Friday, July 14, 2006

My dog is too friendly with strangers. What can I do to make him into a guard dog? I want my dog to protect me.”

I figured it was about time to write an article about this topic.


Pauline Yap said...

Hi Sam,

Thank you for the interesting article, I bumped into your website when I type "my dog is too friendly with strangers" in

And I'm so glad that I clicked your link because the article educated my mind.

I'm currently raising two pups with my hubby and we are not sure whether it is a good thing that our pups are too friendly with anyone.

But now, with this knowledge, I know that raising my pups with love and patient is the correct methods and I believe that they will grow up to be a great dog.

Greeting from Malaysia,
Pauline Yap.

tunishawilliams said...

Hi, I have a 5 year old Amstaff. We got her wen she was 2. She does not seem to like men (including young men) in particular. She is more aggresive to those in uniform or whose face is somewhat concealed. She was this way when we got her. The problem is, she has very little problem with women, if any at all. The nieghborhood that I live in is increasing in drups and prostitution. Theses women have a tendency of using my driveway and backyard as their "spot" to complete such transactions as it has 2 single car garages that just about block view to my back yard. When these women come, if my dog is in the backyard, they invite themseelves in, and she (my dog) does nothing. They eventually invite the man in and begin their business in my backyard. When I catch the act, I of course call the police (who never seem to arrive until an hour or so later). I now yell and throw things at them and then my dog will attempt to go after the man. Yet she stills does nothing to the woman. Is there anything that I can do to change this?

Blossom said...

Why didnt he respond to your question TunishaWilliams... sigh

Blossom said...

Why didnt he respond to TunishaWilliams' comment... u out there author??

Sam Basso said...

Here is an article I wrote to address this question: Using A Guard Dog To Protect You From Prostitutes