Wednesday, February 29, 2012

High Strung Dogs

Some dogs are high strung, being nervous and easily excited. These types of dogs require special work in order to make them into good pets.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Pure Breeding Is Destroying Our Dogs

We know a lot more about genetics and inheritance than we used to 150 years ago. But, people still breed dogs as if none of that science ever happened. The current registry system for pure breeding needs to change, or we will see all our favorite breeds wrecked.

It is stupid to keep breeding the same dogs, and their relatives, to the same dogs and relatives. Such practices increase neonatal genetic mortality; reduce fertility in the adult dogs; cements genetic flaws throughout a breed; reduces immunity; perpetuates birth defects; causes unnecessary suffering; causes desirable traits to sometimes be lost; increases injurious and lethal mutations; increases the costs of dog ownership; and ultimately is transferred into heartache as people's pets suffer behavioral and medical problems.

I have no idea how to fix this problem. You'd think the AKC (American Kennel Club) would take steps to preserve its reason to exist, by promoting modern genetics to improve the lot of all purebred dogs. The primary value of pure breeding is to create a predictable dog that people want, and would spend extra to purchase, and make extra efforts to preserve and care for. But, they don't. 

Why don't the breed clubs get together and hire geneticists to devise healthy breeding programs? Every breed could benefit from this. Bad traits could be eliminated. Good temperament and health could be infused. And the resulting dogs would be better dogs. 

One reason we have so many unwanted dogs is because they don't live up to the ideal descriptions we read about. Dogs that should be healthy... are not. Dogs that are supposed to be good with kids, highly trainable, willing to please, and able to do useful tasks... are not. And there is less and less difference between the capabilities of pure bred dogs and mixed bred dogs. Human nature is such that if something is considered highly valuable, they will take greater efforts to protect that thing, whether it is a prized home, collector car, winning race horse... or dog. In my world, dog training, I find that people tend to spend more on training with pure bred dogs than mixed bred dogs. That, I believe, proves my point. Mixed bred dogs fill the shelters, seen as dogs that can be thrown away. It may not be morally right, or objectively true, but it is what people do.

I have believed for a long time that part of the solution to reducing the number of abandoned dogs is to increase the value and utility of the dogs that are bred. You don't toss away something valuable. And people desire things that are valuable, too, and don't leave them to go to waste. No race horse owner lets a million dollar horse wander the streets, get picked up by animal control to be put in a filthy shelter, to then be put down on Monday morning at 5 am.

Somehow there needs to be a change. Dog owners need to be educated to take a stand, and breeders and their organizations need to be proactive to protect the desirable traits of domestication. We give animal rights organizations and dog haters more reason to put restrictions on the ownership of dogs by allowing this mess to continue. Their arguments that too many dogs suffer are valid. Their arguments that yippy, biting, vicious, annoying dogs are making people's lives miserable are valid, too. It is too hard to find a great dog these days. It really doesn't need to be this way. 

No law will solve this problem. Not licensing laws, breeding laws, bans on pit bulls, dog bite laws, or any other thing. We need to be breeding better dogs so people will see the difference, spend more, care more, and there is once again prestige for owning a certain type of dog. All of that is being lost, and our dogs are suffering.

Domestication can be lost through random breeding, letting dogs breed unrestricted in the streets. Domestication can also be lost by the current system of pure breeding, which is slowly eliminating all the desirable traits of the dog.

Something's got to change... 

"Again, the kingdom of heaven is like unto a merchant man, seeking goodly pearls: Who, when he had found one pearl of great price, went and sold all that he had, and bought it."

Monday, February 27, 2012

How Does A Person And Dog Relationship Change Over Time?

Your relationship with your dog is going to change over the years. There's the excitement of having a new puppy, but then the growing realization that the puppy is getting out of control the longer you postpone professional training. Then there is that lull in the action in late puppyhood, around 6 to 8 months of age, where things seem to be coming together, and many people then relax their supervision... 

Only to find that adolescence comes on, and then the problems multiply. This is the time when chewing becomes real destruction, disobedience and defiance really get annoying, and that cute cuddly ball of fluff starts turning into a young adult. Later in adolescence, dogs can start getting in fights with other dogs. It is at this latter stage of adolescence where most dogs are abandoned to shelters. People give up on them. On the other hand, those folks that started their puppies our right, at 4 months of age, with ongoing socialization, diligent supervision, proper containment when unsupervised, scheduled play times, and obedience training... find that their older adolescent dogs are really starting to come together and looking and behaving great. 

Then, a dog migrates into adulthood. The untrained adult is no fun to live with, has behavioral problems, emotional issues, and baggage from being either neglected, punished, or mismanaged. The trained adult, however, becomes a true joy, the dog you always wanted. And the love and affection grow deeper as the years go on. 

