Thursday, May 03, 2007

More Legal Meddling

It's weird. The impression is that Boston is a liberal city, being much more tolerant of everyone and everything. But, the reality is that they heavily regulate just about every aspect of your life. I never understand the disconnect between their image and the reality there. Here is a typical example:

Rep. Martin Walsh is howling mad about dogs running wild inside moving cars and is considering filing legislation requiring drivers to buckle up their canines. “When I drive down the road and I see a dog running around the car, particularly on the lap and front seat, that’s crazy,” said the Dorchester Democrat.

Can't these politicians just LEAVE PEOPLE ALONE? Does everything need a law or rule?

It is claimed that conservatives want to control you through legislation and rules... and in many instances, that is true. But, it is also true of liberals. I tend to have a strong libertarian (small "l") streak in me. I believe in minimal governmental intrusion in people's lives, unless there is a compelling reason otherwise. I don't think governmental micromanaging is a good thing. We already have too many laws on the books covering just about everything.

Does anyone remember what the Boston Tea Party was all about? Is there a huge public outcry wanting seat belts for dogs?

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