Saturday, November 14, 2009

Would It Be Right To Kill A Dog Hater?

Is it right to kill people who hate dogs? I was asked this question recently, and of course, my answer is "NO". Killing people, outside the legal justice system, or unless in self defense, or unless in defending someone else from unjustified death, or unless in the event of war, is and always has been considered murder. The prohibitions against murder go back to the earliest times. "Thou shall not kill" means you must not, are not morally justified in, murdering ANYONE.

Would it be right to kill someone who killed an animal, even if it was your own dog? The same answer: NO. Even police officers are not allowed to kill someone just because a criminal has killed their K9. Human life is not the equivalent of animal life. Animal rights nuts say that a bug is the same as a dog is the same as a horse is the same as a human. That's garbage. Even if it was made legal in your area for someone to kill a human if they killed an animal, it would still be murder regardless of what the law said. Morals are not based upon what is legal, instead what is legal should be based upon what is moral. Yes, it was a hanging offense to kill someone's horse in the Old West. A person's horse was something that people relied upon for survival. Stealing that horse was pretty much the same as killing you. It would be the same if somehow the nation was in a famine after a nuclear or biological or chemical attack, and someone tried to steal away the food you had to survive, or tried to kill your dog to get to you or your basic survival resources... I think it would be morally right to defend your life by defending your animals... but that is a very extreme example that none of us faces. However, you still need the law to deal with the situation, clear permission in the law and clear permission by the police.

Animal rights wackos think they have the right to kill humans for the sake of animals, outside the boundaries of the law. That's why they are considered domestic terrorists and are put in prison for their crimes.

There are some justifiable reasons for killing a human being. But not because someone hates dogs or even kills dogs. The only justification for you, personally, killing a person is to defend your own life, or the lives of others... and in a free country, doing it according to the law. The way to deal with dog haters is to win them over to your cause by persuasion, and to prevent them from harming dogs using legal means.

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