Friday, February 27, 2015

Steroids And Treadmills For Pit Fighting Dogs

Pit dog fighting is a crime. It is cruel, and serves no good purpose. All you need to see is a picture of a dog, that has been chopped up all over its face from fighting another dog to understand it. Or the pictures of the dogs that were further tortured and killed because they didn't win. People who fight dogs should serve harsh and long prison terms, and be fined so much that they are totally broke. They should lose custody of their kids, lose their jobs, and end up living under a bridge for the rest of their lives. And maybe they should get what rapists get from the other prisoners they meet in prison. Yes, I feel that strongly against pit fighting.

This isn't unusual. This same kind of thing was uncovered in Phoenix, AZ by Maricopa County police just yesterday: "They also found steroids and chains hanging from trees, reportedly used to train those animals.

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