Friday, October 16, 2009

Do It Yourself Dog Euthanasia?

I have read a number of stories over the years where people have attempted to kill their own dogs. I think it is a HUGE ERROR OF JUDGMENT to do this yourself. First, you must make sure that the killing of your dog is medically justified. Are you a veterinarian? If not, then you are opening yourself up to going to PRISON for killing a dog that isn't terminally ill. Also, some methods of killing a dog are extremely inhumane. So, (I have to say this because some people are dumb enough to try this on their own) it would be cruel to use the drugs or poisons to kill your dog..., or to drown , hang, suffocate, beat your dog, etc to death... your dog would die a miserable, probably prolonged and painful death. The public isn't going to look kindly on your case while you are sitting in jail for torturing your dog to death. The drugs a vet uses are painless and humane. Second, if the dog is being put to death for behavioral reasons... are you a professional dog trainer? If not, then again, you are opening yourself up to going to jail for killing your dog. Third, all the laws require you to do it quickly, painlessly and according to certain criteria and procedure. Have you consulted an attorney before putting your dog to death? If not, again... you risk incarceration. If you don't have the money, then contact your local humane society or animal control for assistance. There's no excuse for not doing this properly and humanely.

Quit being a cheapskate. Quit this idea that you can do this on your own. Do it the normal way... starting with a talk with your veterinarian. If you aren't willing to do this, then you are a nutcase.

UPDATE: Here is an article I wrote about when it is OK to humanely kill a dog for medical or behavioral reasons.


Manny said...

Hopefully my comments will not be judgemental. Most viewers of this subject probably already feel some degree of guilt.

Apparently carbon monoxide poisoning is an approved method of euthanasia for dogs and cats. Here is just one site that provides some information: Euthanasia%20of%20Dogs%20and%20Cats%20with%20Carbon%20Monoxide

My sister’s poodle is 14 years old and deteriorating. Her husband, believe it or not, is the softy when it comes to putting her down. They have toyed with the idea of a home do it yourself euthanasia and this is the method they will choose when the time is right. The dog will be sleeping (medicated, if necessary) just prior to the euthanasia, although already she struggles very little.

I agree a vet may be a more generally acceptable method, but there are many worse (drowning, shooting, hammer, etc.). We’re realistic people and, as much as we love our animals, try to keep everything in perspective.

I was fortunate to have dealt with a vet that was very open, realistic, and non-judgemental.

Sam Basso said...

In many places, it would be illegal to kill a dog using carbon monoxide poisoning. Great way to go to jail. It is foolish to do this on your own without knowing the local laws.

Manny said...

I agree with Sam. As soon as I posted my comment, I realized I should have qualified my comment regarding the 'approved method' statement with 'in some areas'.

I'm from Canada, and in BC, the SPCA generally won't get involved unless it's a cruelty and abuse issue. In a case like this it wouldn't be seen as such, but instead, a matter of home euthanasia and compassion for a dying/suffering animal.

It's not something someone would advertise to their neighbors or friends, however, especially in the rural areas, shooting a sickly or badly injured animal is not uncommon.

Sue Kowatch said...

Frankly the way everyone is losing jobs,not everyone has money to go to the vet.Our APL,SPCA, no help at all.
So what do you do when your old dog can hardly breathe,chokes when he eats,his legs are now weak....
Don't judge those who now have no money,no one in the veterinary profession is willing to help & they have to put their beloved companion out of it's misery.
It is also traumatic for the human whe feels they have no choice but to make this decision.