Friday, October 16, 2009

Victory! Dog Owner Successfully Challenges Denver's Pit Bull Law

Lawyers with the Animal Law Center say a ruling today could challenge the way Denver enforces its pit bull ban. Dogs that are deemed to be predominantly "pit bull" are banned in Denver, and can be seized and put down. They say as many as four thousand dogs have been euthanized under this ban, but today's ruling raises the question that many of them might have been by mistake.

4,000 dogs is a lot of "mistakes". These weren't "mistakes" at all. This was done PURPOSELY by dog haters, and publicity seeking politicians. They wanted these dogs dead. They wanted to make a public spectacle. I hope the city is successfully sued for hundreds of millions of dollars.

I keep warning about the abuse of the powers of the state. This is one more glaring example. Fight back, or you'll lose the right to own a dog.

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