Monday, October 09, 2006

What A Morning...

I woke up this morning with a dog drinking water out of the toilet. I hate that. And I put a stop to it immediately. I don't let my dogs do that kind of thing. I think it is unsanitary. I really don't want a dog dripping toilet water from its muzzle coming up to greet me. I'm surprised how many people think nothing of that.

Then, I read how North Korea has detonated a nuke. And then I wonder if what I do every day matters. What is responsible dog ownership in relation to the dangers of nuclear war? I am very curious as to what the world response will be, especially China, Japan, and the US. Forget about Europe. Like usual, they won't do a thing. All this world turmoil is so similar to what I have read about the 1930's. I have no doubt we are heading for a major world war. Something horrible is coming.

If I am right, then people won't think much about dogs. They will be thinking of their own survival.

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