Saturday, April 08, 2006

Negligent Dog Ownership

I received an infuriating inquiry the other day. A woman called me to ask if I knew of a shelter that would take an older dog. I asked her why she was looking to give her dog away. She said she had moved to an apartment, and her dog, an 11 year old Lab mix was never house trained, so the dog was destroying her carpets. After talking with her a bit more, she didn’t want to pay anyone to have the dog trained.

This is just outrageous. What kind of person wouldn’t house train their dog? Who could give an 11 year old dog away to certain death in a shelter? It is possible to house train even an 11 year old dog, if you want to. I sell a detailed lesson that tells you how to do that, at my business web page,

I think people like this are willingly ignorant of what they SHOULD do. These types should never own a dog. They don’t deserve a dog.

I also have had another couple of disturbing inquiries over the past couple of months. In both of these cases, the owners told me that when their dogs destroyed stuff in their houses, they “beat the sh_t out of the dog”. That was the exact phrase both of them used. I told these folks this was animal abuse, and not the way to deal with this kind of problem. The first guy was looking for a way to get rid of his dog. The other wanted me to give the dog some tough obedience training to solve the destruction. I just won’t do things that way. The owners need to want to change first, or I can’t fix what is going on with the dog. Abuse isn’t dog training, and I won’t hurt a dog. On the other hand, I have had owners who were willing to change, and from there, I was able to fix what was going on without being harsh with the dog. People with an anger problem shouldn't own a dog.

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