Then the dog gets older, and starts needing more attention. The dog isn't as sturdy as before. Maybe some medical conditions have developed. So, you have to start looking out for them, starting at about 7 years of age. The dog is still awesome because it was trained, and you are thinking that one day, you'll probably get another dog just like that one, or you're thinking that maybe now is the time to start thinking about bringing a puppy into the home. If you get a puppy, you find that it either brings out the best in the older dog, or brings out some things you didn't realize your older dog could display: jealousy, aggression, possessiveness, even pottying in the home. So, right from the start, the smart dog owner brings in a dog trainer to get the older dog and young puppy on the same team; starts the puppy into early lessons so it doesn't bond too closely to the older dog; and gets the puppy trained as fast as possible to make the ownership a lot easier. You tend to forget how much work a puppy was. 

Then the older dog gets very old. You start feeling sorry for the older dog, and realize that the end is coming. You spend more personal time with the older dog. Some, on the other hand, don't like the older dog. They don't want to face the aging process, so they start to neglect the older dog's needs... which is actually abuse, and a betrayal of the dog. Then the older dog passes away, sometimes because you have to do it at the veterinarian's office, and sometimes because of old age. This is a hard time, and it will be sad. And you'll have all those emotions, and old memories of good times will flood back. You'll put up a few favorite pictures around the home, and quietly keep many of those intimate moments in your heart. And the puppy is now becoming an adult, and it all starts over again. 

That's how it changes. And it is all about love.

Food Possessive Dog

Why do some dogs snap at people while they are eating? It is natural for dogs to want to guard their food from potential competitors, especially if they are hungry, are highly food motivated, or both. It is not an abnormal behavior. When dogs play with a toy, you'll see them play Keep Away... they'll do it with a ball, stick, your slipper, or a bone. When a leopard kills an antelope, he will drag it up into a tree to keep it away from other predators. All of that is normal.

If you look around the internet, you will find a lot of advice out there about correcting this kind of thing. The worst advice is someone telling you that you aren't dominating your dog enough, so to lay on the assertiveness and punishment. All that is going to do is make the dog even more aggressive. Don't believe me? Try it. It is a great way to end up in the emergency room with a broken hand or deep laceration.

A good dog trainer and behaviorist can show you how to get a dog to release an object, or to manage a dog's possessiveness, without conflict and without increasing the danger of an attack.

You now have a choice. Make your dog even more aggressive, or solve the problem. It's up to you.

Please Stop With The Alpha Dog Stuff

PLEASE STOP handing out "alpha" dog advice to people. You don't know what you are talking about. You are not an experienced dog trainer or behaviorist. And if you are a charging money for this kind of thing, you should be ashamed of yourself for not learning more about dog behavior. All of you are causing a lot of harm to people and their dogs.

How Do You Find A Lost Dog?

What are the steps to find a lost dog? Who should you contact? What if you think your dog is stolen? How do you get back a runaway dog? How do you approach a loose dog?

When I Correct My Dog He Attacks Me

How do you punish a dog for misbehavior? And what do you do if a dog tries to attack you if you punish him or her? How do you correct a dog that attacks you?

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Cesar Millan’s Calm Submissive / Assertive Baloney

So, do you want to know my opinion of Cesar Millan’s methodology? Here it is:

One of the major problems experienced behaviorists have with Cesar Millan is his invention and misuse of dog terminology. His approach is based upon two assumptions. First, that you, as pack leader of your dog, should project “calm-assertive energy”, compassionate but in control. Second, that your dog should project “calm-submissive energy”, relaxed posture, ears back, and “nearly instinctual” response to commands.

Friday, February 24, 2012

No Place To Train A Dog

Longtime dog advocate Patti Strand said some counties were cracking down on commercial trainers, saying that land-use laws were unclear on the topic of commercial dog facilities.

"I think that dog training has gone on historically forever and it's only been prohibited in recent times," she said.

It is absurd to not provide zoning to allow dog training in all communities. We need a law to permit this? Seriously? It should be a no brainer.

Are You Looking For A Second Opinion About Your Dog?

Sometimes you need new ideas on dog training. You've been working with a trainer, and doing all you know to do, and you still can't solve whatever is going on. Sometimes it is worth getting a second opinion from a good dog behaviorist.

My Dogs Fight: Which One Should I Keep?

That's a very hard decision. What is the thought process? Is this the only answer with dogs that fight?

My Dog Doesn't Like Anybody

What do you do about the dog that doesn't like anybody? This is the dog that doesn't like strangers, your friends, other animals, it's family... and not even you. 

Something is seriously wrong, and the dog needs help.You are in over your head. So, what should you do?

Thursday, February 23, 2012

How To Select A Family Dog

How do you select a family dog? What if you have kids? What about protective dogs? What about hunting breeds? If you can't decide, what breed do you recommend?

Death, Grief And Loss Of Your Dog

If you have a dog that is dying, has died, or has been lost (such as run away, been stolen, or taken by someone else), the feelings of grief and depression can be overwhelming. You can feel alone, and even contemplate suicide. What can you do?

The death, grief and loss of your dog is a serious life event.

Why Do People Own Dogs?

Why do people own dogs? What value is there in owning a dog? And what about countries that ban dogs?

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

These Laws Wouldn't Have Prevented Child Being Mauled By Husky

Many dog laws are stupid. They have no relationship to whether a person is a responsible dog owner, nor do they prevent dog attacks. Recently, a 3 year old was mauled by the family's Husky. So now, what is going to happen?

