Friday, September 01, 2006

Hire A Professional Dog Trainer!

I'm starting to see an alarming number of dogs becoming aggressive. The causes?

First, people are buying into the idea of "all positive" training. All positive training means never correcting a dog, only giving it treats for desired behaviors. Sounds great... These folks like to talk about "cruelty free" training... meaning no corrections.

The result? Bratty and sometimes dangerous dogs. This politically correct thing about not giving dogs pack leadership is harming more and more dogs.

Second, I'm seeing people trying to implement the same type of training that Cesar Millan does on his TV show, The Dog Whisperer. Just in the past month, I've met two people who were bitten pretty good on the forearm by alpha rolling their dogs. One was a Welsh Terrier, the other a Chow. That stuff is for professionals, not do it yourselfers. People are being bitten when trying to implement the "alpha roll" technique. If you watch his show or read his materials, he says that you shouldn't be doing any of his stuff without the supervision of a professional dog trainer.

So, hey guys, quit being cheapskates and hire a real dog trainer if you want your dog to turn out properly. For some dogs, doing it yourself will end up causing someone to get seriously hurt.

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Jen said...

Thanks for the informative article...though you don't have to hire a professional trainer, only commit to taking your dog to training classes.

I hear that the HSUS is starting to go after Cesar Millan and his "inhumane" treatment of animals.

I am sick of the sissy way people treat their dogs like people and then wonder why they have these horrible dogs. We have 3 large Labs who are Canine Good Citizens and we have none of the problems so many dog owners complain about. Why? Because we have trained the dogs using both positive and negative reinforcement, make them wear pinch collars and discipline them when necessary.

I'll be sad if the National Geographic Channel gives in to the HSUS and takes Millan off the air.