Friday, November 28, 2008

Barking Mad... The Continuing Saga

A former TV executive has confessed to shooting dead his neighbour's dog after becoming annoyed at its early-morning barking.

I have blogged on this topic before. Some people go absolutely insane when they hear a dog barking. Sometimes it can be just a little woof that sets them off. Might be a complaint to animal control, might be a lawsuit, might be them killing your dog, might be them purposely getting your dog to bark in order to get you in trouble... Whatever the situation: Beware of these goofy people... they are nuts and they are coming for you and your dog.

I have worked with numerous dog owners to help them with their barking dogs. Sometimes the owner's dogs are at fault... but sometimes it is the goofy old man next door, or the crazy woman down the street who have a psychological problem and the idea of a dog barking is enough to set them off... Not all dog barking is a nuisance or illegal or unwarranted, and not all dog barking is worthy of what these cretins will do if they start to target you and your dog.

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