Monday, December 18, 2006

Merry Christmas!

Sorry for not posting for a while. My family has experienced a personal tragedy that has taken up most of the past month. You just never know when life is going to deal you a blow. Then, you find out who your friends are and what you are made of. You also discover who professes to be a good person, and who really are good people. My faith in God has been the only thing that has held me together over this difficult time. When all else fails, at least He hears you and you can read your Bible for answers. And those answers and His grace are sufficient.

Phil 4:6-7

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

Please keep me and my family in your prayers. God will do the rest.

-- Sam

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

China's Absurd Dog Slaughter

Days after the Chinese government announced a crackdown on dogs in the capital, dog lovers here are quietly walking their pets after midnight and avoiding nosy neighbors. They're also fighting back. A campaign to protect people from a sharp rise in rabies cases led officials to announce last week that they would limit each household to one dog and ban dogs taller than 14 inches. Since then, pet owners have expressed resentment, as well as fear about what might happen to their animals.

Now, let's just think on this a minute. China says they have a rabies problem. So, they are banning the ownership a.) of more than one dog per household; and b.) of dogs taller than 14 inches.

So, explain to me:

1.) How does limiting the number of dogs in a household limit the spread of rabies?

2.) Why are big dogs more likely to spread rabies than small dogs?

This thing is absolutely absurd. There is more going on here than rabies. Rabies is the excuse, but not the reason. This is about control of the population through terror. This is a reminder to everyone that the leadership isn't to be messed with. Just like that mass murdering butcher, Mao. This is all a lie to preserve a brutal authoritarian government.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Are You Prepared For The Holidays?

Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, New Year’s eve, and New Year’s Day are almost upon us. Are you ready?

Think on this. How well behaved is your dog around family and guests? Will your dog run out the front door? Is your dog dangerous with other animals or with strangers? Will your dog listen to you and your family? And what if you are leaving town… have you made plans for your dog?

It is almost too late to make preparations, unless you really start putting in some effort today. You should be making plans NOW for your dog for this holiday season!


First, I know many of you now need a Tune Up for your dog, or you have postponed training altogether. This time of year is one of the worst for animal accidents… dog biting incidents, poisoning on holiday foods, run away dogs, etc. If you have postponed training, you can do private lessons and get most of the training in before everything comes falling down on you. Further, many of you have time off during this season, and now have time to work with your dog. It is much better to be prepared, in advance of guests arriving, than having to deal with a dog emergency.


If you have a friendly dog, are leaving town, or having guests, I recommend that you enroll your dog at a doggie daycare for the day, or board your dog overnight. For an example of a good doggie daycare, check out Paws To Play (located at 7312 E Thomas Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85251; (480) 966-9267; ). At a full service doogie daycare, you can expect to be able to purchase all of the following services: doggie daycare, boarding, board and train, private lessons, group lessons, grooming, and dog related products for sale.

Doggie daycare is only for dogs that are friendly with strangers and other dogs. A good doggie daycare offers specialized training for dogs that aren’t sociable, but that has to be resolved before boarding. Holidays can be dangerous times for dogs, and having your dog professionally managed and supervised could actually save your dog’s life. In addition, your dog will come back calmer and more obedient.

Be sure to get what you pay for! At a true"doggie daycare", your dog ISN'T isolated in a kennel most of the day. Your dog will be in supervised play groups, and rotated through a variety of indoor and outdoor play areas, featuring wading pools and playground equipment, throughout the day. The staff will also spend some individual time with each dog, and even address minor behavioral issues for you (the big stuff requires working with a professional trainer). Your dog will come home calmer, happier, and easier to manage. Plus, you can have the peace of mind knowing your dog is being well cared for, and you can sign up to have your dog trained by professionals.


I have a customer who has been out of the country for three weeks. We completed Basic Obedience I a couple of months ago with her two dogs. She then proceeded to do Basic Obedience II, which refines the dog’s skills, especially off leash. After all that effort, she didn’t want to let her dogs get rusty on their obedience work. One dog started out having a biting problem. The other would only listen if you have a piece of food to offer. Today, those dogs are both friendly and obedient. My customer signed up for a Board and Train Program while she has been out of town. So, every day, I have personally trained her two dogs at Paws To Play doggie daycare. I am extremely excited about her coming home this Thursday, because I want to show her how much progress her dogs have made.

For example, we have been working on Tandem Heeling. “Heel” is an obedience command which means for the dog to walk at your left side, and to sit at your left side when you stop, on or off leash. Tandem Heeling is where you teach TWO dogs to walk at your left side, to sit simultaneously at your left side when you stop walking, on or off leash. One of this customer’s original problems was that she found it impossible to take her dogs for a walk. One dog wasn’t good with strangers or other dogs. The other was just so big, strong, friendly, and disrespectful that he’d drag her down the street. That has now been solved, and she’s going to be amazed at how easy these dogs can now be walked together. And we worked on other skills, too.

Board and Train is a good option for people who just don’t have the time to work with their dogs, or for people who are boarding their dogs and want their dogs to come back more obedient, and to ensure their dogs had more activities to do. That’s not to say that doggie daycare isn’t a great thing. But, an untrained dog isn’t any fun to live with. And we can brush up on your dog’s obedience while you are away. Just be sure to check out the place before letting someone train your dog. I have heard of some seriously abusive training programs. You must make sure it is with someone you can trust.


So, please think on this. Set up lessons NOW. And call professionals in your area to set up grooming, doggie daycare, and/or boarding. Get your dog trained, and make sure your dog is in a safe and fun environment while you are enjoying the holidays. Besides, if you do need to leave town, you had better book your reservations now, because if you wait to the last minute, you will probably be out of luck.

