Thursday, April 06, 2006

Celebrity Pet Needs House Training

MANCHESTER United star Wayne Rooney is hiring a dog trainer because he is sick of cleaning up poo. One of the pet pooches belonging to his fiancee Coleen McLoughlin is leaving a mess all over their new home's expensive carpets. Coleen has three bichon frise lapdogs, Fizz, Bella and Daisy. Two are house-trained - but Daisy is causing Wayne, 20, real trouble at their new £3million Cheshire mansion. The tiny white dog keeps leaving its dog poo all over the plush carpets at the newly constructed home in Prestbury. And it's Wayne who's having to scoop it all up. He's got so fed up with cleaning the mess that he's decided to splash out on hiring a specialist trainer to house-train Daisy. A Manchester United source said: "It's not pleasant cleaning dog poo from the carpet and Wayne's had enough. "Daisy's going to get some tough obedience lessons."

It amazes me how people will wait far too long to hire a dog trainer, especially when it comes to house training. Then, they get to the point of being angry with the dog, when it was their fault all along.

House training problems are people problems, not dog problems. And dogs like this don’t need “some tough obedience classes” to fix it. That kind of approach will fail, and not get the dog house trained.

If he was smart, he’d purchase my House Training e-lesson, at my web page, , which would solve these problems. I just hope he’s hired a good trainer to work with, because from this article, I figure the problems are only just starting.

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