Thursday, January 01, 2009

Failure To Groom? Go To Jail

THIS neglected Yorkshire terrier had such a matted coat that it was impossible to tell one end of the dog from the other. His owner, who treated her pet - called Stumpy - appallingly for at least six months was jailed for 12 weeks and banned from keeping animals for life. Inspectors found the dog had been subjected to severe neglect, resulting in it having head tremors and such poor coordination that it was unable to fend for itself. Even after two weeks of hospital and veterinary care, Stumpy had to be put down to end his suffering. "The dog's coat was so badly matted that it was almost impossible to tell one end from the other. "Stumpy had been neglected over a lengthy period and was in a very bad way when we found him."

I saw something similar to this a couple of years ago. The groomer warned them that she would turn them into animal control if she found out that they ever neglected the dog like that again. This poor dog smelled horrible, a lot of dust came out from the coat, there were sores starting to form on the skin of the dog. Poop was matted so bad at the back end of the dog it was having trouble defecating. And it took the groomer hours to clean the dog up. In the end, the dog was pretty much shaved mostly bald because there was no way to get out all the mats. This kind of thing is cruel. The owner was too senile to own a dog, and it was the family who brought the dog in for grooming.

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