Monday, October 18, 2010

Another Dog Attack That Didn't Have To Happen
A man was handing out fliers, door to door, for a restaurant. Instead of leaving them at the gate of one house, he entered the gate and was attacked by the owner's pit bulls and severely injured. The owner had a Beware of Dog sign, which the man couldn't read. Here's my opinion...
Look, I hate it that this man was injured. I'm not a violent person. I don't ever want someone to be hurt. But, it's just stupid to enter into someone's property, past a gate, without permission. You can be shot. You can be attacked by their dogs. That's life. It sucks, but people and dogs do things to protect themselves from intruders, such as install gates, post warning signs, and getting dogs. Everyone knows this. Thus, this guy did something stupid and paid the price of his stupidity. And so did the owner since one of the attacking dogs died in the custody of animal control.
My only suggestions for the owner in the future would be to put a lock on your gate (though I've posted stories of people climbing fences and being attacked by dogs, so even that isn't fool proof), and posting a No Trespassing sign, to increase the legal cost to the intruder for entering without permission. My suggestions to those who would pass out fliers... stay on public property, and don't enter private property without permission. Sorry this guy got hurt, but there's no way to legislate IQ or wisdom. Do stupid things, pay the price.

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