Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I Support Law Enforcement... But, This Is Something Different...

The San Marcos police chief has reprimanded an officer who drew brickbats from around the nation for delaying two college students as they tried to rush their dying dog to a veterinarian this month. Officer Paul Stephens, who said, “It's just a dog,” as he held the pair beside Interstate 35, received an oral reprimand and counseling, Police Chief Howard Williams said Tuesday. “We sustained the complaint that was filed,” Williams said. “We made him watch the tape with his supervisor and he was counseled on how to improve his performance.”

Well... isn't that special? "Counseled on how to improve his performance." We all know how wrong this is. We all know this jerk should have been fired. We all know that the cops shouldn't protect these types, because it undermines public confidence and support for the good cops. We all know that this guy could have been a hero instead of a "zero" if he'd rushed this couple to the vet to try and save this dog. What public good did this serve? What good did this do this community and police force to not toss this guy out of the force? Was this really a "reprimand", or does it instead smack of corruption in that police organization?

All I can say is... GRRRRR!!!

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Tom said...

It is amazing when you see whole fire departments and police called to save an animal that this guy just didn't care.

Tom Kelly
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