Sam Basso

Monday, November 13, 2006

Safety Precautions

A man trying to save a dog being pulled into a stump grinder was caught in the machine and killed, authorities said. Robert J. Wagner, 25, and his friend, John Santilli, of Port St. Lucie, were using the grinder while at a hunting camp in the River Ranch area about 9:40 a.m. Sunday, said Polk County sheriff's spokeswoman Donna Wood. Santilli's dog got entangled when the animal's leash got caught in the machine, Wood said.

It should be common sense that you keep dogs away from dangerous equipment when in use: fireplaces, lawn mowers, ovens, drills, saws, hammers, hatchets and axes, stump grinders, heavy equipment, etc. You have to use the same kinds of precautions you would with a small child.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Fighting Back, Even In China

IN an echo of the days when Chairman Mao denounced his foes as “running dogs”, hundreds of angry pet owners confronted the police in Beijing yesterday in a protest against the regime’s new “one-dog policy”. Eighteen people were arrested in noisy scuffles as about 500 dog owners gathered in a rare unauthorised demonstration near Beijing Zoo. Several of the middle-class protesters wore badges that read “stop the killing” and waved furry stuffed toys in the hope of softening the hearts of the riot police and plain-clothes security men who surrounded them.

Yesterday’s protest was sparked by police raids on an area of luxury villas. According to the state news agency, Xinhua, the security forces discovered six “large unlicensed dogs” in the dragnet. It did not disclose their fate. Elsewhere, residents have reported seeing policemen beating dogs to death in the street. Only dogs shorter than 14 inches are allowed. “Mastiffs, dobermans, saint bernards and great danes are banned,” Xinhua said, along with any dog considered “dangerous”.

People love their dogs. Start killing them, and you'll get a backlash. The Dog Haters have caused the banning and killing of many innocent dogs in this country, such as in Denver, CO. I'm not advocating civil disobedience. I'm not for breaking the law. I'm for changing the hearts and minds of the people, making them aware of the tragedy around them, and changing these inhumane laws and practices. Breed specific laws are cruel and unnecessary.

Monday, November 06, 2006


Are you aware that a number of candidates, in local, state and national elections, are pro-animal rights? Do you want your right to own a dog taken away? Then make sure the people in office support your right to own a dog.

When you live in a free country, the only way to preserve those freedoms is to elect good people.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Random Thoughts

Are you going to vote? If so, then you should consider voting for candidates that are "pro-dog". I have linked to a number of dog advocacy groups (look at the sidebar). Some will have recommendations and analysis of the candidates, initiatives and issues involved. You should vote PRO DOG.

OH, by the way, is your dog trained and well behaved? If not, then you should find a good trainer and hire them.

Have a fun weekend!


Friday, October 27, 2006

Oxygen Masks For Pets?

The Seattle Fire Department has purchased five sets of respirator masks designed to help revive pets after house fires. "I've been to a lot of house fires where people are really begging you to save their pets," said Jen Bessler, a Seattle firefighter who got the idea from a fire station in San Mateo, CA.

It is about time. There is no reason to not try to save pets from smoke inhalation. In fact, many pets do all they can to save the lives of their owners when they detect a fire in the home. We owe them to make sure they live, too. Does your local fire department have such masks?

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Boater Saves Drowning Dog

Tigger was apparently thrown from Diane and Richard Beckman's boat on their way from Key Largo to Marathon, Fla. They said once they realized Tigger was missing from their boat, they searched for him for more than two hours. "We went back and forth, back and forth," Diane told the paper. "Finally we just gave up, because we thought he couldn't have survived in the water for that long. I was just heartbroken. "

Another boater found Tigger and dropped him off at a local pet shelter. Because he had name tags on his collar, the shelter was able to contact the owners.

Diane was elated when she got home and listened to her messages. She went quickly to pick up Tigger. "He was so terrified. As soon as he realized it was me, he jumped in my arms and wouldn't let go," Diane told the paper. "Please tell dog owners not to take their dog out on a boat without a life jacket," Diane said. "Mine had a happy ending, but most don't."

The dog was found so far out that land wasn't even visible.

You can bet this isn't the first time something like this has happened. If you have a dog and a boat, you MUST teach the dog to not get off the boat without permission, have a supervision plan, and make sure the dog can't get off the boat when left unsupervised. And, yes, I think a life jacket is a good idea.

Monday, October 23, 2006

I Received This From SAOVA

Dear SAOVA Friends,

With only two weeks before the November 7, 2006 election, Democratic control of the House of Representatives in 2007 appears assured. Astute political observers may argue over individual House race outcomes, but most have turned to the Senate contests. Six Senate seats must change hands for the Democratic Party to gain control there. GOP losses in Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Montana are expected and widely predicted. If the Democrats can win one of three very close races in the Upper South states of Missouri, Tennessee or Virginia, a 50-50 tie will result. Power could be shared, as it was for five months in 2001, until Senator James Jeffords (I-VT) left the GOP to break that 50-50 deadlock. Two wins will leave Democrats in control of both chambers.

What would this mean for sportsmen and animal owners?

We’ll absolutely have to refight old battles that we won in the past. The PACs of the largest animal rightist (AR), anti-hunting organization, Humane Society of the U.S. (HSUS) and its allies (see have endorsed over 600 supportive politicians at the federal and state levels. If many of these endorsed candidates are true AR believers and they take office, the anti zealots will unquestionably reintroduce anti-hunting, pet, livestock and medical research bills that previously failed to become federal law. AR activity in many states continues to intensify. Half of the endorsements are local ones.

