Thursday, March 29, 2007

Dog Problem Or Parent Problem?

The canine menace was back to haunt the citizens of Hyderabad as a six-month-old baby boy was mauled to death by stray dogs. The six-month-old's father Ranjith Singh, a washer man, informed that he had left the baby sleeping under a tree and within minutes found him seriously injured by stray dogs in the area. The Municipal Corporation authorities say that they have been monitoring the stray dog situation very closely and are doing the best to avoid such unfortunate incidents.

So... you leave a baby to sleep under a tree... LEAVE THE BABY THERE UNSUPERVISED... and the baby gets hurt. And you live in an area where there are stray dogs roaming around. What is my opinion? First, the parent should be prosecuted for leaving a baby unattended. Second, this is what happens when you allow feral dogs to roam the countryside. They go back to a wild state and act as any wild animal would. Dogs need supervision, training, containment, and proper socialization.

This reminds me of stories I have been hearing about how people are dropping their dogs off at off leash parks, then LEAVING the area. Kind of a cheapskate's doggie daycare program, eh? The dog could attack someone or be attacked, and the owners wouldn't be there to intervene. How stupid is that? And worse, I see people entering the off leash areas with kids, and letting the kids roam around unsupervised. That's stupid, too. This is one reason I recommend people to use a good quality doggie daycare instead of these home made solutions.

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