Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!!!

If you got a Christmas puppy, search this blog for a lot of free dog training tips. Also, go to my web page, for more specific advice. Just remember:

* The pup doesn't know anything. YOU have to teach them everything, step by step. They don't know their names, any commands, the word "No", leave it, drop it, don't know where to pee and poop, won't come when called, can't walk on a leash... they don't know anything. All of that has to be taught.
* No rough stuff! No spanking, swatting with a newspaper, yelling, shoving the pup's face in it's poop... none of that stuff! It doesn't work, and it wrecks the dog... and it is cruel.
* Get help! Don't be a cheapskate! Hire a trainer!
* Study the breed(s) in your dog.
* Go buy a dog first aid book, read it from cover to cover, and make up a first aid kit for your dog.
* First objectives: House training, puppy manners and early socialization.
* With a good trainer... start obedience no later than 4 months old.
* Supervise, supervise, supervise... kids, strangers, and the pup!

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