The Sportsmen's and Animal Owners' Voting Alliance’s (SAOVA) website at has been updated to include many new AR endorsements. Significant changes were made to the AZ, CA, CO, IL, MI, MN, NC, NJ, NM, NY, OH, OK, PA, TN, VA and WI state pages since our last message to you. Additional resource links to supportive animal owner groups have also been added.

While every vote counts, both in polling places and on the legislative floor, there are sixteen races where *SAOVA endorsees* are in head-to-head contests with animal rightist endorsees,

MO Senate *Talent (R)* v. McCaskill (D)

CA11 *Pombo (R)* v. McNerney (D)

CT2 Simmons (R) v. *Courtney (D)*

IA5 *King (R)* v. Shulte (D)

IL17 *Zinga (R)* v. Hare (D)

KY4 Davis (R) v. *Lucas (D)*

MI7 *Walberg (R)* v. Reiner (D)

MI9 *Knollenberg (R)* v. Skinner (D)

MI15 *Dingell (D)* v. Smith (I)

OH6 *Blasdel (R)* v. Wilson (D)

NC11 *Taylor (R)* v. Shuler (D)

NJ5 *Garrett (R)* v. Aronsohn (D)

NM1 *Wilson (R)* v. Madrid (D)

TN5 *Cooper (D)* v. Welsch (I)

VA6 *Goodlatte (R)* v. Pryor (I)

WI5 *Sensenbrenner (R)* v. Kennedy (D)

If your vote, or that someone you know, can be cast to support a SAOVA endorsed candidate against the anti zealots that wish to impose their distorted beliefs on the rest of America, please be sure to vote and encourage others to do so. Take your friends and neighbors to the polls on November 7th. The stakes are huge.

Voters need to read the ballot measures very carefully this year. There are important pro and con issues to be decided. Vote for the best candidates, but also take the time to study the entire ballot and make good decisions throughout.

Arizona Voters- Vote NO on Proposition 204.This is an animal rightist effort to force changes in livestock farming that no reputable agriculture or veterinary group supports.

Colorado Voters- Vote NO on Amendment 38. Amendment 38 strips current fraud and misrepresentation safeguards from ballot measures.

Florida Voters- Vote YES on Amendment 3. Amendment 3 will increase voter requirements for laws by petition that bypass the legislature.

Georgia Voters- Vote YES on Constitutional Amendment 2. Amendment 2 will protect Georgia citizens right to hunt and fish.

Michigan Voters- Vote YES on Proposal 3. Proposal 3 will permit Michigan’s dove hunting season to continue.

SAOVA's reviews are single interest efforts. We make no pretense of evaluating candidates' positions on taxes, education, social security, medical care, national security, gun control or social issues. To the degree that hunting, fishing, livestock farming and pet ownership are important to you, we offer these election candidate analyses to be combined with other, personal considerations to determine your vote. Please register and VOTE! Thank you.


Bob Kane
Sportsmen's and Animal Owners' Voting Alliance -
Working to identify and elect supportive legislators
Visit our new website at

OK, so what do all of you think about this? I am clearly concerned about animal rights supporters or sympathizers being elected to office. What do you recommend?

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


A Janesville couple is charged with neglecting their 44 Siberian husky dogs. A criminal complaint says Jerry Talley told a Rock County sheriff's deputy that conditions in his home had gotten so filthy that he slept outside in a tent when the weather was good. Talley, 46, and his 42-year-old ex-wife, Michelle Talley, are charged with obstructing and failing to provide proper shelter, food and water for the dogs. They have a court appearance scheduled for Oct. 25.

I would suspect that more is going on here than just animal neglect. I know of someone who is a "hoarder", and this person needs help. I don't know if that is what is going on here in this news story. But, if it is, hoarding is a major problem and the people involved need help from their families and the community.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

War Dog Is Honored

A statue of a hero dog that became mascot to the Free Norwegian Forces during World War II has been unveiled. British and Norwegian naval officers have gathered in the coastal Angus town of Montrose to immortalise the story of Bamse the St Bernard. The dog, who died more than 60 years ago, has already been honoured with the animal equivalent of the George Cross. The £50,000 bronze memorial was unveiled by Prince Andrew in front of hundreds of spectators. Bamse, a crew member on board the Norwegian minesweeper Thorudd, became a hero when the vessel was stationed in Montrose and Dundee during the war. His legendary exploits included saving a young lieutenant who was set upon by a knifeman and rescuing a sailor who fell overboard.

Truly a hero. Yet, there are animal rights wackos who don't believe dogs should be used for any kind of service work at all. We just can't let their types determine the fate of dog ownership.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Yeah, Right...

Go over to and read their post about certified animal behaviorists... and you can read my comments, too.

Don't waste your money or time on these so-called experts. I've been generally underwhelmed by their expertise.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

So, Someone Doesn't Like Your Dog

A Muslim minicab driver refused to take a blind passenger because her guide dog was "unclean". Abdul Rasheed Majekodumni told Jane Vernon she could not get into his car with the dog because of his religion. Islamic tradition warns Muslims against contact with dogs because they are seen as impure.

I guess I figure if someone is offended at my dog, then I should let them be. I'm not here to make people believe the way I do. That is what is wrong with this world these days, people trying to impose their world view on others. Persuasion... different thing. That is legitimate discourse. But, forcing someone to accept what I believe? Totally wrong. I feel this woman should have let this man go on and flagged another cab. Why give offense? Be an example to others. Do unto others, eh? I try to make sure my dog is not offensive to other people, with training, supervision, containment, and socialization. Then, I get comments like: I don't like dogs... BUT I LIKE YOUR DOG. That builds bridges.

