Tuesday, June 10, 2008

People Manners

What should you do if you want to bring your dog over to a friend's house, but your friend doesn't want your dog there?

Don't bring the dog.

What if you want to bring the dog over to your girlfriend's / boyfriend's / fiancé's home? What if they don't want the dog there?

Don't bring the dog... and also make sure that you don't marry someone, or move in with someone, that doesn't like dogs or doesn't want your dog around. You are just asking for a lot of trouble, and possibly a painful breakup with either your dog or that person in the end.

Not everyone likes dogs. Not everyone likes your dog. Not everyone can have a dog in their home. Not everyone can be around dogs. Not everyone should be around your dog.

Why lose a friendship or get in a fight over something like this? I bring my dogs where they are welcome.

Then again, why keep a boyfriend, girlfriend or fiancé if they don't like dogs?

If it's not your home, you don't have a right to do what you want in someone else's home. If it is going to become your home, then either get the right to have the dog or don't make a home with that person.

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Social Mange said...

I vote for the latter. Never get involved with a person who doesn't accept your pet(s). I've seen so many people give up their pets for their "true love" (people whom I could cheerfully slap upside their silly heads), only to see the true love leaving in a year or two and their pet is either dead or long gone.