Thursday, August 07, 2008

Do Your Job!

Leflore County Humane Society's president says Greenwood should adopt a tough ordinance restricting pit bulls and Rottweilers to prevent their migration into the city limits.

This is so WRONG in so many ways, where do I start?

This is not the type of person I'd want running my local humane society. They are supposed to be animal welfare advocates. If the dogs end up in shelters, they are supposed to find them homes. They are supposed to be animal advocates. They are supposed to find ways of educating the public about responsible animal care...

Not banning dogs.

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Kate said...

It seems to be very hard to enforce animal mistreatment laws, and its hard (impossible) to ban the people who mistreat the pit bulls and rotties so they become uncivilized. So I guess they do the next best thing and try to ban the dogs. Its a very sad commentary on the world in which we live.