Monday, October 09, 2006

What A Morning...

I woke up this morning with a dog drinking water out of the toilet. I hate that. And I put a stop to it immediately. I don't let my dogs do that kind of thing. I think it is unsanitary. I really don't want a dog dripping toilet water from its muzzle coming up to greet me. I'm surprised how many people think nothing of that.

Then, I read how North Korea has detonated a nuke. And then I wonder if what I do every day matters. What is responsible dog ownership in relation to the dangers of nuclear war? I am very curious as to what the world response will be, especially China, Japan, and the US. Forget about Europe. Like usual, they won't do a thing. All this world turmoil is so similar to what I have read about the 1930's. I have no doubt we are heading for a major world war. Something horrible is coming.

If I am right, then people won't think much about dogs. They will be thinking of their own survival.

Friday, October 06, 2006

A Dangerous Dog? No Way!

A RETIRED nurse was left covered in blood after she had a finger bitten to the bone by a dog while doing a neighbourly deed. Vera Hall, 61, of Wheatcroft, Cheshunt, was posting a note through the door of a nearby house when a hound inside sank its teeth into her right index finger, which was poking through the letterbox. "It was pouring with blood everywhere. I'm an epileptic and I nearly had a fit." She added: "The dog made no noise before or after. It's a Staffordshire bull terrier." A Hertfordshire police spokeswoman said that, although officers initially attended, the case had been referred to Broxbourne Council's dangerous dogs co-ordinator.

So, this _____ (choose your word) puts her finger in a door and gets bitten by a dog. The case is then being referred as a dangerous dog issue. Unbelievable. Do something stupid like this, and expect to be bitten. This dog is NOT dangerous and this woman took risks she should have known were foolish. The dog is not at fault here, nor is the owner of the dog. It is also irrelevant what breed was involved in this biting incident. And I resent the sympathy ploy, claiming this dog caused her to risk a seizure... she caused her own problems. This is a clear case of a dog defending its property. This dog felt this woman was trespassing on its master's property, and did what any good dog would do: Defend its master. This was a justified bite, regardless of what the law says.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Explain This To Me...

A PET dog was killed after falling 400ft over a cliff... at the base of Huntcliff near Saltburn. The incident began earlier in the afternoon when a couple were walking their labrador, Jake, along the cliff top. The dog fell nearly 400ft down and the owners contacted Cleveland Police who in turn contacted Humber Coastguard.

Was this dog off leash? And if so, what kind of idiot walks a dog off leash near a 400 foot cliff?!

I saw a lady walking her yellow Lab the other day, off leash, along a busy road. I don't care how well your dog is trained. That is just stupid.
So, What Do All These Stories Have In Common?

1.) A Rottweiler dug his way out of a pen and mauled a toddler before the dog was shot to death by sheriff's deputies. Two-year-old Julius Graham wandered into the yard next to his grandparents' house Tuesday when he was met by the dog. "He got excited and the dog reacted," said Nina Estrada, a cousin of the boy's mother. The boy later died

2.) A six-year-old girl was recovering in hospital yesterday after being tossed around "like a rag doll" by a pit bull terrier in a savage attack. The dog turned on Tyla Cole as she arrived with her father, Marcus, at a friend's house on the way to a christening on Sunday. Initially, the American pit bull looked pleased to see them and was wagging its tail. But moments later, the dog attacked.

3.) A CONCERNED mum is calling for the law to be changed after her young daughter was savaged by a rottweiler. Six-year-old Alicia Duff and her mum Lisa are now waiting for the wounds to heal before hearing from surgeons about possible plastic surgery to the youngster's severely injured arm. The frightened child, who attends St Joseph's First School in Ombersley Way, Droitwich, was rushed to the accident and emergency department of Worcestershire Royal Hospital after the dog bit her arm on Sunday, September 17. According to her mum, Alicia had been told that the dog was safe to stroke before it lashed out. The incident happened when she went to a nearby house to call for another youngster of the same age.

While these are all tragic incidents…. I see no indication that anyone knew that these dogs would bite.

Not all dog bite incidents are the result of the fault of the owner. Dogs are animals, without morals and without human judgment. They do what they do sometimes, and you don’t always know why. AND THERE IS NO LAW YOU CAN PASS THAT CAN PREVENT THESE TYPES OF INCIDENTS.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

You Oughta Be In Pictures!

Stage mothers for a Rottweiler and other dogs have sued a company called Hollywood Paws for failing to turn their pooches into stars. More than a dozen pet owners contend the company collected tens of thousands of dollars but never delivered on promises to get film and television auditions for their pets.

"I lost a lot of money," said Rachel Armstrong, owner of Goliath the Rottweiler.

Armstrong said she believed her dog had the "cool" factor that would get him into music videos and paid nearly $2,000 to Hollywood Paws LLC for training.

All she got was a rejection from "The Tyra Banks Show."

Hollywood Paws offers training in such media skills as getting a pooch or cat to crawl, freeze or scratch on command. On its Web site, the company warns: "Completing these courses won't guarantee that your house pet will become a screen pet." The business also has a talent agency and bills itself as "a way to effectively link animal actors and studio trainers with professionals in the entertainment industry looking for new talent."

Well, there has to be a lot more to becoming a famous media star than just doing a few pet tricks and signing with a talent agency, right? At least, I'd want some evidence that a.) there was a demand for my kind of pet; b.) my dog was suitable as a TV personality; and c.) the agency I was working with had a track record for getting work for these pooches. Maybe all this is legit, or maybe not. Anyone out there know?