  1. If the dog had a license, would the child not be injured today?
  2. If the dog had a current rabies vaccine, would the child not have been attacked?
  3. And if the dog had no prior history of aggression, how would the mom be able to predict that this dog would maul her child?

This is the kind of immoral, stupid, reactionary things that animal control and politicians do to cover their fleshy behinds so the finger isn't pointed at them. It is what they do when they don't have a better plan for dealing with tragedies. The fact is, there is NO law that can prevent all tragedies, including this kind. Yes, kids shouldn't be left unsupervised with any dog. Yes, laws should be obeyed. But, none of that would have prevented this or any future such tragedies. Now, the situation is made even worse by government idiots.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

House Training And Dog Abuse

One of the leading triggers for dog abuse is potty training accidents. I have met a number of dogs, including small puppies, that were severely beaten by their owners because the dog urinated or defecated in the home.

When you get a dog, get training. Get it early. For house training, get the training even before you get the dog. 

Beating a dog is a criminal offense. You have no excuse for that kind of childish behavior.

I Shouldn't Have To Take Care Of Your Dog

What are the legal, moral and social obligations you have for taking care of someone else's dog? What if the dog is in your care, custody or control? What if the person is breaking the law? When should you involve rescue? And when should you make it your problem... or your dog? When is it wrong to say: I shouldn't have to take care of your dog... 

Antisocial Personality Disorder And Cruelty To Animals

Why would a person viciously abuse a dog? What is that all about? And what should you do about it?

There are some people that take pleasure in abusing animals. And they do it callously, without remorse, and will do it again even if they have been sent to prison for it in the past.

There is a growing body of evidence that shows incidents of severe animal cruelty are committed by psychopaths. Antisocial Personality Disorder is linked with animal cruelty.

Children And Strange Dogs

How many articles do we read each year about children being bitten by strange dogs? It happens regularly, in every country throughout the globe. Why do we see so many dog bites, but not hear about raccoons, birds, wolves, squirrels, and so forth? I think part of the reason is because wild animals try to stay away from those that they don't know, especially humans. Wild animals are free, not on leashes, not in back yards, not hanging around to be petted or teased. The same can't be said about dogs. Dogs are forced to be in situations where they might encounter people they don't know, and that includes children. 

Now, think about how you feel when someone you don't know comes over and touches you? I know how I feel about it: uncomfortable. If you live long enough, you experience a lot of weird stuff dealing with strangers... such as the time I was shopping for a magazine, and a man walked up to me and rubbed himself on me as he walked on by. I was furious. I felt like punching him out. Instead, I got away from the situation. Or, the times I have been in public, and a small child has come up to me, wrapped their arms around my leg, and given me a hug. I'm not talking about kids I knew, which would have been fine. I love kids. But, kids I didn't know. It is not at all a comfortable thing, not knowing what a parent is going to say or do as their kid is grappling with your leg. It makes me very uncomfortable. My point is,  that humans don't like being touched by people they haven't greeted and given permission to touch them. Animals are the same way, including dogs. Worse, dogs often have no way of getting away from these situations. They get cornered by someone they don't know, they are offended and often fearful of what is happening, so they bite the kid. 

Kids are also not as wary of strangers as adults. So, kids will go up and greet weirdos on the street if you let them, especially small children will do this. Parents have to keep an eagle eye out for small children in public places. Similarly, kids have little aversion to going up and grabbing, touching, hugging, kissing, chasing and sometimes hitting strange dogs. This isn't the kind of behavior adults would do, but kids will do it. So, obviously, we need to teach kids to "mind their manners" and not approach strangers and strange dogs. But also, we need to supervise them because they are going to do things that no amount of training is going to fix... they are just too young to "get it", or to have the same aversion to touching other people or animals. 

All this boils down to parental responsibility. Kids are kids. We don't let them drink, drive, enter the military, or get married... for obvious reasons. They are not self controlled and they lack the wisdom that comes from experience and maturity. So, we have to do the job for them.

I know there are articles out there on teaching kids how to be safe with dogs. But, kids can't read dog behavior very well. They aren't programmed to do it. Even adults get bitten by dogs because they don't know how to read dog behavior. I think a certain amount of training works with kids, but the bulk of the problem resides in whether the kid was properly supervised BY AN ADULT. In addition, pet owners need to be wiser regarding their dogs. They need to recognize that dogs often don't want to be touched by someone they don't know. There is a greeting process that all animals engage in, including humans. Dogs do it their way. We need to be there to monitor interactions, to know our dog's propensities, and to prevent or end the interactions if they aren't going well. I also think that you shouldn't ever let some strange kid pet your dog without their parent being present to give consent and to supervise the kid in the process. Yes, dogs need socialization with kids, especially when they are puppies, but even that won't prevent all of these dog biting incidents.

Parents: you need to take part of the blame when your kid is bitten. Where were you and why did you let it happen? And if you can't be there, then you shouldn't let your kid be in places where they can go over and interact with a dog they don't know.

