Sunday, December 19, 2010

Training Your Dog - The Answers

* I am embarrassed by my dog. My husband won't work with the dog. My son can't even come in the house. My neighbors are complaining. I have to walk my dog at odd hours of the day and night. My dog is too friendly and jumps all over my guests.
* What’s it going to take to get my dog to stop jumping, pulling me on a walk, stop biting, stop chewing and destroying my furniture, to stop being afraid and anxious, stop running away, and to listen to me when I’m around distractions and come when called?
* What does it take to take an untrained dog and turn it into a trained dog?
* What are the steps involved?
* Are there any secrets to training a dog?
* How do I get a good dog trainer and avoid being ripped off by a bad dog trainer?

This article explains what you need to know

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