Monday, October 02, 2006

Police Officer Kills Dog

A dog died after Omaha police responded to an intrusion alarm near 31st and Larimore streets around 1:30 Sunday morning. While officers were at the home a dog charged one of the officers and the officer in turn shot and killed the dog, said Officer Andrew Passo. "I heard gun shots, I look outside my window and saw cop cars 15 to 20 deep. What I think was a person in my yard that was shot.. Actually was my dog in a fenced-in gate, which I paid $9,000 for my dog to be able to run around legally" said Kerwin Andersen, the dog's owner.

These are tough cases. The police need to be allowed to catch criminals. So, we allow them to engage in high speed chases, which sometimes cause horrific accidents, killing innocent people. And likewise, we allow the police to chase criminals, and if a dog gets in the way, the police are allowed to kill the dog in self defense.

I am hoping this police department, and all police departments, have clear rules for when the killing of a dog is allowed. I'm betting most police departments don't have a written policy on such things, allowing them to kill dogs in situations that wouldn't be considered justified. In this case, however, if they were responding to an intrusion alarm, and went to the appropriate address, then I'd side with the police. But, the owner should be compensated for the loss and given a new dog, or cash settlement. If the alarm was faulty, then the alarm company should be the one to give the owner a new dog, or cash settlement.

By the way, this is another good example why dogs should NOT be left unsupervised in your yard. They can't protect you from anything out there, they are vulnerable to being killed, or they can harm someone or another animal. Dogs should be in the home at night, with their owners. Dogs should not be left outside in the yard unattended for long periods of time. If that is impossible (and there are only a handful of good reasons for keeping pet dogs outside unsupervised for long periods of time), then they need to be housed in a properly constructed home kennel, or left with a professional boarding / daycare facility. The role of the guard dog is obsolete.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Oh Canada... You Make Me Ill

From Rosenblog... an interesting post. Now, our kids are going to be indoctrinated in Canada to be animal rights wackos.

Is there any insane cause that isn't embraced by the "enlightened" Leftists?

Just for the record, you don't have free speech in Canada. You can be prosecuted for saying things that aren't politically correct. But, tell kids that they are the same thing as a cockroach... well, that is something to be praised, and even given government funding!

Check this out...

In this post-modern age, religion effectively encompasses moral crusaders in thrall to the high priests and priestesses of animal rights. The Vancouver Sun reports that the "social justice" course about which I earlier blogged must now, according to the urgings of a Vancouver Humane Society representative, also ventilate the tyranny of humans over animals because something called "speciesism" is alleged to be the moral equivalent of racism and sexism. Cows, pigs and chickens, you see, are not only subjugated cruelly by human animals. They aso lack parity with preferred domestic species such as cats and dogs. This despite the occasional unguent tale of a legally victorious, condo-dwelling potbellied pig.
Tethered Dog Mauls Young Boy

The parents of a little boy who survived being mauled by a Rottweiler said today that it was sheer luck the two-year-old survived.

Little Harvey Lawrence sustained deep wounds to his face and body after being attacked at the home of his paternal grandmother...

What happened here? Well, we have a clue from the article...

It had been tethered but lunged at Harvey after he stepped out of Mrs Lawrence's car as they returned home for lunch before heading to the beach.

The rottweiler has since been destroyed through agreement with the owner.

It is NEVER a good idea to leave a dog tethered in a yard. If you research dog attacks, you will find many of them happen when dogs are tethered as a way of containing them in the yard. It makes the dogs hyper-territorial, and it makes the dog feel cornered.

Tethering can also allow the build up of frustration aggression. If the dog was taunted, or not given sufficient exercise, previous to the attack, then that pent up emotional energy would then be directed at the first thing that gave the dog a way to vent that frustration. A frustrated dog then has a higher propensity to attack in an unnatural way.

This might have been why this little boy was attacked. This is why I advocate using a home kennel, if you are going to leave the dog outside while you are away. The dog is safe and the dog isn't conditioned to attack those that approach.
Scent Detection Dogs: Pirated DVDs!

On Tuesday, the Motion Picture Assn. of America showed off Lucky and Flo, a pair of playful, 2-year-old black Labrador retrievers with noses trained to zero in on DVDs, including the pirated kind.

During a briefing at the MPAA's headquarters, Lucky and Flo took turns sniffing out DVDs hidden in a box.

"They tend to be cheaper than most employees and they don't demand raises all the time," said John Malcolm, the MPAA's director of worldwide anti-piracy operations.

Still, the first ever DVD-sniffing dogs didn't come that cheap. The MPAA spent about $9,000 on each to train them over eight months. But the group said that was a small price compared with losses from pirated DVDs, estimated by the industry at $11.1 billion in 2005.

This is seriously amazing. Who would have thought you could do this kind of thing with a dog?

I freely admit, even with all my experience, I still learn new things about dogs all the time.

Sorry I've not been blogging lately. Life has been pretty busy, and I just haven't been able to do it properly. Now, I'm back and I'll be posting again.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Help Rottweiler Owners Fight Against Breed Specific Legislation

The American Rottweiler Club, Inc (ARC) has stepped up and is taking action to fight against some of the more distressing anti-dog legislation and policies that are sweeping the country.

ARC is hereby setting forth a challenge to any dog club in the United States, be it conformation or working, to do their share by becoming pro-active in protecting the right to freely own and maintain breeds of choice. Here is the official challenge:

ARC will supply ALL materials at NO cost to any event-giving Club willing to donate a table/booth and a volunteer to anti-dog legislation for one or more dog shows, including but not limited to the loan of a 2 X 8' heavy duty, vinyl banner for display, full color brochures to be used as handouts, and if needed a self contained/running audio/video that can be used as a backdrop. All shipping/mailing fees will be prepaid. The subjects of anti-dog legislation included in the educational material are:
1. Certain forms of mandatory spay and neuter:
2. The reasons to fear the term guardian:
3. Breed specific legislation:
4. Prohibitions against ear-cropping and tail-docking: and 5. Insurance discrimination against homeowners, based on breed.

