Thursday, June 19, 2008

Don't Let Busybodies Spoil Your Day

Dog day care may be the hot trend for pampered pets, but some homeowners in Crystal Lake are trying to pour water on a proposal to open one in their neighborhood, citing worries about yelps, smells and safety.

This is more about a bunch of busybodies than it is about doggie daycares. Properly run dog daycares, placed in areas that are zoned for business, are not a nuisance to the neighborhood. They are, in fact, a valuable asset to the community.

The first objection to this particular daycare is that it will be too noisy. The article says it will be located in an industrial building. Which means it isn't in a residence. The second objection is that the daycare will be smelly. Wrong. Doggie daycares aren't smelly. You can walk by any doggie daycare and you can't smell the dogs from the street. The third objection is the safety of children. This is a stupid charge since the dogs will be behind fencing in an industrial area of town. I have been training dogs at Paws to Play doggie daycare in Scottdale, AZ for nearly 2 1/2 years, so I can speak with some authority regarding this topic. Doggie daycares are an asset to any community. We have done amazing things for pet owners at Paws to Play, and I wholly endorse having a doggie daycare in your community.

This is a perfect example of what a bunch of dog haters will do in your town, if you let them. None of these "worries" are of a legimate nature. Dog haters, in my experience, are busybodies. They are meddlesome, snooping types who use the laws and the cover of being just normal folks to stir up strife and grief for others. They aren't normal. There is something wrong with THEM. You see these types at neighborhood meetings. They are the ones that get on your local homeowner's association boards, who introduce silly rules and harsh penalties to harm other people who are not really doing any harm to anyone.

Read this story and be warned. You have to fight back, and you have to fight hard. And in some communities, it is better to just move away and let them rot. In the end, sometimes the law will be on their side on a technicality, but in other cases, their arguments have no basis in fact and you can defeat their goofy agendas.

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