Sunday, July 20, 2008

Can It Be Any Clearer?

A man chasing his dog across a railroad track in East Cleveland was apparently struck and killed by a train Saturday evening... The dog ran away while police investigated the accident.

THIS is why you train your dog.

So many people don't realize how important dog training is. They do a few puppy lessons at a pet store when they first get the dog. Then, the dog gets older, gets into trouble for stuff, learns to get away from Mr. or Mrs. Bad News when it is loose, and won't come back when you need the dog to come.

Does your dog come when called?

If your dog won't come when you call it, then it is not trained, and you have something seriously wrong in your relationship with your dog. It's not all about the dog. It is also about you, too.


Harrison said...

Our whole pack is trained not only for the show ring, but for obedience as well. One day at a trainin' session, durin' the long sit, the Rottie next to Dad broke and leaped at our Alpha Human Mom. Dad (all twenty pounds of him) went for the Rottie just as fast (which sorta' refers to your previous post 'bout defendin' your human. Gotta' say, if we hadn't been crated waitin' our class time, we woulda' gone too.)

Anyway, the Rottie took off across the fields like he had a firecracker on his tail, which he sorta' did with Dad on his heels. I'll tell you, they were really bookin'. Well, that was a disaster waitin' to happen, but AHM whipped around and shouted "COME! in a voice you could hear in the next county. Dad hit the brakes, made a U-turn, and trotted right back. Took 'em half an hour to find the Rottie.

Anonymous said...

A well trained dog is a joy to be with and many owners does not realized that until a tragedy like that has to happen or when the dogs have behavior problem.