Thursday, September 14, 2006

Eugenics Wars (Part 2)

CLASS ASSIGNMENT: Check this out, and tell me what you think of this philosophy and discuss how the animal rights philosophy compares and contrasts with the proponents of eugenics.

"An internationally known Princeton "bioethicist" and animal-rights activist says he'd kill disabled babies if it were in the "best interests" of the family, because he sees no distinction in the child's life whether it is born or not, and the world already allows abortion... Singer's support for legalized euthanasia and his endorsement of killing the disabled for up to 28 days after birth also sparked protests against his hiring in 1999 by Princeton, a university founded by the Presbyterian denomination."

I contend that the animal rights philosophy is morally bankrupt, is anti-nature, and is inhumane.

Take a look at the proponents of animal rights and see who they are and their entire philosophy on life.

I am all for ANIMAL WELFARE. But, this stuff... I think it is amoral fanaticism. What do you think?

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