Monday, May 28, 2007

Celebrity Dog Fights?

Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick funded and gambled on dog fighting as far back as when he was in college, according to a confidential police informant that appeared on ESPN yesterday.

Hope this isn't true. But, if it is, then we all know what should happen. Dog fighting is a cruel blood sport. And just because someone is a celebrity doesn't mean they are above the law. (Hear that, Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan?) People can change, too, but first we need to see that they have changed, and none of that part of the story is coming out.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Jordin Sparks Wins!

We are all hooked on reality TV shows, aren't we? (I still wanted Melinda Doolittle to win, but I do like Jordin Sparks). That's why I'm in it for Bunker The Dog on America's Cutest Puppies show. I think he's the best!
Scent Detection

The German authorities are compiling a database of human scents to track down possible violent protesters at the G8 summit in June, local media report. The method, once used by East Germany's secret police, the Stasi, involves collecting scent samples in advance from selected targets. The scents are then passed to police equipped with sniffer dogs who can pick the individuals out amidst a crowd.

Pretty amazing stuff, considering that the dog has to remember a scent, then go through crowds of people and pick out the one that they have been assigned to find. That requires a very special, intelligent dog. Few dogs would have this kind of capability. [And no, I don't think this is an immoral use of police resources. We are talking about violent protesters. If you want to effect political change, then use PERSUASION, not violence. Funny thing, it was the Communists that used this technique against those who promote democracy, and now the Communists are the ones getting the same technique used back against them, while they still hate democracy.]

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Dog Training Tip

Dog lessons can sometimes be best when they are accurate and brief. Dog training is a bit of an art and a science. It is important to know the dog you are working with, and have a good sense of what that dog needs that day in order to improve.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Hard Work

Anyone who says that good dog training isn't hard work hasn't ever trained a dog to do any kind of meaningful obedience. It takes time, discipline to be consistent, close observation, motivation, study, thoughtfulness, sensitivity, self control, patience and wisdom. None of that comes from reading a book, doing some quick fix with an electric collar, or going to a few classes at a local pet store.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Better Than American Idol?

OK, I wanted Melinda Doolittle to win, didn't you?

Speaking of America's best, I want Bunker The Dog to win America's Cutest Puppy Contest on WEtv, don't you?

Friday, May 18, 2007

Dog Meat

There is a debate over the superiority of cultures. Some say we should be culture neutral, that one culture is as good as the next. Others say that you can judge which cultures are superior over others. I am of the latter group. Note: I am not saying one RACE is superior over another. All are created equal, and no race is superior over another. I am saying that some cultures, some behavioral systems, are not healthy, and in fact, some are downright barbaric. Who can honestly say, for example, that the culture that has developed in North Korea is better than the culture of South Korea? Here is a good example, too. I can't believe it is a good thing to eat dogs as meat.

BARBARISM triumphed over humaneness in Katutura on Tuesday afternoon, when a female dog was clubbed to death by a woman who proceeded to chop the animal into pieces as part of her plan to barbecue the meat and sell it as kapana.In a statement issued by the SPCA on Wednesday, the organisation pointed out that in Namibia it is not against the law to slaughter and eat your own dog or cat - as long as the animal is killed humanely with minimal stress and suffering. "The slaughtering and eating of cats and dogs cannot be stopped but humane slaughtering can and should be enforced," the organisation stated.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Is It OK To Shoot A Dog?

Two similar stories, two different results:

First News Story:

Illinois: James Bartlett, 50, of the 43000 block of North Delany Road, testified that he shot the 7-year-old shepherd mix because it fought with his dog twice within a short period. The neighbor's dog's legs were shattered in the August shooting and the dog had to be put down, according to testimony. Bartlett faces a maximum of 3 years in prison when he is sentenced June 28.

Second News Story:

Florida: A man who shot and wounded a neighbor's dog Monday won't face any charges, a Sheriff's Office spokesman said. "My guess is you have the right to defend your animal from another animal, especially on your property," said Sgt. Rick Vinson, Escambia County Sheriff's Office spokesman.

Amazing. Isn't this what we have Animal Control for? Why not pick up the phone and call the authorities? And why not enforce the laws already on the books. I can't imagine, except in an extreme situation, getting a gun and shooting anything or anyone. Is it OK to shoot a dog? I guess it depends upon where you live.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Does Killing A Cat Make A Dog Vicious?

Last month, a Rockingham County General District Court Judge ruled that Lucky is dangerous after neighbors saw the dog kill a 13-year-old cat.

This is just silly. Predatory behavior like this doesn't mean a dog is a danger to society. It just means that dogs will be dogs, and dogs will kill other species, such as cats, in certain circumstances. It is amazing how foolish the dog laws, and our courts, have become.
Planning For Summer

School will soon be out, families will be doing more outdoor recreation... and the family dogs will go along for the fun.

Does your dog have sufficient training to not be a nuisance, and to be safe and obedient, during your outings? This weekend, I saw a lot of dogs in cars with their owners. It is normal at this time of year to see dogs going along on errands, road trips, picnics and hiking adventures.

Other things I expect to see, and they happen every year about this time, are increases in dog biting incidents, phone calls from owners who have put off the training of their dogs, and reports of runaway dogs.

A little pre-planning can go a long way. NOW is the time to get your dog into training.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

America's Cutest Puppy?

Don't forget to tune in to America's Cutest Puppy TV show on WEtv. Of course, I'm still cheering for Bunker The Dog!

Friday, May 11, 2007

Yeah, Right...

A teen who pleaded guilty in a horrific case of animal abuse involving a dog was sentenced yesterday to three months house arrest and two years probation. The youth was less than three weeks away from his 18th birthday when he became involved in what his defence lawyer told court was a "poorly thought-out euthanasia attempt." Court heard the accused accidentally backed over a lab-border collie cross belonging to his best friend's mother. The teen and his friend then tried to kill the dog by taping a plastic bag over its head, dragging it behind a car and hitting it over the head with a shovel.