The only action that ARC will require from any club participating in this event will be to obtain and place a jar or can on the table for donations to help maintain this as a free project. ARC will include 'wraps' for such jar or can at no charge. All proceeds will be returned to ARC to be utilized in the fight against anti-dog legislation and policies.

Various products are also available at a minimal cost if the Club wishes to sell merchandise to further the ARC educational efforts.
Additional information is available on request via contact information below.

1. How far in advance must the club request to participate?

2. What if the banner gets damaged during shipment or use?

3. How many brochures will be sent to each club?

4. Will someone be available to volunteer?

5. We are holding a specialty and our club creates exhibitor packets, can we use the brochures in this manner?

6. What if we run out of brochures during our event?

7. What if we did not use all of the brochures?

8. We have decided to sell merchandise at the table, what kind of merchandise to you have available.

9. Our club wishes to become more active in our area, can we have our own fund raising merchandise at the legislative educational table?

10. Where do we send the money to that we collected for ARC's legislative fund?

11. Does the ARC have any additional information available?

Contact for additional information and reserving your banner and brochures is; SUZI FAULKNER at:

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Eugenics Wars (Part 2)

CLASS ASSIGNMENT: Check this out, and tell me what you think of this philosophy and discuss how the animal rights philosophy compares and contrasts with the proponents of eugenics.

"An internationally known Princeton "bioethicist" and animal-rights activist says he'd kill disabled babies if it were in the "best interests" of the family, because he sees no distinction in the child's life whether it is born or not, and the world already allows abortion... Singer's support for legalized euthanasia and his endorsement of killing the disabled for up to 28 days after birth also sparked protests against his hiring in 1999 by Princeton, a university founded by the Presbyterian denomination."

I contend that the animal rights philosophy is morally bankrupt, is anti-nature, and is inhumane.

Take a look at the proponents of animal rights and see who they are and their entire philosophy on life.

I am all for ANIMAL WELFARE. But, this stuff... I think it is amoral fanaticism. What do you think?

Saturday, September 02, 2006

House Training

Many of you have pups or dogs that aren't house trained.

I believe that potty training is one of the most important lessons you can teach your dog. Besides, it is no fun having a dog that urinates or defecates in the home.

If you are having trouble house training your dog, or you don't know how, then you should immediately hire a professional trainer to help you out.

This is why I took 6 months last year to write a 95 page house training book, called "100% House Trained". The books I had seen and the training I had witnessed just wasn't good enough. And I had seen people make tons of mistakes, too.

Harsh and stupid methods abound in house training. Doing that stuff will not only cause your dog to fail in his or her house training, it will harm your relationship with your dog.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Hire A Professional Dog Trainer!

I'm starting to see an alarming number of dogs becoming aggressive. The causes?

First, people are buying into the idea of "all positive" training. All positive training means never correcting a dog, only giving it treats for desired behaviors. Sounds great... These folks like to talk about "cruelty free" training... meaning no corrections.

The result? Bratty and sometimes dangerous dogs. This politically correct thing about not giving dogs pack leadership is harming more and more dogs.

Second, I'm seeing people trying to implement the same type of training that Cesar Millan does on his TV show, The Dog Whisperer. Just in the past month, I've met two people who were bitten pretty good on the forearm by alpha rolling their dogs. One was a Welsh Terrier, the other a Chow. That stuff is for professionals, not do it yourselfers. People are being bitten when trying to implement the "alpha roll" technique. If you watch his show or read his materials, he says that you shouldn't be doing any of his stuff without the supervision of a professional dog trainer.

So, hey guys, quit being cheapskates and hire a real dog trainer if you want your dog to turn out properly. For some dogs, doing it yourself will end up causing someone to get seriously hurt.


I have been having difficulties making new posts to this blog for the past couple of weeks. Fore example, Blogger for Word no longer seems to work. Weird. I guess they are upgrading the blogger site, so when that happens, then I expect to merge this blog into it. So, sorry for the lag in posting lately.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Is The Puppy Purse Animal Abuse?

It's the ultimate fashion accessory for people who "love their dogs a bit too much."

Imported from the United States, these colourful and stylish "doggie bags" enable devoted dog owners to carry their puppies and little pooches wherever they go.

Designed to be "lightweight" with an adjustable strap, the "Puppy Purse" is exactly as it sounds.

I find these "pooch pouches" to be completely obscene. If you look at the photos of these types of devices, how can a dog breathe properly? "Teacup" dogs, especially, are known to have fragile internal organs. What about the dog's circulatory system? And what about exercise? And what about having to urinate or defecate? What about learning to walk on a loose leash and obeying? What is the justification for using such a thing? How can this be healthy?

In my opinion, anyone who would do this doesn't deserve to have a dog. Is this animal cruelty? I’d want a veterinarian opinion on such a device before I’d make that determination here. But, if it is, I would advocate arresting, fining and jailing anyone who would subject their dog to such a device.

This fashion thing started with Paris Hilton, who I think is a terrible role model.

Fashion trends are no excuse for animal abuse.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Presa Canario Mauls Woman To Death

In a ferocious attack never before seen in Broward County, a powerful, pit-bull-like dog mauled its owner to death Friday afternoon as she tried to give him a bath.