Dog owners: the same applies to you... you are part of the blame. Why did you let a stranger pet your dog, do you know your dog, were you supervising at the time, and why didn't you get your dog out of that situation? And if you can't be there, then your dog shouldn't be able to make contact with a child.

What Kind Of Sick Jerk Disposes Of A Dog In A Dumpster?

This kind of thing is profoundly cruel, and if they find the person that did it, deserves a year in prison. It is important to crack down on animal abuse. Don't tell me that people don't know what they are doing when this kind of thing happens. They do. And if they did it if they were intoxicated... well, what do we do with drunk drivers when they hurt others? We lock them up. There needs to be strong penalties for this kind of thing to deter others, and also to remove these types of people from the rest of us.

Just think: this was a 4 to 5 month old puppy.

Dogs And Cults

Ok, this is sick, as far as I'm concerned.

It appears this was part of a cult ritual: "Officials say they found books on witchcraft and the occult, as well as marijuana, a gun, and various knives and machetes"

I think anyone who is involved in the ritual, cult killing of animals like this not only needs a very long time in prison, but lifetime psychological monitoring. 

I used to live in Seattle. There are lots of cults there. They are into strange things, and they are sometimes dangerous.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Cheap Dog Training

Are you looking for some cheap dog training? What is the least expensive way to get a dog trained? How can you save money when training a dog with behavioral problems, or if the dog needs obedience lessons?

Looking For A Protection / K9 Trainer?

My recommendation is to contact Armin Winkler. His web page is 

I trained with him for 2 years. He is absolutely excellent. If you are looking for a protection, military, police, KNPV, Schutzhund, or Ring Sport dog, he's the one to contact. He knows all the protection breeds: Airedale, Beauceron, Belgian Malinois, Belgian Shepherds, Bouvier, Boxer, Bullmastiff, Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Dalmatian, Doberman, Dutch Shepherd, Giant and Standard Schnauzer, German Shepherd Dog, German Wirehaired Pointer, Great Dane, Hovawart, Rottweiler or other similar breeds.  

He is an expert in behavior, obedience, tracking, and protection. If you are looking for that kind of training, he is the one to contact. He is known for being a no nonsense type of expert, and if you want an honest opinion, he will give it. His email is 

And here is some more specific information on what he can do for you regarding K9 Protection dogs.

LOGAN'S RUN: More Dog Licensing BS

So, California is banning people from playing Frisbee on the beach, and charging a $1,000 fine if you do. Dogs are also being banned, and warnings are going out because of "leash law" violations. Of course, the side effect is to have officers out there giving out citations and also (surprise!) doing checks to see if the dogs out there are licensed... so they can get MORE REVENUE FOR THE GOVERNMENT. There are multiple reasons why laws are passed. But, many times the hidden reason is to raise more tax dollars for politicians to waste on their political friends.

California is a financial mess. I would pack up my family and my dog and move. Your dog is going to be more and more of a target for money for the state. 

California is going the route of Logan's Run
Electric Fencing Has Limitations

Here is a dog that escaped from his "electric fence" (probably a hidden buried wire surround the property with an electric collar on the dog that senses when the dog is near the boundary) and the dog got stuck in frozen mud. I warn people that such fencing is not completely reliable. I have seen many dogs escape using such a system. Such "hidden fence" systems have their role, but they can't prevent all escapes and they can't prevent animals or people coming into your yard and attacking your dog. 
Using Dogs To Find Dead Bodies

Cadaver dogs are a less well known service dog. They are used to find dead bodies, often buried underground, hidden in debris (such as after the 9/11 collapse of the World Trade Center) or submerged in water. 
More Than 500 Dogs Seized From North Carolina Puppy Mills

Here is another raid on a puppy mill in North Carolina. So, new legislation is being proposed. This will NOT solve the puppy mill problem. The breeding will go, and has been going, south of the border to Mexico. The problem is that buyers need to be educated about how to properly buy a purebred dog... from a hobby breeder, committed and involved in the breed, active with breed clubs and someone with years of experience and lots of credible accomplishments and references. Pet store dogs are often puppy mill dogs. And they cost as much or more, and will be less healthy and trainable, than higher quality dogs from hobby breeders. New laws will just make this problem worse. Do you think dogs bred in Mexico will have a better life than dogs bred in North Carolina? I bet the conditions will be even worse and even more dogs will die horrible deaths on the way to pet stores.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Should These Guys Get Back These Puppies?

A couple of guys were arrested for having 43 puppies in the back of their car, transporting them to pet stores. The judge said it was a "clear case" of animal cruelty... but still gave them back the puppies!


The article says the dogs were on their way to be sold at pet stores. LESSON: Don't buy dogs from pet stores. Every ethical pet professional says this, but stupid people still do. I won't even walk into pet stores that sell dogs. Only buy purebred dogs from reputable, hobby breeders who are long time members of recognized breed clubs... people and dogs you can check out by getting references.

