Saturday, December 29, 2007

Kids and Dogs... Another Bite That Could Have Been Prevented

A TWO-YEAR-OLD girl has been bitten on the ear and head by a long-haired labrador after she took away his bone on a country property in Victoria's north.

Was this a pit bull? No. Was this a Rottweiler? No. Just an average dog in an average town doing what dogs do.

Dogs and small kids SHOULD NOT BE LEFT UNSUPERVISED. This type of situation, where the kid takes the dog's bone is a sure fire way of triggering a bite. Small kids should not be messing with a dog's bone, and parents need to be aware of this and put the bones away when the dog and child are together. Similarly, kids need to be kept away from the dog's food bowl when the dog is eating.

Yes, I know you can do all kinds of training and socializing with dogs to try and prevent this kind of thing. But, you are still messing with nature and you are taking chances that you shouldn't be taking.

Watch dogs play sometime and see what the rules of the pack are. All the training in the world won't change the fact that dogs are dogs.


Sean Green said...

Dog Obedience Training can play a huge role in how your dog acts. Great post. Keep up the great work!

WolfGirl said...

Fully agree!! Glad there are people like you who can speak to it - Bravo!

Richard & Elsa Laplante said...

Well put. When we have our grand children over, we make sure there are no bones about, even though our rotties are well trained and have never injured anyone. It's just not worth the risk. We trust our rotties but would never leave the kids unattended with them. As you said, dogs are dogs.

DOGGIE STEPS Dog Training said...

Keep up the great work! I will continue to send you my "hard" dog cases!!
thx, Mark Siebel