Friday, October 06, 2006

A Dangerous Dog? No Way!

A RETIRED nurse was left covered in blood after she had a finger bitten to the bone by a dog while doing a neighbourly deed. Vera Hall, 61, of Wheatcroft, Cheshunt, was posting a note through the door of a nearby house when a hound inside sank its teeth into her right index finger, which was poking through the letterbox. "It was pouring with blood everywhere. I'm an epileptic and I nearly had a fit." She added: "The dog made no noise before or after. It's a Staffordshire bull terrier." A Hertfordshire police spokeswoman said that, although officers initially attended, the case had been referred to Broxbourne Council's dangerous dogs co-ordinator.

So, this _____ (choose your word) puts her finger in a door and gets bitten by a dog. The case is then being referred as a dangerous dog issue. Unbelievable. Do something stupid like this, and expect to be bitten. This dog is NOT dangerous and this woman took risks she should have known were foolish. The dog is not at fault here, nor is the owner of the dog. It is also irrelevant what breed was involved in this biting incident. And I resent the sympathy ploy, claiming this dog caused her to risk a seizure... she caused her own problems. This is a clear case of a dog defending its property. This dog felt this woman was trespassing on its master's property, and did what any good dog would do: Defend its master. This was a justified bite, regardless of what the law says.

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