Otherwise, you get more of this kind of thing. Imagine stuffing 43 dogs into a vehicle. Read the link. See if you agree with me... I think the judge was either an idiot or the law is such that he couldn't do more, or both.
My Puppy Is Developing Phobias

If you have a dog of any age developing phobias, you need to hire a professional dog behaviorist. You are in over your head, and you won't find the answers on the internet. You can't do this yourself.
My Dog Was Attacked

If your dog was attacked by another dog, it isn't unusual for your dog to stop being as friendly or trusting of other dogs in the future. Traumatic experiences are not forgotten. Thus, it is important to try and prevent dog attacks. But, if your dog has been attacked, most of the time, it isn't the end of the world. A good dog behaviorist can oftentimes put your dog on a program to overcome what happened. It doesn't always work if the attack was bad enough. That's because all higher animals have defenses which cause them to learn from bad experiences. But, it is surely worth trying. Just remember all of those pit fighting dogs that get rehabilitated...
My Kids Won't Take Care Of The Dog

Kids are kids. Just like they need to learn to do chores responsibly and with a good attitude, kids need to also be involved in properly raising the family dog.

This is a parenting issue. Go watch some episodes of World's Strictest Parents. If you are failing in this area, then you are failing in other areas of your parenting. It's not about the dogs. It is about what kinds of people you are training your kids to become as adults. 
Should Fearful Dogs Go For Walks?

Yes and no. Yes, fearful dogs need more socialization. No, you shouldn't go for walks if the dog gets more and more fearful. If a fearful dog isn't getting less fearful on walks, you need to hire a behaviorist to help you. Something is wrong and you are now in over your head.
Can I Use An Electric Collar To Stop My Dog From Whining?

A short answer: No

The noises a dog makes are a result of how a dog feels. If you don't change how the dog feels, you can't change how the dog "talks". It is inhumane to use electric collars without expert assistance. They have their role in advanced obedience work (such as an advanced dog being trained to obey 200 yards away), but not for basic obedience and not for most types of manners problems (such as whining). 

Dogs whine because they are in distress, needing comfort. Adding to their discomfort by correcting them will only make the situation worse. You might minimize the whining some, but the problem will leak out somewhere else, including creating new neurotic behaviors or even health problems. This would be true even if you aren't using an electric collar. It is just as inhumane to correct a dog with any other technique for whining. You need to find out why the dog is soliciting care or comfort. The dog is saying it is in an impossible situation and needs help.
My Doberman Didn't Defend Me

It is hard to say why a dog doesn't defend its master without knowing more about the dog, the owner, their relationship, the relationship the dog had with the attacker, and the situation. But, here are some thoughts:

Dogs that don't come from proven protection lines (meaning, the parents, grandparents, etc. all have been service police or military dogs) are not going to be as reliable in a fight. It is almost impossible to find a Doberman doing police work these days. They have evolved into being pets and watchdogs.

Owners can mess up a dog's ability to protect by how the handle the dog. If the owner doesn't trigger the dog's protective instincts, the dog won't attack. 

The relationship between the dog and owner matter. If the dog has a bad relationship with the owner, why should the dog protect the owner? Dogs that are kept isolated in the back yard aren't going to be as bonded to their owners. Dogs that are abused won't be as bonded to their owners. The dog has to have a stake in the survival of the owner. That can only come through developing a good, healthy relationship between the dog and owner. 

Dogs will also not attack some types of people. If the dog has a good bond with the attacker, then the dog is going to be less likely to attack. If the dog has no bond with the attacker, then the dog is more likely to attack. If you have a stalker, it isn't going to help you if the dog loves the stalker. 

Lastly, the situation matters. Aggression is only going to be triggered if the right stimuli are present to cause the dog to do aggressive behaviors: territorial intrusion, threat to a pack member, etc. Those same situations that would cause a wolf to fight another wolf or predator are the same situations that would cause a dog to fight a person. If the dog can't perceive those stimuli, because of its breed or the situation isn't something that would trigger an aggressive response, the dog won't protect you.

So, that is it in a nutshell. 

I Have A Timid Puppy, What Should I Do?

Some puppies are timid, some are not. If you have a timid puppy, it is important to realize that all bad experiences will be magnified in your puppy's mind. So, it is important to refine your approach to socialization, supervision, containment, puppy manners, and puppy obedience. You can't proceed as you would with any other dog. 

There are ways to work around the timidity, to increase your pup's confidence and work towards a happy, confident adult dog. Clumsy, ham handed, harsh or stupid training methods will make a potentially great dog into a mess.

You really don't know enough about this kind of dog. You need to hire a professional behaviorist to help you lay out a plan that will work. 
My Puppy Is Still Having Accidents. Why?

It can be quite puzzling to figure out why a dog is still peeing and pooping in the house. House training can be hard for many people. I really think that when you are having these kinds of issues, it is a waste of time to look for answers on the internet. You'll get a lot of conflicting information, and the problem will keep going on. You have to remember there are a lot of flakes out there writing dog training garbage on the internet. You'll find something that sounds right to you, but is wrong for your dog. And you'll make the problem even worse.

If your dog is having accidents in the home, then it is time to hire a professional dog trainer and get it sorted out. 
How Do You Kill A Dog And Not Get Caught? You Don't

If you're searching the internet for ways to kill a dog and not get caught, it is important to realize that you are looking into how to commit a crime, or you are trying to find out who killed your dog.

