Thursday, October 05, 2006

So, What Do All These Stories Have In Common?

1.) A Rottweiler dug his way out of a pen and mauled a toddler before the dog was shot to death by sheriff's deputies. Two-year-old Julius Graham wandered into the yard next to his grandparents' house Tuesday when he was met by the dog. "He got excited and the dog reacted," said Nina Estrada, a cousin of the boy's mother. The boy later died

2.) A six-year-old girl was recovering in hospital yesterday after being tossed around "like a rag doll" by a pit bull terrier in a savage attack. The dog turned on Tyla Cole as she arrived with her father, Marcus, at a friend's house on the way to a christening on Sunday. Initially, the American pit bull looked pleased to see them and was wagging its tail. But moments later, the dog attacked.

3.) A CONCERNED mum is calling for the law to be changed after her young daughter was savaged by a rottweiler. Six-year-old Alicia Duff and her mum Lisa are now waiting for the wounds to heal before hearing from surgeons about possible plastic surgery to the youngster's severely injured arm. The frightened child, who attends St Joseph's First School in Ombersley Way, Droitwich, was rushed to the accident and emergency department of Worcestershire Royal Hospital after the dog bit her arm on Sunday, September 17. According to her mum, Alicia had been told that the dog was safe to stroke before it lashed out. The incident happened when she went to a nearby house to call for another youngster of the same age.

While these are all tragic incidents…. I see no indication that anyone knew that these dogs would bite.

Not all dog bite incidents are the result of the fault of the owner. Dogs are animals, without morals and without human judgment. They do what they do sometimes, and you don’t always know why. AND THERE IS NO LAW YOU CAN PASS THAT CAN PREVENT THESE TYPES OF INCIDENTS.

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