. What I am against is a theocracy. Islam hasn't had it's "Reformation", and thus, the church and state are melded in most Muslim countries. And look what that has wrought. Would you want to live in any one of those places yourself? Then why bring those values here to the West? At some point, it will take the outrageous acts of the few fanatics to change public opinion in those parts of the world. Until then, we have to speak out against this kind of intolerance. The West has found a pretty good balance on how to have religion and yet not let it create a totalitarian state. It's not perfect, and we all get upset at how it works at times, but we also accept that to have peace this will always be a thorny problem.

Oh, and by the way, dogs are NOT banned in the religion of Islam. Do a bit of research, and you'll see I'm right.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

74-Year-Old Florida Woman Mauled to Death by Her Two Dogs

I have posted about this topic before. Sometimes dogs will attack a weak member of the pack. I have seen this watching groups of dogs, when a psychologically weak dog enters the group. Sometimes, you can almost imagine a "Kick Me" sign is on the back of these dogs, because it is so predictable what is going to happen if you let them loose in an off leash area. If this woman had a stroke, or some other debilitating medical problem, it could have triggered this attack.

Since this is normal pack behavior, should the dogs have been put down? Tough question. The common sense answer would be to separate the dogs, evaluate them to see if they are normal dogs, and if they are normal, adopt them out to a new home. The emotional answer is to just kill the dogs. The legal answer is to kill the dogs to eliminate the liability. The moral answer? That's up to you to decide since humans have rightful dominion over the animals of this world, and we have to be good stewards of one another and of the animals.

It's kind of like the situation when a shark attacks a swimmer in the ocean. Or a bear or cougar attacks a person in the wild. Humans tend to go and hunt the animal down and kill it. Is this really right? I'd say no. The animal isn't abnormal. The people should be leaving it alone, unless the animal is a menace, can't be captured, and would be likely to kill or attack again. But, if you are in their domain, not in a human domain (a city, for example), then I just don't think it is right to kill the animal since that is where they live.
What's This World Coming To?

POLICE sniffer dogs trained to spot terrorists at railway stations may no longer come into contact with Muslim passengers – after complaints that it is against the suspects’ religion.

Is this insane, or what? This is a free pass for anyone who wants to commit a crime with WMD's.

Do you really think this is about religion? Or is it really an orchestrated campaign to undermine security in advance of the next terrorist attack? I'm convinced it is the latter, otherwise why would the Saudi's want MORE such dogs in their country? Wise up, you politically correct liberal fools in the West. You are being used.

Hat Tip: Atlas Shrugs blog

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A Ton Of Interesting Dog Stories

1. VIENNA TOWNSHIP, Mich. — Animal control officials in Genesee County, Michigan, apologized for mistakenly euthanizing a family's pet.

This happens more often that you might realize.

KENT, Wash. - A Kent man is furious after a dog he rescued was later euthanized by King County Animal Control.

I think some of these animal welfare groups should try taking on the animal shelters in this country. Many are poorly run, filthy, and treat dogs and their owners inhumanely. I have been appalled at some of the shelters I have visited over the years.

2. San Diego police and the county Department of Animal Services are investigating the death of a 5-year-old Belgian Malinois police dog named Forest who was found Friday in the back of his handler's squad car in Alpine, where the temperature soared to more than 100 degrees.

I question all these stories. They are like the ones where the parents leave the baby in the car all day in the sun, the baby dies, and the parents say they forgot the kid in the car. I think many of these cases, though not all of course, are purposeful and criminal.

3. Dog bites represented about one-third of all homeowners insurance claims last year, according to the study. "While the number of dog bite claims has remained about the same in the last three years, the average cost per claim continues to rise because of increased medical costs as well as the size of settlements, judgments and jury awards, which have risen well above inflation in recent years," Loretta Worters, vice president of the Insurance Information Institute

Can you say: Dog Training! Most dog bites can be prevented. Hire a professional when you get a dog.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Is Owning A Dog A Sin?

I was recently asked this question, so I figured it was a good blog topic.

The answer is "no" and "yes", depending upon the circumstances.

Fanatics see sins where there is no sin: Environmental wackos, animal rights nutcases, IslamoNazi's, some ultra-conservative Christians I have met, find the mere ownership of a dog to be a sin. Then, there are other types of people, such as drug dealers, who turn dogs into vicious killing machines, and thus, turn their ownership into something evil.

If we are talking "sin", then we should consider the religion. Clearly, Islam does allow the ownership of dogs. Similarly, you can't find anywhere in the Bible where dog ownership is considered a sin.

Consider this... what makes a person "unclean"? What makes something into a sin? Isn't it those things that corrupt the heart, and then the resulting choices people make to harm themselves or others? What is spirituality all about? It's not those things about you that make you a "sinner". It's what you do with those things that defile you. It's not clothes, or music, or makeup, certain foods, your haircut, or dogs. It's the reasons why people get certain types of these things and what they do with them, and how it harms them and others, that makes these items turn from something neutral into something "sinful", right?

You can find these types of issues affecting a variety of realms.

