Wednesday, June 04, 2008


If you've been watching the news, Tatum O'Neal was thrown into a serious tailspin by the death of her dog. I feel great empathy for her. Look, here's the deal.

First, it is devastating to lose a dog you really love. Anyone who's really into dogs knows what I'm talking about. When your dog does, man, that really sucks. Life is miserable for a time, and it is hard to not go through some serious grieving.

Second, former drug addicts are highly susceptible to relapsing if they are thrown into a serious depressive state. The drug abuse programmed their minds to crave drugs when they are depressed. Drugs can damage you for the rest of your life.

I'm hoping she's ok, and I'm hoping she's getting the support and care she needs. I also hope she gets another dog. The new dog won't replace the old dog. But, it will fill the hole in her heart, and she'll be able to move on. I wish her well.

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