Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Mandatory Spay / Neuter?

Palm Beach County commissioners appear ready to adopt a mandatory countywide pet sterilization policy, tapping into an emotional issue that affects thousands of pet owners and has already drawn howls from some animal lovers.

This is just ridiculous. I hate people meddling in my life, whether it be friends, family, neighbors, employers or government. Doesn't the Constitution prohibit the "taking" of property? This is taking my property, the breeding rights I own when I purchase a dog. This is one reason I oppose the changing of dog "ownership" to dog "guardianship" in the law. If the dog is your property, then you can fight this on Constitutional grounds, and probably win.

IF you have this kind of thing happening in your area, contact some of the pro-dog activist groups listed on the sidebar of this blog. Some have legal funds and attorneys ready to fight against this kind of thing.


jan said...

We've been fighting this mandatory s/n nazi-type law in California. We've won the latest battle, but they will carry on the war. Many of the proponents don't want dogs kept as pets, service dogs, guide dogs or anything like that and they see this as a way to carry out their wishes. The lives of the dogs mean nothing to them. When dog owners become aware, we can be a great force to fight this.

Jan from

JazzEars said...

Mandatory spay/neuter passed in Palm Beach and now it appears that the activists are antsy next door in Fort Lauderdale. If anyone questions why they want to change the wording just read the quotes below from the activist who is promoting this in Fort Lauderdale.
The issue to the commission is just to change the wording of the law from owner to owner/guardian. Read what she says to see why they want that changed:

Fort Lauderdale City Commission Meeting

2:20:20 Kitty Kessler: Can I say one thing? When a municipality wants to institute a mandatory spay/neuter, and it has happened, then people who will come up they say oh no, animals, companion animals are personal property and the government can’t interfere they can’t tell me that we have to spay/neuter.”

Mayor Naugle: This is where this is going?

Kitty Kessler: No that’s if you only have only owner then they can come to you and say to you you can’t not tell us what to do because we are the owners?

Mayor Naugle: This is where this is going the first step is Guardian then clip um?

Kitty Kessler: No, No I’m not saying that at all but if at some time the government at some point decides we need a mandatory spay/neuter because of having too many animals running around, you can’t do it because the people are saying to you - you have no right.