Friday, September 14, 2007


I have been hearing reports of a number of aggressive Puggles (Pug / Beagle mix). This is what I warned everyone about. Puggles are much like Beagles, and you need to work with a good dog trainer at the start when you get one. Spoiling will make a Puggle into a biter. Spoiling means you don't treat the dog like a dog, you don't train it, lead it, or manage it. You give inappropriate attention to bratty behaviors, and you give the dog the impression that it can discipline people and other animals, and that it can do whatever it wants. Rough treatment will also cause a Puggle to be a biter. They are going to be a bit tougher to house train. Novice dog owners use rough methods in their house training, and a Puggle is going to fight back eventually to these types of tactics. C'mon, folks. That is why you should get professional help in house training. Another reason your Puggle might be attacking people or other animals is a lack of socialization. Your dog can't be well adjusted if your dog is isolated from social interaction. Dogs are social animals, and isolation perverts their emotional growth.

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