Wednesday, November 15, 2006

China's Absurd Dog Slaughter

Days after the Chinese government announced a crackdown on dogs in the capital, dog lovers here are quietly walking their pets after midnight and avoiding nosy neighbors. They're also fighting back. A campaign to protect people from a sharp rise in rabies cases led officials to announce last week that they would limit each household to one dog and ban dogs taller than 14 inches. Since then, pet owners have expressed resentment, as well as fear about what might happen to their animals.

Now, let's just think on this a minute. China says they have a rabies problem. So, they are banning the ownership a.) of more than one dog per household; and b.) of dogs taller than 14 inches.

So, explain to me:

1.) How does limiting the number of dogs in a household limit the spread of rabies?

2.) Why are big dogs more likely to spread rabies than small dogs?

This thing is absolutely absurd. There is more going on here than rabies. Rabies is the excuse, but not the reason. This is about control of the population through terror. This is a reminder to everyone that the leadership isn't to be messed with. Just like that mass murdering butcher, Mao. This is all a lie to preserve a brutal authoritarian government.

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