Sunday, November 22, 2009

Save Two Dogs

I am reversing my previous stance on adopting pets for holidays. With the economy being wrecked by government bungling, a lot of people have lost their homes and jobs. Dogs have filled the shelters, and are being killed in unbelievable numbers. Normally, I have been against people adopting dogs for Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, as birthday presents, Easter, etc. I have mainly been against it because so many dogs are purchased from breeders as impulse purchases, and then 90 days after the holiday, the dogs are dropped off at the shelters. This time, the situation is reversed. There are too many dogs dying in shelters, and I'm encouraging people to adopt 2 dogs for the holidays. Most people will keep the dogs they adopt, and thus it is more humane to save these dogs than let so many die as a result of this terrible economy.

So, this year... please, adopt a dog for the holidays. Save a dog. Better yet, save two. Dogs are pack animals, and they do better in groups than alone. I have other tips here and at my web page,, on how to select the right dog for your home.

Save a dog. Save two.

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