Gun ownership comes to mind. We've heard the saying: Guns don't kill people, people kill people. And that's true. It isn't the gun that causes the crime, it's the gun in the hands of the person, that chose to do immoral things with that gun, that makes it a crime. Otherwise, a gun in the hands of a police officer would compel the officer to murder someone, just by the virtue of having that gun touching his or her skin. That's just silly stuff. And having a dog doesn't therefore make you an evil person. Why you got that dog, and what you do with that dog, determines whether you are doing something good or bad. Is a guide dog an evil thing? No. Does owning a guide dog and using it to help you cross the street make you evil, or does it harm others, or does it offend God? No. Does owning a pit bull turn you into an evil person? No. Does being a drug dealer, and making a pit bull vicious by abuse and neglect so that it attacks an innocent person make the person evil? Yes. It's not the dog or the breed, it is why you got the dog and what you do with the dog.

So, if this question of sin bothers you, then ask yourself: why am I getting a dog? If the reason is a good, then there is no sin. If the reason is an evil one, then don't get the dog.

There is a good reason to read religious texts, because you will gain wisdom from them:

"Don't you see that nothing that enters a man from the outside can make him 'unclean'? For it doesn't go into his heart but into his stomach, and then out of his body." He went on: "What comes out of a man is what makes him 'unclean.' For from within, out of men's hearts, come evil thoughts, sexual immorality, theft, murder, adultery, greed, malice, deceit, lewdness, envy, slander, arrogance and folly. All these evils come from inside and make a man 'unclean.' " -- Mark 7:18-23

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Don't Let Busybodies Spoil Your Day

Dog day care may be the hot trend for pampered pets, but some homeowners in Crystal Lake are trying to pour water on a proposal to open one in their neighborhood, citing worries about yelps, smells and safety.

This is more about a bunch of busybodies than it is about doggie daycares. Properly run dog daycares, placed in areas that are zoned for business, are not a nuisance to the neighborhood. They are, in fact, a valuable asset to the community.

The first objection to this particular daycare is that it will be too noisy. The article says it will be located in an industrial building. Which means it isn't in a residence. The second objection is that the daycare will be smelly. Wrong. Doggie daycares aren't smelly. You can walk by any doggie daycare and you can't smell the dogs from the street. The third objection is the safety of children. This is a stupid charge since the dogs will be behind fencing in an industrial area of town. I have been training dogs at Paws to Play doggie daycare in Scottdale, AZ for nearly 2 1/2 years, so I can speak with some authority regarding this topic. Doggie daycares are an asset to any community. We have done amazing things for pet owners at Paws to Play, and I wholly endorse having a doggie daycare in your community.

This is a perfect example of what a bunch of dog haters will do in your town, if you let them. None of these "worries" are of a legimate nature. Dog haters, in my experience, are busybodies. They are meddlesome, snooping types who use the laws and the cover of being just normal folks to stir up strife and grief for others. They aren't normal. There is something wrong with THEM. You see these types at neighborhood meetings. They are the ones that get on your local homeowner's association boards, who introduce silly rules and harsh penalties to harm other people who are not really doing any harm to anyone.

Read this story and be warned. You have to fight back, and you have to fight hard. And in some communities, it is better to just move away and let them rot. In the end, sometimes the law will be on their side on a technicality, but in other cases, their arguments have no basis in fact and you can defeat their goofy agendas.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My Dog Bites Me When I Correct Him

Does this happen to you?

There is a simple answer: Stop surfing the internet and hire a dog trainer!

Most of the time, this is a result of something being wrong in your relationship with your dog. Either you're being too rough or you are spoiling your dog. In a small percentage of these cases, the dog has a medical problem, and your dog needs evaluation from a veterinarian.

The first stop on your journey, however, is to hire a professional dog trainer in your area.

Monday, June 16, 2008

So, Is Your Dog Too Friendly With Strangers?

When most people inquire of me about this topic, they are seeking to make their dogs into protection dogs, or they are asking because their dogs are nuisances and won't leave their guests alone.

Let's just put a fine point on this once and for all, eh?

Protection Dogs

First, if your dog wasn't bred to be a protection dog, then forget it. I'm talking about a police line dog, where the parents and grandparents and so on were all police or military dogs.

Second, there is a lot of hype out there regarding which breeds are the "ultimate guard dog". Sorry folks. Look at what the professionals buy and use, not what some breeder or guy selling books has to say. If you don't see the police or military using them, then your dog is the wrong breed.

Third, just because your dog is friendly doesn't mean it won't protect you. This is where novices get it all wrong. A friendly dog can also be a very protective dog in the right circumstances. Usually what novices perceive to be a protective dog is really just a fear biter or a dog that has been made vicious (and therefore completely worthless as a protection dog). A snarling, growling dog that lunges at everyone is almost always a dog that is unsuited to be a protection dog.

