Sunday, November 13, 2011

Thinking Of Getting A Second Dog?

Here are my general recommendations when getting a second, third or fourth dog:

a.) Never get a new dog unless the dogs you already have are well trained and well mannered;
b.) Don't get a new dog if your current dog isn't good with other dogs;
c.) Don't get another dog if you aren't prepared for a LOT of work. You need to expect that the new dog will have a variety of new issues that you are unfamiliar with. House training, manners, supervision, containment, and supervision can all be harder with the new dog than it was with your current dogs;
d.) Always have a mix of males and females to limit the risk of dog fights. Ask a trainer for assistance picking the right dog for your "pack"
e.) Prepare to spend the time and money and effort needed on the new dog
f.) Get dogs of similar size and activity level
g.) Make sure you really want to do this
h.) Study breeds and make sure you are getting the right dog for your home
i.) Make sure that everyone in the home is in agreement with getting the new dog, and in agreement that they will participate in the raising of the new dog.

Friday, November 04, 2011

Holiday Time

Well, the holidays are fast approaching. People are going to be getting new puppies. And people are going to be dealing with the risks of dog problems with guests coming over. Before you do any of this, you should consult with a good local dog trainer for advice so as to head off potential problems. Just sayin'