I'm always amazed at the skills of trained police detectives. People think they have committed the perfect crime, and the police still get the person and they go to prison. The ways of finding you are endless. Just by doing a search like this on the internet, they now have your IP Address, and all it would take is a search of your internet provider's database (and yes, they keep permanent records), and you are now implicated in the crime. Yes, THE SEARCH YOU MADE HAS NOW BEEN RECORDED BY YOUR INTERNET SERVICE PROVIDER... and with the anti-terror laws on the books, you are now in a database that can and will be accessed by the police.

So, if you're the one thinking of killing a dog... you just left damning evidence that can't be erased. You are already one step closer to being in prison. I have only two suggestions: 

1. STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING. There are other ways of legally dealing with a dog problem. If the owner is breaking the law, then use legal means to deal with the situation. That is what the law is for. If what they are doing doesn't break any rule or law, then it isn't your business. Move on. No one likes a busybody. And this can be turned back on you, because now you are in the database and anyone that finds you did this kind of search can blackmail you. 

2. IF YOU DO DECIDE TO KILL THE DOG... then prepare to go to prison. Dog laws get tougher every year, and more people are being locked up than ever before. They WILL get you. You are willfully doing something wrong, and no one is going to be merciful when it all comes out in the local newspaper. By the way, did you know that over 85% of all marriages end after someone is convicted of a crime? And you'll lose custody of your kids. You'll lose your home and all your wealth. You'll lose your freedom. You'll not get a decent job again for the rest of your life. And I hope you like what happens in prison when you bend over to pick up the soap you dropped in the shower.

If you suspect someone has killed your dog, then go to the police. Don't just file a report, press for an investigation, let your neighbors know, put up fliers, ask everyone what they saw that day or the days leading up to the incident. If you know you have a neighbor that hates your dog, then put up surveillance cameras. Heck, you could even buy those wildlife cameras that they attach to trees which have motion detectors, post them around your place, and catch them in the act. 

Also, don't forget these kinds of things are often premeditated. People search the internet for ideas on how to commit these types of crimes. Get the internet search records for your neighborhood. Tell the police to get a search warrant and find the criminal that did it. 

Any good detective can find someone if they are motivated enough. You can make sure the person that injured or killed your dog is found, prosecuted, sent to prison, and then has penalties that follow them the rest of their lives. You can make their lives a living hell.
TV Anchor Bitten On The Face: UPDATE

I'm sure you are aware of the Dogo Argentino that bit the news anchor in the face. The dog was let loose in a park, it fell into icy water and had to be rescued. The dog was then put on TV, and at the end of the newscast, the female reporter put her face into the face of the dog and she was severely bitten. Almost all dog experts said that the footage showed the dog under stress during that interview, and that you don't put your face into the face of any dog you don't know. 

No dog is going to be totally relaxed after a life threatening experience. It takes time, even months, to get over a traumatic experience. 

The dog is going home, but now the owner is being charged with letting his dog run loose illegally (which seems to me to be a fair charge) and for letting his dog bite someone (which is also a fair charge in some ways, and not in others). The dog shouldn't have been allowed to run loose in those circumstances. Regarding the bite, a dog owner is responsible for reading his dog and supervising all contact with others. The TV anchor also provoked the attack by doing what you shouldn't do with a dog, which I think nullifies the part about the owner being responsible. Let's say a drunk driver hits your car, you are thrown from the car and you die in the accident. The drunk driver usually won't be charged for vehicular manslaughter because he can reasonably argue that if you had been wearing your seatbelt, you would have survived the accident. So, yes, the owner of the dog should have taken steps to prevent the dog bite, but this TV anchor also did a stupid thing that provoked the bite. Similarly, if I am walking down the street with my dog and I sense my dog doesn't like you, I will try to increase the space between myself and you. But, if you run over and grab my dog, and my dog bites you, then it was your fault. I had a similar incident years ago. I was sitting on a park bench with my dog, enjoying the sun. A woman came running up behind us, saying "oooh, a DOBERMAN!!!" Next thing I know she has my dog's face cupped in her hands and she's kissing him on the lips!!! She had a Doberman as a kid, and so she saw her dog in mine. She was very fortunate my dog didn't take off her face. I was shocked. 

So, I think this tragedy is now going overboard. This dog and guy have had enough. Charge him for having his dog loose, but he shouldn't be charged for the dog bite.
Dog Kills Baby

I always recommend that people not leave kids and dogs alone unsupervised. Kids under 10 years of age should not be alone with larger mammals, whether that be horses, pigs, llamas, cattle... or dogs. We live in a Disneyfied world where we think dogs are like the cartoon characters we see in Lady and the Tramp. Sorry, that's not the real world. If you lived on a ranch, you'd keep your kids safe from the ranch animals, supervising both, training both.