Here is a family dog attacking the owner's girlfriend. There are some clues in the story to tell us what happened. Assuming this story is accurate, here is my opinion of what was going on:

a.) Willey -- who has been cited in the past for having dangerous dogs. So, these owners had warnings about owning dangerous dogs. They had problems with more than one dog. And they own more than one dog.
b.) The dog was of a breed called Presa Canario, akin to a pit bull. They had a powerful breed, which is marketed as being a guard breed.
c.) The two officers who arrived at 3:25 p.m. saw the dog standing over her bloodied body. It was ''acting aggressively'' and they shot and killed the animal. This was a very personal attack by the dog. This was aggression with intent, and the dog knew what it was doing.
d.) Neighbors on Friday in this well-heeled neighborhood said warning signs had appeared in the past. The owners had allowed their dogs to threaten other people.
e.) Rafi Horwitz, 19, said a friend of his came over recently and gasped: ``I just got chased by two dogs.'' Willey had been walking a dog the day before and was struggling to maintain control over the canine, said neighbor Clemente Vaslo, 47. ''She had him on a leash but he was clearly having his way,'' he said. In other words, the dog wasn't under her control. The dog wasn't trained. She couldn't lead or manage the dog.
f.) In 2000, she was charged with having a dog at large, according to Hillsborough County court records. A dog ''threatened [a] witness into the house,'' records show. So, she had a history of having no control over her dogs.
g.) Willey also has a son in middle school. One neighbor, who declined to give his name, said the son had cautioned against playing with the dogs because ``they are mean.'' So, the family knew the dogs were challenging them in their own home!

Here is a perfect example of why you should train your dogs to obey. When you don’t have control over a dog, and that includes leadership over a dog, especially a large breed known for being protective, then you will endanger others, yourself, and your family. And to you "all positive", clicker training folks, or those of you who baby your dogs: this is what happens when you figure that you can train a dog without any rules, boundaries or leadership. This dog clearly got all it wanted in life, and it ended up killing someone.

Just because you think it would be cool to have a certain breed of dog, doesn’t mean you are going to be able to handle it on your own without professional training.

I get emails from people all the time telling me that they are having behavioral problems with a dog, but don’t see the need to train the dog.

In fact, these are the types who don't know a thing about dog behavior, but when it comes down to them having to work with the dog, they would rather either blame the dog, or tell me how they think the dog should be trained.

Check out this email I received last week:

"Hello, We got this puppy at eight weeks old he is now 7 months old. This is what I am noticing about him (my husband doesn’t think it's that bad). He sometimes growls when you try to put him in is cage. He sometimes tires to jump up and bite the kids when they are fighting they are 10 and 16 years old. When we took him to the kennel when we went on vacation they said he tried to bite them the first night and then he was fine (maybe he was scared)? The one girl actually said she was going to miss our dog. Sometimes when you are in the yard with him he tries to jump up and bite your hand (my husband thinks he just playing) I don't know if he is or not. He has showed his teeth to me and he doesn't like you to touch his feet at all especially trying to cut his nails. He is a little dog, Boston Terrier mix. He can be such a loving dog also he cuddles with you , but there is a side that can be mean. My husband doesn’t see it or doesn’t want to see it. I don't know what to do. My husband doesn’t think we should get rid of him. What do you think?"

I told her: "This can all be sorted out in obedience classes. There is no good reason to get rid of the dog. This is a problem created by not training your dog… it is your fault, not the dog’s."

Then, she responded: "There's only one problem with what you are saying, we had a dog before this one for 11 years who passed away last year and he never went to obedience class and he never did any of these things. Can you explain that?"

Just because you have owned a dog doesn't mean you know what you are doing with ALL dogs. This pup of theirs is heading down the wrong path. Training can and would fix this. Imagine such a person, letting a powerful breed of dog head down this path. You'd get the horrifying story you read about above.

MORAL OF THE STORY: All dogs need dog training. If you are too cheap, foolish or lazy to train the dog, then do us all a favor, don't get a dog.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Olympic National Park: REVERSE THE DOG BAN!

Olympic National Park is getting a new management plan that will set a course for the park over the next 20 years.

The public is asked to comment on whether the park should continue to be managed as it is today; whether to place greater emphasis on preserving the park as a wild ecosystem; or to increase development for visitors and tourism.

National Park managers have extended the public comment period on the plan, as well as scheduled a public hearing on it in Seattle.

The hearing is scheduled for 5 to 8 p.m. Thursday at Seattle REI, 222 Yale Ave. N.

To review the plan, go online to Or, to request a printed or CD version of the document call 360-565-3004.

Copies also are available at the Seattle Public Library and at the University of Washington Library.

The public-comment period is open through Sept. 30.

Dogs are banned from our National Parks. I think you should write them and tell them that you want dogs allowed in the parks. They cause no harm at all.

Be prepared for the timid, politically correct letter back saying how dogs upset the “wilderness experience” for some people. In other words, Dog Haters are preventing you, the taxpayer, from using parks that you paid for, and should have every right to use.

Just remember, native Americans had pet dogs in these parks long before the European and Russians arrived on the West coast. So, dogs ARE a part of the natural habitat of that area.

Dolphins and Whales... Just Animals After All

Dolphins and whales are dumber than goldfish and don't have the know-how to match a rat, new research from South Africa shows.

For years, humans have assumed the large brains of dolphins meant the mammals were highly intelligent.

Paul Manger from Johannesburg's University of the Witwatersrand, however, says it is not intelligence that created the dolphin super-brain -- it's the cold.

To survive underwater, these warm-blooded animals developed brains that have a lot of insulating material -- called glia -- but not too many neurons, the gray stuff that counts for reasoned thinking.

