Sunday, October 26, 2008

More Animal Rights...

Hillsborough County changed their zoning codes effective October 1,

The above link will take you to the newly adopted land use codes for Hillsborough County. To save to time, the animal related portions are:
Page 11, LDC Section 6.11.13 Animals Page 76,
LDC Section 12.01.00
Kennels, Rescues and Non Profits

B. In Residential Districts
1. No animal, other than household animals as defined in this Code, shall be kept in any residential zoning district, except that exotic animals may be kept for personal enjoyment with appropriate license/permit from the State of Florida.
12. No animals shall be raised or kept in the any residential zoning district for the purpose of sale to another party.

So, you can't be a hobby breeder, period. This sucks. This is the kind of over-regulation I keep talking about.

For a variety of reasons, our country is on the path to socialism. Clearly, something is wrong... rotten... in our country. What is it and what should we do about it? I don't want to give up my freedoms like this, and I don't want to see our country melt down like this.


Eileen said...

I am a member of Uappeal. AN organization which fights for the rights to own exotics. They also keep members up to date on BSL and laws such as this so we can fight them before it happens. If you would be interested in Joining their web site is

Harrison said...

I see lots of "accidental breedings" and "donations for pups" in the future of Hillsborough County hobby breeders.