On the other hand, I wouldn't get paranoid about owning a dog if I had kids. But some common sense needs to apply. There are ways of educating yourself about dog and kid safety. You have a responsibility to be a knowledgeable dog owner if you have a kid, or your dog will be interacting with kids. NO one knows why this dog killed this baby. It's a tragedy but not much more is known. I don't blame the parents, they didn't know either. But, let's make sure others are aware that dogs are still canines, and not humans. So, they have different behavioral patterns than humans.

THERE WAS ANOTHER INFANT KILLED IN A SIMILAR WAY in Beaver, Pennsylvania. Same kind of set up. The 2 day infant was left alone and died. This was also a Husky, like the first story. This isn't about dog breed, however, it is about dog and kid safety.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Man Stabs Puppy To Death Because He Couldn't Afford Medical Care?

So, how does 6 + years in prison sound? Sounds good to me. We have to enforce animal cruelty laws in this country. We have seen that people who are cruel to animals can also be cruel to people. I don't know what this guy's issues are, and I really don't care. My solution? Lock him up and throw away the key. I don't see how any rational, good person can stab a puppy multiple times because the dog has worms. How could anyone try and make that argument to a court, and think that would be sufficient as a defense?
It Might Have Been Funny In "National Lampoon's Vacation", But It Is A Crime

A man apparently dragged his dog behind his vehicle. He may now face criminal charges. He says it was an accident. It looks like the police think he's not telling the truth. 

I always wonder about those cases where people leave their kids or dogs in the car to roast to death, or these kinds of situations. I think in some cases, it was probably intentional. In others, maybe not. I don't know what the situation is here, but if the charges are true, then this should deserve prison time and psychological monitoring. 
Are There Fun Things You Can Do With Your Untrained Dog?

What can you do with an untrained dog? Untrained dogs still need to have a good day, to enjoy life, exercise, play and so forth. Here are some great ideas!
Dogs Are Killed In Crimes

Dogs are regularly the victims of crimes... but it is often not reported. Dogs DO try to protect their families. Criminals DO kill dogs while committing their crimes. Police DO kill dogs, on purpose, when doing raids. This is a story that must be told.
Drunk Driver Kills Himself And His Dog

Dogs are killed in auto accidents all the time. It just isn't reported in the news. Dogs are injured in cars and trucks all the time, too, because they aren't seat belted inside the vehicle. Dogs get flipped off the back of pickup trucks, and get broken bones being slammed around the back of trucks and SUVs. Don't drink and drive. Don't drive with a dog if the dog isn't seatbelted inside the vehicle, as you should be.
Dog Licensing - What They Say, And Then The Real Reason

Dog licensing is a joke. It does nothing to promote human or animal welfare or safety. It is about raising tax dollars, funding things that the government shouldn't be doing in the first place. Note that the cost of the licensing was costing more than the revenues being taken in!!! It's all to fund bureaucracies, and no politician likes losing revenue, even if the cost of getting it makes no sense.

They should have repealed the licensing. It does nothing to reduce rabies... in fact where is there a rabies problem? Only in third world countries where dogs are roaming in packs with no owners. Not in developed countries.
Killing Your Neighbor Over Dog Poop?

I tell people all the time: don't irritate others with your dog. There are people out there that you an enrage. They might kill your dog. They might kill you. 

When I take my dog any place, a hotel, park, walk... anywhere, I try to be as inconspicuous as possible. I've met too many wackos out there when with my dogs over the years. I know of one man that had to call the cops because when he walked by a certain house, the neighbor would come out onto the front porch with a rifle. 

It's no joke.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I Do Not Believe In Dog Licensing

Here is the story of a man that has been jailed for not having his dog licensed. Yes, he broke the law. Yes, he should obey the law. But, should there be dog licensing laws?

Is this what dog licenses are for? Animal control should be about animal welfare and human safety. Whether a dog is licensed or not doesn't prove responsible dog ownership, or that the dog is being humanely cared for, or that the dog is going to be safe around people or other animals. Yes, animal control needs funding, but most dogs are unlicensed because the people don't believe in it. It is time to rethink animal control's function, and separate it from animal sheltering (which should be done by no kill private non profits, which do it better).

Advocates will say that dog licensing reduces animal attacks. That is false. Animal attacks can NEVER be cured by writing a law. You can't do behavior modification on a dog by passing a law. You can't make a dog come when called by passing a law, you can't make it stop peeing on your carpet by passing a law, and you can't make it get along with other dogs or people by passing a law. Dog licensing also doesn't make people treat their dogs any differently.

I have a problem with some types of laws that encourage the state to raise more tax dollars by issuing tickets. For example, California is broken... and broke. And so are most of its cities. So, they have ridiculously raised fines and then sent the police out there to issue tickets to raise tax dollars. I know of someone that was pulled over for driving ON THE HIGHWAY for having her radio on "too loud". Now, I also hate those boom boxes people put in their cars which hurt your ears. But, this wasn't that kind of radio, nor was it that loud. So, they got a ticket for hundreds of dollars. And there is no way you are getting out of those because the system is rigged: they want your money. So, instead of funding the police as they should (from the general fund), this corrupts the legal system by passing useless laws and giving cops an incentive to issue tickets in order to keep their jobs. None of which promotes public safety, which is the primary purpose of the police. Los Angeles has a horrible gang violence problem. We all know that. But, instead, they have the cops out there issuing tickets for radios playing in cars whizzing down the highway. And the same is true for animal control in some places around the country. These guys have police powers. The shelters are full of dogs in government owned facilities that are being gassed, injected or electrocuted every day of every week. Tens of thousands of dogs die every day in the US in these places. Dog licensing has done nothing to reduce this problem, nor has it done a thing about public safety or animal welfare in general.

