Friday, May 18, 2007

Dog Meat

There is a debate over the superiority of cultures. Some say we should be culture neutral, that one culture is as good as the next. Others say that you can judge which cultures are superior over others. I am of the latter group. Note: I am not saying one RACE is superior over another. All are created equal, and no race is superior over another. I am saying that some cultures, some behavioral systems, are not healthy, and in fact, some are downright barbaric. Who can honestly say, for example, that the culture that has developed in North Korea is better than the culture of South Korea? Here is a good example, too. I can't believe it is a good thing to eat dogs as meat.

BARBARISM triumphed over humaneness in Katutura on Tuesday afternoon, when a female dog was clubbed to death by a woman who proceeded to chop the animal into pieces as part of her plan to barbecue the meat and sell it as kapana.In a statement issued by the SPCA on Wednesday, the organisation pointed out that in Namibia it is not against the law to slaughter and eat your own dog or cat - as long as the animal is killed humanely with minimal stress and suffering. "The slaughtering and eating of cats and dogs cannot be stopped but humane slaughtering can and should be enforced," the organisation stated.

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