Sunday, January 10, 2010

Weird Dog Behaviors

I've been aware, from the beginning, that many strange dog behaviors have a genetic component. I find it sad that there are quick buck artists out there that claim they can fix any dog's behavioral problems. They can't. Maybe you can manage the problems, but you can't "cure" what can't be cured. I saw a dog trainer's vehicle recently with a sign that said they "guaranteed" they could solve any behavioral problem... what does that say about either their "expertise" or their ethics?

Here's a good example:

Dogs suffering under canine compulsive disorders have issues with common behaviors such as grooming, tail chasing, blanket sucking or pacing and circling... scientists discovered that the canine chromosome 7 location within the neural cadherin-2 gene, or CDH2, confers a high risk of susceptibility to the disorder.

Read an excerpt of the actual study results.

So, what do you do if your dog does some strange stuff? Ask an expert... but be sure to ask the right person, otherwise your dog will suffer and so will your wallet.

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