Almost no one gets a license for their cat. In the article, they admitted that only a third of people license their dogs. Yet in some cities, they have animal control going door to door issuing tickets for animals that are not being abused, are not being a danger to anyone, and everyone knows that. In other cities, they have used the licenses to locate pit bulls, seized the dogs, and put them to death. How would you like your innocent dog put on a list so that if some politician thinks it is time for your dog to die, they know where to find you? Don't forget, it isn't just pit bulls that get banned. There have been bans on Akitas, Rottweilers, Huskies, Greyhounds, German Shepherd Dogs, Dobermans, and other breeds and their mixes. So, even your mutt is at risk. So, the public is voting with their pocketbooks and not getting licenses. In this story, they used the lack of a dog license to arrest and jail this guy. It wasn't even about the dog at all. Is that what you want dog licensing laws for? This is not a winning issue if put to the ballot, and I think that is necessary.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

What Are A Dog's Basic Needs?

What are a dog's basic needs? What must a dog have? And if you can't provide these basics, should you own a dog?
Can You Train A Dog Too Much?

Is it possible to train a dog too much? What about puppies? What about certain breeds? What about old dogs?

Monday, February 13, 2012

The Most Popular Dog Breeds

What are the most popular dog breeds? What is my experience and opinion of each of these breeds? What about buying one? What about training? What about the pros and cons? What about health issues?

Sunday, February 12, 2012

I'm Afraid Of My Puppy

Are you afraid of your puppy? And if so, what should you do if your puppy is fearful, aggressive, won't bond, plays too rough, is of a certain breed that makes you uncomfortable, bratty, or you are new to owning a dog?
How Do You Turn A Bad Dog Into A Good Dog?

So, you have a bad dog. How do you turn it into a good dog? Is it even possible? Are there specific instructions? 

Friday, February 10, 2012

I Should Never Have Gotten A Puppy

If you are having second thoughts about getting a dog, what should you do? What decisions need to be made. What if I keep the dog? What If I decide to not keep the dog? 

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Should I Spay Or Neuter My Dog?

Most animal welfare advocates promote spaying female and neutering male dogs. First, because most people don't want to breed any puppies. Second, because they have been told that dogs will be less likely to have future health problems such as cancer. Third, they do it because they've been told the dogs will have fewer behavioral problems. And lastly, because they have either been made to fix their dogs by the breeder, shelter, or convinced by their veterinarians.

So, what should you do? Here is my opinion...

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

I'm Embarrassed To Take My Dog To Training Classes

Do you dread taking your dog to classes? Is your dog out of control? Do you see yourself as uncoordinated? Maybe the other people in class aren't being very nice. Maybe the trainer is a real jerk. What should you do?
What To Do When Your Dog Doesn't Like A Family Member?

What do you do when your dog doesn't like your son, daughter, mom, dad, grandmother, grandfather, aunt, uncle, cousin or friend? Is it always the people? Is it always the dog? What if the dog is dangerously aggressive? What do you do?

Monday, February 06, 2012

Pit Bull Training

What do you need to know about training one of the bully breeds: pit bull, American Stafforshire Terrier, Stafforshire Bull Terrier, Bullterrier, Dogo Argentino, Cane Corso, Bullmastiff, Presa Canario, etc? 

Friday, February 03, 2012

A Dog Trainer For Kids

Are you getting a dog for your child, and looking for a dog trainer to work with your child? What things should you consider? What will that program entail? What kinds of risks should you be prepared to accept?

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Help! My Dog Won't Obey!

What do you do with a dog that won't listen? Won't come, sit, down, heel? Is a brat? Is destructive, barks too much, gets in trouble? Won't obey you? What is the answer?

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

I Shouldn't Have Purchased A Dog

What do you do if you think that maybe you made a mistake and shouldn't have purchased a dog? Where do you go from here? Is it ok to sell the dog? Or give it back? What about shelters and rescue groups?
I Want To Hurt My Dog

Are you worried about your temper? Are you worried that you have this desire to hurt your dog or someone else's dog? How do you get help? What should you do so that you don't hurt your dog? 
Why Have A Dog That Never Gets Attention?

What do you do about dogs that are unloved and neglected? Are you doing that to your dog? Do you know someone who is neglecting their dog, leaving them year after year in the back yard, in a shed, garage, or even in the home with no love and no care? It is cruel. And often a crime. Do something about it: TODAY! 
House Sitting Dogs For Friends

Are you considering house sitting your friend's dogs? Have you thought through what you need to know, the risks, and so forth. Yes, you can make a few extra bucks and help out a friend, but it might not be something you should do.