The same goes for whales because they share the dolphins' brain composition, he said.

Uh Oh, another animal rights propaganda myth bites the dust. The argument has been that since these animals have brains as large as ours, they are really just some kind of fish people, equal to us in every way. Bah! This was then used as a way of enacting draconian animal rights legislation all around the world. Remember that Star Trek episode where they saved the whales? Even though I am a Star Trek fan, this kind of pseudo-science has been used to bludgeon pet owners all over the world.

Why can’t we be satisfied that an animal is just an animal, and that is OK? Is this just a way for those who want “something more” to invent their own gods, because they don’t want to accept that God really exists? I think so.

Friday, August 04, 2006

ANOTHER Mass Slaughter Of Dogs In China?

SHANGHAI, China — A second Chinese city plans a mass dog slaughter to control a rabies outbreak, state media said Friday, days after a similar cull in which dogs were beaten to death prompted a torrent of criticism.

Officials in the eastern city of Jining said Thursday they would kill all dogs within three miles of areas where rabies had been found, the official Xinhua News Agency said.

The measure came in response to the deaths of 16 people from rabies in Jining in the last eight months, Xinhua said. It didn't say when the cull would begin or how the animals would be killed. It said the city had about 500,000 dogs.

Rabies cases are on the rise in China, with more than 2,000 people dying from the disease each year. Only 3 percent of the country's dogs are vaccinated against rabies.

So, let me get this straight… China is going to do ANOTHER mass slaughter of dogs to control rabies, when all they’d have to do is vaccinate the dogs? And how bad is this problem? In a country of over a billion people, they only have 2,000 deaths per year as a result of rabies? So, they figure that to save the 2,000 per year, they need to kill off entire cities full of dogs? This makes no economic sense... but then again, when have Communists ever understood economics?

There is more going on here than meets the eye. Did you notice, last week, that people went out and CLUBBED THEIR OWN DOGS TO DEATH? This sure smells bad. Wouldn’t you have to be COERCED to beat your own dog to death? I know I wouldn't do it voluntarily.

C’mon, folks.

This is why a closed and regulated media is bad for public policy. You don’t get the straight story, and a lot of bad things can be covered up.

Here’s the other weird thing, they were paying people about $.60 per dog as compensation. Now, figure this… if they were to purchase rabies vaccinations for all these dogs, how much do you think each shot would cost? Probably no more than this amount. And do you really think that killing off all these dogs will stop the rabies problems? This whole thing is completely inhumane and should be stopped immediately.

SHAME ON YOU, CHINA!!! You know better!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

We Haven't Won Yet...

Have we won our fight against the Dog Haters? No, not yet.

Have we convinced the public that pit bulls are not inherently vicious? No, not yet…

But, a hint of sanity has appeared in the mainstream media (LA Times) today…

No one is suggesting that pit bulls have replaced the Chihuahua as the new "it" dog — at least not until Paris Hilton gets one. And county statistics show that the biggest concentrations of licensed pit bulls are in Compton and Lancaster, not Malibu or Beverly Hills. But trainers and animal shelter staffers and rescuers see a trend: increasing adoptions by families, professionals and others willing to attempt to raise a civilized pit bull.

Many who own or rescue pit bulls want to rehabilitate the image of a breed they believe has been unfairly maligned.

"I would say we're trying to restore the image," said Donna Reynolds, 44, who lives in Oakland. She and her husband rescue pit bulls and run a website, , that seeks to dispel the belief that pit bulls are vicious and unmanageable. Reynolds says a pit bull is "an exceptional family pet…. People who tend to believe they're scary have been educated by the media.

"I say, 'Have you hung out or met a dog you consider to be a true American pit bull?' 'No, I haven't, but my neighbor has one chained out in the backyard.' Well, any dog chained in the backyard is going to be mean."

Cesar Millan, the famed "Dog Whisperer" who has his own show on the National Geographic cable channel, says pit bulls, like all the power breeds, can be trained through exercise and discipline.

He keeps pit bulls in his resident pack at his South L.A.-based Dog Psychology Center, which is part dog camp, part rehab center.

"My kids are around pit bulls every day," said Millan, who believes the dogs have been unfairly stigmatized. "In the '70s they blame Dobermans, in the '80s they blame German shepherds, in the '90s they blame the Rottweiler, now they blame the pit bull."

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Mass Slaughter Of Dogs In China... Again

A county in south-west China has ordered all 50,546 dogs to be killed to fight a rabies outbreak which has killed three people, state media says.

It has taken five days, but authorities in Mouding County in south-west China say they have killed almost all of the 50,000 dogs in the area.

Some of the dogs were clubbed to death in the street as their owners watched.

Other dog owners took matters into their own hands, poisoning or electrocuting their pets.

They were paid around $0.60 (£0.32) for each dog in compensation.

China has a poor record of animal protection. There are no laws to prevent cruelty to pets.

This is reminiscent of what happened during the Cultural Revolution, when dogs were slaughtered en masse for evil political purposes. This is why we refer to these kinds of things as a Dog Holocaust.

There had to be a better way to do this. They could easily have asked animal welfare groups to help raise funds for vaccines (though, if you read the article, they even killed the vaccinated dogs). This cull was inhumane in every way. This is why you need better laws protecting dogs and dog ownership everywhere in the world. You couldn't do this in the USA

I really don't dislike China. I have great hopes for China, but they have so much baggage left over from their feudal ways, then colonialism, and the horrors of Communism... It is going to take a long time. I would love to travel there, and even better, conduct training seminars for dog owners and government officials. There is a lot of good to be accomplished. Who knows? Maybe someone is reading this and might make that connection happen.