Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The result of a male dog and a female coyote is a dogote, while the result of a male coyote and a female dog is a coydog. There is a difference where the cross-breeding of animals is concerned: the male of the parent species gives the first part of the offspring's name.

I’ve heard of these, and knew someone that had one. I see no rational reason to intentionally create this hybrid. There is also a theory that coydogs are actually wolf / coyote hybrids, which is entirely possible.

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P said...

We adopted a small mixed breed female dog at our local Humane Society. She is currently less than a year old. We have a good deal of experience with dogs, purebred and mixed breed. This dog is unique. I believe that she is a COYDOG. Her features, body type, un-doglike personality traits and extreme vocalizations lead me to think she may be a COYDOG. I have had no luck finding any place that can provide DNA testing that is definitive. My local vet has not returned my call. She is a very good animal and has bonded extremely well with two house dogs and 1 cat. Nevertheless, I'd like to learn as much as possible about the mixture. Can anyone assist??