A poorly thought-out euthanasia attempt? It is amazing what you can get some lawyers to say if you pay them some money. No wonder they are often referred to as whores. How could anyone in their right mind ethically make such a defense? I have never understood the legal profession. I am sure some would argue that this is part of giving a defendant the best defense possible. But, I disagree. This type of thing is the very reason why people don't trust the legal profession.

I am all for mercy balancing out justice. I am all for forgiveness. I am all for giving people a second chance. I am all for repentance of sins. But, this is different. This is not a plea for mercy, forgiveness, a second chance, or repentance of sins. If the story is accurate, I see it as a way of denying the truth and avoiding responsibility. If I was the parent, I would have objected to my kid being able to make that kind of defense in court. Then again, parents don't have rights in court any more.

I think you just lay your case out before a judge, tell the truth, admit your guilt, and ask the judge to do the right thing, the moral thing, in that situation. Generally, if it is a first time offense, you will get a moderate or suspended sentence, a fine, and some court ordered counseling. That sounds right to me. It appears that this is what the court did here. This article isn't criticizing the judge, but the defense attorney who would make such an argument.

Only time will tell if this sentence does any good, or if we have just enabled this boy to do something worse in the future.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Eco-Wackos Hate Dog Ownership

Check this out. More proof of what I've said before about dog hating extremists.

The Watson rant kept on going calling for everything from cutting down on the population of domesticated dogs and cats to cutting down on everything else in what he called “simplify, simplify, simplify.”

So, since these folks are so concerned about overpopulation, I figure they should be the first to sacrifice themselves, right? Well, don't count on it anytime soon. They have the same basic animal drives we all have, and they will practice self preservation like the rest of us.

I'm pretty tired of folks who think they have this special wisdom concerning how all of us should live, when in fact, they don't do it themselves first. Think of all the Hollywood types and publicity seeking politicians who have been bleating about global warming... only to find out they practically live in castles, are transported around in gas guzzling private jets, eat only the finest foods, own stables of horses and houses filled with too many pets, and have bank accounts stuffed with cash earned from the very things they say we shouldn't be doing.

It can sometimes seem as if the scientific method is being overridden by politics, economics ignored in favor of feel good solutions, and biology trumped by feelings. Well, never fear... in the long run, reality is more powerful than the wish lists of the fanatics. You can't wish away the nature of things.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Don't Forget!

Watch America's Cutest Puppies ! I am voting for Bunker the Dog!tonight
Guardian vs Owner... The Animal Rights Agenda

I have explained this before, but some don't believe me. Well, here is the proof. Animal rights wackos are trying to rename dog "owner" to "guardian". Why? Take a look at this story...

In a case that could set a global legal precedent for granting basic rights to apes, animal rights advocates are seeking to get the 26- year-old male chimpanzee legally declared a "person." Hiasl's supporters argue he needs that status to become a legal entity that can receive donations and get a guardian to look out for his interests. "Our main argument is that Hiasl is a person and has basic legal rights," said Eberhart Theuer, a lawyer leading the challenge on behalf of the Association Against Animal Factories, a Vienna animal rights group. "We mean the right to life, the right to not be tortured, the right to freedom under certain conditions," Theuer said. "We're not talking about the right to vote here."

In other words, if they can change the definition, then they can convey onto animals the same rights as minor children. This would change normal relationship we have with animals and make us relate to them as people.

You can't eat children, put them in crates, feed them dog food, euthanize them without a court order, or put them on a leash. You have to keep them in a bedroom in your home, take them to school, etc. To these wackos, putting a dog on a leash would be considered torture. Dog training would be torture. Using crates or kennels would be considered torture. And probably many veterinary procedures and businesses would be considered a violation of freedom, torture or their right to life. They would be entitled to free health care.

Do you want this? I sure don't.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

More Legal Meddling

It's weird. The impression is that Boston is a liberal city, being much more tolerant of everyone and everything. But, the reality is that they heavily regulate just about every aspect of your life. I never understand the disconnect between their image and the reality there. Here is a typical example:

Rep. Martin Walsh is howling mad about dogs running wild inside moving cars and is considering filing legislation requiring drivers to buckle up their canines. “When I drive down the road and I see a dog running around the car, particularly on the lap and front seat, that’s crazy,” said the Dorchester Democrat.

Can't these politicians just LEAVE PEOPLE ALONE? Does everything need a law or rule?

It is claimed that conservatives want to control you through legislation and rules... and in many instances, that is true. But, it is also true of liberals. I tend to have a strong libertarian (small "l") streak in me. I believe in minimal governmental intrusion in people's lives, unless there is a compelling reason otherwise. I don't think governmental micromanaging is a good thing. We already have too many laws on the books covering just about everything.

Does anyone remember what the Boston Tea Party was all about? Is there a huge public outcry wanting seat belts for dogs?

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Brucella Canis

No, it is not a new dog breed, such as the Canis Panther (just another bandog)... it is a contagious disease found recently at a dog breeding operation in Washington State.

Apparently, some woman had 110 dogs in filthy conditions on her property, and health officials discovered the disease in some of the animals. Now, the question is whether the disease has been spread by her operation to other places.

This is a good reason why you should always inspect a breeder's facility before buying a dog from them.

In dogs, the disease is transmitted during breeding causing females to abort and males to develop long term chronic infections. Treatment in dogs is not very effective and the recommended management to prevent the spread to other dogs is euthanasia of infected dogs. Brucellosis is transmitted by contact or by contaminated food, water, and excrement.