Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Dying To Save Your Dog?

Compare these two stories..

1. A Plainsboro woman died Saturday morning after falling through thin ice and into freezing water while trying to rescue her dog, police said.

2. A man waded into icy water to save his dog after it became trapped in a lake in Greater Manchester. Marc Greenhalgh, 25, was out walking in Alkrington Woods, Middleton, on New Year's Day when his cocker spaniel Jarvis ran onto the ice to chase ducks. When the ice broke, Jarvis was having difficulty climbing out so his owner plunged into the water to save him. The fire service said Mr Greenhalgh could easily have died and urged people to keep away from icy waters.

Is there any clearer set of examples why it is important to train your dog to be RELIABLE when told to Come? Or Stay? Dogs need to be trained to do a variety of specific commands in order to be manageable in dangerous situations. People die when their dogs get loose, whether it is an icy situation like this, or in busy traffic, or on a hiking trail. Don't let this happen to you or your dog!

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