Sunday, August 12, 2007

Dogs Indicate Responsible Renters

For all the horror stories about landlords who gouge their tenants, there are people such as Wylie, who keeps rents low in his nine apartments in Ballard and Fremont. "I try not to raise rents unless I absolutely have to," said Wylie, a performing artist who said he loves animals and encourages his tenants to have them. "I've never met a dog who damaged anything. When people go on vacation, I walk the tenant's dogs. People who are pet owners tend to be incredibly responsible."

I truly believe it is a myth that owners with pets cause more damage to units than renters without pets. And even though I don't have a problem with a landlord asking for a pet deposit, you will find that pet owners are very careful about what happens to their pets. Dogs are the new "kid" in the family, and consumers are spending billions of dollars to ensure their welfare. It is the irresponsible few who make it bad for the rest of us.

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