The Untrained Nuisance Dog

Sometimes this inquiry is from someone who has a dog that they aren't seeking to protect them at all. Instead, they have an untrained and poorly led dog that is a nuisance and a brat. The dog jumps on guests, won't leave anyone alone, and won't calm down. That's just a training problem, and a good trainer can give you ways of dealing with this without squashing your dog's spirit.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Electrocution of Dogs!

The New York Post reporter whose bullmastiff died after being jolted by electricity from a lamppost is suing the city and Con Ed. "How many more people, how many more pets, have to give their lives to make this point clear?" Denise Buffa said as she announced the legal action.

This is not a new problem in New York. There have been other pet deaths like this. Maybe it's time for Mayor Bloomberg to stop grandstanding for useless socialist legislation and fix the basics for a change. New York is broken. It is a corrupt mess, like Chicago and Los Angeles. I'm fed up, aren't you?
Barking Mad!

Owners of bed and breakfasts have been banned from keeping dogs in their kitchens under a European Union ruling that could see hundreds of family-run businesses close. Officials claim that the animals pose a potential health and safety hazard to guests' food.

Yeah. Sure. Right.

If dogs are so hazardous, then why aren't people getting deathly ill in their own homes if they own a dog? Obviously, they aren't.

Do you see why I distrust government regulation? Do you see why I advocate free enterprise, and rail against socialist and collectivist politicians and regulators? If you allow them, they will regulate every aspect of your life.

You've got to fight back.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

People Manners

What should you do if you want to bring your dog over to a friend's house, but your friend doesn't want your dog there?

Don't bring the dog.

What if you want to bring the dog over to your girlfriend's / boyfriend's / fiancé's home? What if they don't want the dog there?

Don't bring the dog... and also make sure that you don't marry someone, or move in with someone, that doesn't like dogs or doesn't want your dog around. You are just asking for a lot of trouble, and possibly a painful breakup with either your dog or that person in the end.

Not everyone likes dogs. Not everyone likes your dog. Not everyone can have a dog in their home. Not everyone can be around dogs. Not everyone should be around your dog.

Why lose a friendship or get in a fight over something like this? I bring my dogs where they are welcome.

Then again, why keep a boyfriend, girlfriend or fiancé if they don't like dogs?

If it's not your home, you don't have a right to do what you want in someone else's home. If it is going to become your home, then either get the right to have the dog or don't make a home with that person.

Monday, June 09, 2008

More On Territoriality

Here's a case where a mastiff attacked an intruder. In this case, the dog was a hero. We want our dogs to guard our property and our families. So, clearly, there's nothing wrong with a dog being territorial and attacking.

As I've said over and over again, sometimes it is OK for a dog to bite someone.
A Cautionary Lesson In Territoriality

A 33-year-old man was mauled by three dogs at a neighbor's house. Cummings went to the house, where he regularly mows the lawn, and entered a gated area of the yard. He knocked on the door to schedule a time to do yardwork, but the residents weren't home. A German shepherd mix, a pit-bull mix and a terrier mix at the house then attacked Cummings after he tried to leave the yard. Cummings managed to escape the yard and shut the gate behind him before running home, where his mother drove him to Grays Harbor Community Hospital in Aberdeen for severe injuries to his face, arms and torso.

Dogs are territorial. If you are perceived to be an UNINVITED intruder, they can attack. If the facts are as they are stated in the article, I don't blame the dogs in this case. Territoriality is a natural instinct. This guy shouldn't have entered the yard without the owners present, even if he knew the dogs.

This is why I recommend the following to all dog owners:

a. Don't leave dogs unsupervised in your yard; and if you do, recognize that they will be on patrol;
b. Know the dog bite laws in your community so you know how to defend yourself legally should an intruder enter your property;
c. Post a No Trespassing sign on your gates. Make it illegal for a non-resident to enter your property without your express permission. This might make the difference between whether you are liable or not.
d. Put a child proof lock on the gates so someone would be forced to climb into your yard to get into where the dogs are. Make it difficult to enter. Make it clear that you took steps to keep intruders out.
e. Put barriers around any "attractive nuisances" in your yard to discourage kids from climbing into your property. That means put fences around pools and trampolines. Kids are given a free legal pass to climb into your property if you have a pool that will override your "No Trespassing" sign. Make it difficult for them to do so.
f. Have a good fence around your property that is difficult to climb.
g. Have your gates spring loaded to close and lock automatically in case the gates are left open.
h. Place "Dog on Premises" signs on your gates and fences. In some cases, if you put "beware of dog" signs, then you are almost admitting you have dogs that will attack, and that might be used against you in court. So, use a more benign type of sign.
i. Use other intruder deterrent devices if you can afford them: automatic motion detector lights around the perimeter, burglar alarms, security cameras.
j. Don't get in the habit of letting workers enter your property without your express permission, and without you being present with the dogs around. I have known of workers who will act threatening to get the dogs out of their way as they enter the gates, swinging equipment on purpose, thinking they are getting the dogs to leave them alone. Many dogs will see the intruders taking a swing at them as a threat and then bite.
k. Make sure your homeowner's insurance covers dog bites so that they can defend you in case the dogs bite legally.

Not all dog bites are unjustified.